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Managing risks with a solid regulatory strategy

Health technologies hold the promise of a healthier tomorrow. We need new health technologies to push the current limits of medicine.

Yet, it takes more than hard work and good luck for that vision to become a reality.

Developing a health technology is complex. The research behind a new medical device, a drug, a biologic, a nutraceutical product or a functional food can be quite different. In the end, though, it all comes down to gaining Health Canada’s approval.

The road to commercial success is long and very risky. Demonstrating proof of concept and securing a patent is just the beginning. What should you do next? Taking a bad decision can turn into a massive loss of time and money.

Have you considered aligning your development plan with a regulatory strategy?

With a solid regulatory strategy, you will reduce the time to approval. Because it helps you forget about the ‘nice to’ and care only about the ‘must do’.

Having a solid regulatory strategy will help you stay focused on what’s important. Because in the end, regulatory approval is all what matters.

A solid regulatory strategy will help you secure more funds. Because venture capital investors want to bid on winning ideas. They want to reduce their odds of failure. Give them a reason to invest in your idea instead of investing in competing ones.

Neovaltech can help you create a regulatory strategy adapted to your reality.

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