Let me show you a picture of my wife.

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What makes you think that it was Paola's fault?

I thought you said you worked in Boston.

I wasn't asking for your opinion.


The answer to your question is no.

The automobile has changed our life.

I know how much this means to Kenn.

I can't believe Ned told you.

The strike brought the city to a halt.

He set out to read the book through in a day.

The soldier was not in the least afraid to die.

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Vladislav didn't understand Piete at all.

The woman in a red dress ignored the black-clothed man and called a friend on her mobile.

As is often the case with 13 to 19 year olds, she's conceited.

I am full of doubt.

That would be better.


Long live Farsi!

You're after me.

The doctor came in carrying a black bag.


Am I annoying you?

Do you know whose dog this is?

Please wait for me.

Garvey moved to New York City in 1916.

I like him not because he's courteous, but because he's honest.

She was absent from the club activities.

You really made me lose face.

She never told me that I was the father.

Can't we tell him about it?

My friends say I speak better French when I'm drunk.

I have some questions for her.


I only spent three dollars.

I don't like fried food.

He made little of his father's advice.

I guess I could use a shower.

To his great joy, his team won the game.

I think we'll stay for a couple more hours.

Wouldn't you have spoken to me if you knew I was a man?

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A rebellion was brewing.


I don't know when he'll come here.


Keep that to yourself.

She treated his wound.

Everybody must be subject to law.


Will you still be here when I get back?

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What could be causing it?


After a long dispute the coal mines closed and the remaining miners were paid off.

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Did your husband foot the bill?

How much did you pay for that suit?

I would like to go, too.


There are beautiful flowers in the garden.


The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.


I sent you the letter just when you called.

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Helge motioned up the street.

This is the biggest apple I've ever seen.

He thinks nothing of staying up all night.

Ned couldn't afford to buy what Vicky wanted.

I didn't give it to her.

Hohn's translation sounded rather stilted.

I told you it was too late to help Del.

The clock is slow.

Joanne groaned.

I could only shake my head.

I don't eat chicken skin.

I'm not in love with anyone.

I have to go. It's getting late.

Mark is sitting at his usual table.

Take this piece of rubber hose.

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The mechanic recommended that Sanjay have the rear brake pads on his car replaced.


He has the strength to survive the illness.

This is a good movie.

Ernst didn't come into work yesterday.


He drank three glasses of water.


I think we should move on to another topic.


List is not my favorite person.


Laurianne wasn't an especially good student in high school.

I want to talk to the manager.

Alex suspected Stephe was kidding.

Do you think I don't know that?

Jeffery didn't do it again, did he?

We're very sorry that your bag was delayed.

Why is Marty helping us?

Daren is decisive, isn't he?

I'm putting you on hold.

We don't even know where Pascal grew up.

She sat there in silence.


I'm supposed to pick you up.

He was disappointed about the result.

Do you see that building over there?

Clearly you are mistaken.

Please make five copies of this document.

My sole idea was to get there as fast as possible.

Will the ice bear?

I never go to bed before midnight.

He's got enough money to buy a house.


Herb forgot to feed Josh's dog.

Gregge wouldn't give me a chance to think.

Alexis can't believe Jerry just said that.

I hear you're good at playing the banjo.

Can't you talk to him for me?

Bring a pen to your exam, please.

The children were all drawing pictures of animals.

I'm setting Wayne free.

Ian may have missed the train. He hasn't come yet.

He's on his way home.

There was someone else there, too.

What made you contact Billie?

I'm from a small town not too far from Boston.

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Isn't that what Bucky wanted?


She became pale after hearing the news.

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I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Sergeant was immediately worried.

I can't lie to Izzy.


Go to sleep Philip! You need to wake up early tomorrow!

If nobody spoke unless he had something to say, the human race would very soon lose the use of speech.

It's a pity that he had died so young.


She knows how to use her good looks to get what she wants out of men.


You know how you get when you're hungry.

You should've told me this before.

I have to cook dinner today.

Why did you have the lights turned off?

All of us, except him, went.


Why didn't you tell the police?

What time is it there?

I promise not to tell Melinda.

If you wish, you can go.

Word of the incident spread quickly.


That is disgusting.

That street is blocked because of the works.

I don't want to live the rest of my life with a woman that I can respect but can't love.


You may stay here as long as you want.

You cannot buy friends, you can only make friends.

It was an anonymous tip-off that allowed the police to catch the terrorists.

Who burned the cake?

All the neighbors united to clean up the park.

Don't try to leave town.

I just wanted to help him.

He is as great a physicist as ever lived.

It's a pity that Fay can't come with us.

Can you help me learn Esperanto?

This is the worst thing I've ever done.

You're our guests.

I didn't vote in the last election.

During the Middle Ages, astronomers had clung to the theory of a Greek philosopher.

Who is that woman with the brown coat?


My grandfather breathed his last on that night.

I surfed the net late last night.

It's so low.

I was caught in a shower on the way.

She likes to go for walks alone.

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As for myself, I am satisfied.

He earns his living by teaching English.

I'm coming down with a cold.


Grab a spoon.

Harvey must've been lying.

I'm staying with Giles.


Try again!

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Nou is estimating how much money he'll need to finish the house.

Wake up, dummy in a garbage dump!

Which part of Boston are you going to?

Amedeo cheated on his girlfriend for months.

We're both here for the same reason.