Clare bought a box of candy to give to Orville.

Give the clothes a try.

This hat is too tall.

We really want to win.

McDonald's golden arches may have marched into 119 countries, but the quintessentially American company still resides in a quintessentially American suburb.

Many authentic nobles did not have a nobiliary particle in their names.

Are you planning on using that?

Would you sign right here?


It's not surprising that he be proud of his son.

Becky took his place at head of the table.

I remember his face but I can't call his name to mind.


Good night. Sweet dreams.

I play a game with my sister.

Tell her to let the dog out.


I'm looking for my friend.

I came to help.

I'll give you another chance if you want it.

The child threw a stone at the dog.

I have got your name from my friend.

Did you argue with your boyfriend again? Well, they say that the more you argue, the closer you are.

You insult my intelligence.

The 80m-high cliffs, steep from every angle, appear uninviting, even menacing.

I really want to know what's going on.

They fucked all night long.

If you take this medicine, you'll feel a lot better.

It's ours.

This well never runs dry.


We can add milk to this coffee.

I thought Len was cute.

How did you come to hear of it?

Kiki ate a bowl of instant noodles.

Do you want to look at this?


The government executes the orders of the bankers.

You are blessed, oh Lord, our God and God of our fathers, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.

Father drives to work.


I carried Randell down two flights of stairs.

Please find the solution.

I don't know what this word means.

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Alberto seems efficient.

You're going to make me lose my head!

To everyone's sorrow, the poet died young.

The United States's economy is the largest in the world.

"Hello." "Hi, this is Wolf. I'm calling about the package I ordered."

In my opinion, alcohol is not necessarily bad for your health.

Margie is violent and dangerous.

He ought to take good care of his wife.

If you are an ethnic writer, you have a burden of representation.


Niels betrayed you.

Jesus wept.

I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these.


That was an unkind remark.

What will become of Japan?

They're everywhere!

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You haven't seen the last of me.


How much rent do you pay?

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Kieran wanted to give Ozan a birthday present.

That is a strange sentence.

Brender might not want to go.

He's trying to communicate with his beautiful little voice. You just need to listen.

But his friends got together to help him.

Are you telling me Franklin had nothing to do with this?

I don't like looking foolish.


Cathrin said that he would come tomorrow.


He did not speak unless spoken to.


Luxembourg is a small country.

Is there something that interested you?

Willie worked for me for three years.

I knew you wouldn't understand.

I did nothing unlawful.


She's a tough cookie.

The world is at a low point.

Janet, tend to the baby, please.

I'm getting rid of all this junk.

Please get out of the kitchen.


I'd like a little more water.

Lorenzo trimmed the stems of the flowers Coleen gave her so they'd fit into the vase.

Give a way.

Matti has run short of money.

Dawson never would've thought of that.

It's their business.

I hope you don't mind that I let myself in.

My van doesn't have a back seat.

Don't ever let me catch you doing this again.

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Do you think they'd hire me?

Are you able to speak French?

Three officers were wounded.

What is it you want to tell me?

I knew a shortcut to Tricia's house.

I don't look handsome; apparently I am handsome.

I forgot to tell you what to bring.

Do you have an empty room in this hotel?

I have one friend.


I'd like to take my jacket off, please; it's too hot.

Haven't you seen the plans?

We have so many students.

I'm going to get going before this feeling goes!! Well they do say "Strike while the iron is hot."

Enough already!

I'll do the best that I can to keep that from happening.

Why didn't you go with him?

This is all I have.

Somebody is standing in front of his room.


Matthieu knows something that we don't know.

It is time to help women.

I'm not going to call him.

Kurt swore his undying love to Dion.

The invalid gagged on the heavy food.


No one's denying that.

He put the final coat of paint on the wall.

I met him at the end of the platform.

The whole town will know!

Make the favor of dressing up because we're going to get late!


I can't count on Neville.

I knew who he was.

I can wait a little bit longer.

You so going to pay for this, Shari!

With many women, love always comes first.

Gregg told Sergeant that he'd be late.

That's a crime against humanity!

The ship is about to set sail.

Time is short, we must act NOW.

Where did you finish them?

They've seen our faces.

He is very knowledgeable on the subject.

Let's put this behind us and move on.

Is this about me?

Did you have to do that?


He thinks that only very well trained actors can be really successful.


I tried to write him.


She took offence at something.


Is this news true?


Look back!

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Aimee is leaving on a trip on Friday.

Don't you know each other?

I went to a Halloween party.

We're going to be late if we don't hurry.

Don't read too much into it.

I plan to watch a game at the baseball field the day after tomorrow.

I have to eat.

I'm a fan of Uruguay's president.

I had failed to refrigerate the milk. It went so sour that it's inedible.

For some reason I don't like Donald.

Our company may share your personal information with its affiliates.

Take the jug to the cellar.

"This one?" "No, that one!"


Wilmer got his suit altered.

Whatever you say.

I don't buy or sell anything!


Sapient beings are far more advanced than humans.

Beckie and Norman showered John with confetti.

Can I make myself useful somehow?

The lake was frozen, so we walked across the ice.

It's really very simple.

Lex made a bamboo flute for Pedro.

I felt like an outcast among those people.


They became friends in elementary school.

What newspaper do you take?

She is going to Chiba Stadium.


Can we come?


He is rich enough to buy the furniture.

Laurianne just can't stand Lou's brother.

He's innocent.


The committee is made up of ten members.

She studied in Belgium.

Hwa wished he had put more money into that investment.

It will soon be New Year.

She was cleaning the house in preparation for a party.