He left his native village never to return.

I listened to the top 10 songs of the eighties.

I'm not cleaning that up.

Why don't you ask Sumitro to help?

I can't stand to see you wasting your time.

I guess Max didn't like it.

She didn't know the information till she met him.

Jeff should have known better than to believe Bruce.

I think you worry too much, Jay.

Don't take it literally. He is inclined to exaggerate.

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He called a taxi for me.

How is this my fault?

I had a bespoke suit made.

You have beautiful blue eyes.

Gregory orchestrated a plot to destroy the project.


Book the flight to go back home!

"Venkata drank three cups of coffee after dinner." "No wonder he couldn't sleep."

I hope that very soon I will know more than just a few sentences in Dutch.


I didn't want to tell you on the phone.

I was surprised by how well Hazel could speak French.

They killed three more hostages.

Several young engineers were employed and were devoted to developing a new computer.

It will be to your advantage to study hard now.

They're here to fix the heating system.

I know what I believe.

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He pulled her into his arms.

What motivated you?

It is time you had a haircut!


This is worrisome.

The lamp was suspended from the branch of a tree.

Since I wasn't hungry, I only ordered coffee.

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Can you see what's going on out there?


Tell me you're not serious!

Alvin had intended to buy flowers for Jun, but he forgot to.

The crew lowered the body into the sea.

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This paper does not absorb ink.

He is relaxing in his home.

I need a utensil.


This handle will not turn.


Anything's possible.

The project isn't going well.

I heard Cole was having problems at school.

Relax, will you?

Can you get it done before the end of the week?

Yours is better.

Constant effort yields sure success.

The state of Israel is not a big desert where people get around on camels.

When he saw me, he ran away.

I'd like to get a view of the ocean.

Barrett told Herb that she shouldn't go there by herself.

Don't let me die.

I just want everybody to like each other.

There is little automobile traffic on this road.

Can't you see Adrian is trying to help you?

The visitor asked the class a question.

Whose tea is this?

The lions fought with each other to get food.

My arm has been troubling me ever since my accident.

After work, I went to exercise.

Put your coat on a hanger.

I live at 517, das Torres Street, Madrid, Spain.

Kathy got a part-time job so that she could study at college.

It was as gloomy inside the mansion as the sunlight was dazzling outside.

Have him come see me.

People who are prone to aggression can be dangerous.

Was that you I saw with Kristian near the river?

The next artist is amazing.

I only want her.

May I use your eraser? I seem to have lost mine.

Marilyn is a complete stranger.

Handsome is as handsome done.

The train leaves at six.

Martyn didn't believe what Warren said.

I haven't been home since July.

I think they very likely won't help you.

Julia isn't like the other girls.


What should I eat for lunch today?

Gil isn't as patient as I am.

It is a proper mountain, not a hill.


He was appointed chairman.


They insist that he should go.

Beverly didn't leave me any choice.

I'm more than grateful to you for your help.

Keith went to Boston a year ago.

Did you like the movie we watched yesterday?

This is an entertaining program for children.

Due to the bad weather, the game was cancelled.


I played violin when I was a kid.


There's no way Cyrus did that himself.


Where is the changing room?

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There's a lot to see in Paris.


Not all of these decisions are welcome by all.


Yes, I swear to this.

You must get to know her.

I know I made a mistake, but you needn't to rub it in!

Lindsey wouldn't have said no.

I love you like I love myself.

There's someone I've got to see.

Be brief, please.

Small business are often absorbed by a major company.

Sunil went out for a walk.

Mahesh has a problem.

Please present any requests in writing.

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"This is enough, isn't it?" "Yeah, I guess so."


Blake has called three times tonight.

She deposited the box on the table.

Their faces looked inhuman, covered with scarlet and black paint.

I have been with you every step of the way these past couple of weeks.

Add the rice and cook gently until the grains begin to turn translucent.

We probably won't need to do that anymore.

I hope Bart appreciates all this.

I don't really know that much about Kenneth.

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.


Jwahar went back upstairs.

I'm not going to be able to fly on that day.

I feel like this is going to end badly.

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Does anyone actually sell leaded gasoline anymore?

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Marie can't play the piano.

Having a few extra batteries handy is never a bad idea.

You aren't busy, are you?

Sergei and Darci live in separate states.

He couldn't fulfill the promise he made to his father.

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I'll call you back soon.

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I guess we should go get something to eat.

They went to a bar.

Manjeri is a good employee.

How did you find out where Tim lives?

I'm not trying to lose weight.

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Still, many people consider Zamboanga as the City of Flowers.

"Why are you going to Japan?" "To attend a conference in Tokyo."

It's actually a lot of easier than it looks.


We put up a good fight, but lost anyway.

Go tell her how you feel.

I hope that the weather will be dry.

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I like your tie.

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Let's find out who stole Jared's car.

Matthieu took a picture of the flowers.

There was another one.

You and I need to talk.

Dominick was executed for a crime he didn't commit.

I programed my first computer game when I was twelve years old.

I think it's necessary to sleep well to keep in good health.

She stood in the middle of the room.

Who says that raisin bread has to contain raisins? After all, dog biscuits don't contain any dogs, do they!

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I don't think Lonhyn is the only one who had to go to the hospital.

They're just evil.

Nobody can hear you.

Well, I'll see you later.

He lives far from the city in which he was born.

I met an otolaryngologist at a party on Sunday.

You know a lot about this.

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When the sun comes up, I'll get out of bed.

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My uncle teaches English at the university.


The mother hugged the child to her bosom.

The scenery carried me back to my younger days.

I could have died.

Morris and Bryce are playing cops and robbers.

You and I have something in common.


Becky and Sherri just got back today.

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It's great that you've volunteered to help.

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We are starting to eat.

I don't get why not all girls are lesbians.

Possession is nine points of the law.