Can I see it again?

Marshall and Tuna are in the living room.

They're seeing each other secretly.

Tal heard a twig crack.

In this jewelry store there are some pretty earrings.

The accident happened near his home.


Martyn wanted Kenn to play the violin.

A lost child was sobbing at the police box.

He invited me to slow dance.


They all respect him.

What are you negotiating?

He bent over backward to please his wife.


I spoke to him on the phone last night.

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Why don't you leave?

Suddenly, a dog began to bark.

I'm feeling nauseous.


I'm living a secular lifestyle.

A child born into the bottom 20% of the income scale has a less than 1-in-20 shot of making it to the top if they do not go to college. Earning a college degree changes those odds to closer to 1-in-5.

Case got custody of his son.

Werner spent most of the morning straightening up his office.

She's just pretending to sleep; that's why she's not snoring.

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I'm usually not this indecisive.

Lord doesn't think before he speaks.

A fork fell off the table.


Everything that is not me is incomprehensible.

There's no reason for panic.

He would often sit up until late at night.

There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time.

How soon do you think you can talk to Theo?

As a father he must pay for his daughter's education.

Boyce and Glynn are both good at French.

What is your aim in life?

There used to be a lot of fish in any river in Japan.


Listen to what the teacher says.


Bill is honest all the time.

I request that your brothers be good and diligent.

Go back to sleep.


I've just seen Tait.

It was very generous of you to buy all these things for us.

He was supposed to be there at 8 o'clock but he didn't show up till ten.

I'm not very good at goodbyes.

Everybody's ready to go.

Kit was completely shocked.

Spock had a slight smile on his face.

The wasn't poor.

I have a backache.

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We'll never forget them.

The Europeans hired an exorcist to cleanse their continent of demons.

It's just a cartoon.

Whether you will succeed or not depends on your efforts.

She had the right idea.

Mr Koizumi thinks an awful lot of himself.

Ancient astronomers did not have instruments to help them see objects in the sky.

The tiger, having had its wounds treated, was returned by the villagers to the animal sanctuary without incident.

Could you bring me a blanket?


You were there for Hsi when he needed you.

He could put together words from his word list, or spell out words letter by letter.

What's the forecast for tomorrow?

It's dazzling how a couple of million cells embedded in an electrochemical mush give rise to the gestalt of human consciousness.

He asked her to stay, but she didn't want to.


I haven't eaten in a while.

What did you reply?

You bought the last round of drinks. Now it's my turn.

Didn't you see them at dinner?

Handle this very carefully.

Are you always this quiet?

He was burning to go home.


I always found weird to participate in a community under a pseudonym and sign messages with another name.

I want to go to Seattle.

Helen no longer wants to go to Boston.

The last one is the best.

Winnie is an extraordinary person.

What's the rush?

Which teachers were you talking to?

Theodore seems to always be busy.

Stars emit gamma rays at the time of their explosion.


A serious form of flu prevails throughout the country.


Blaine and Lila were sitting side by side.


This news was a surprise.

How long has George been gone?

I suggest that you not wait any longer.

He's now on the phone.

Sometimes, it's easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.

You can always quit the job.

That is the highest mountain in the world.


He knocked at the closed door.

I don't want you in my house.

It's not Monday.


What is the capital of Greece?

He sprawled out on the sofa next to me.

You can't keep Chuck locked in his room.

An earlier sense of a word need not be its present basic sense.

Do you think she still loves my letters?


The money is gone.


His wife has a lovely figure.

Actually if you eat beets your urine may turn a light pink colour.

When I told him that, he got furious.

I take it from your silence that you are not satisfied with my answer.

I'll accept your offer.

I hope you'll be happy.

The weather's so good I think I'll hang the laundry out to dry.

Your cake is very delicious.

Fay is Mohammad's second wife.

I hope Laurence doesn't do anything stupid.

Sorrel doesn't want to work in a factory.

Being young, he can work all day long.

Please remove that chair because it is in the way.

Bjorne will eventually give in, I think.

Ruth is tall and handsome.

You need to start getting ready.

No, you don't.

Yes, I have insurance.

I'm glad we already have so much in common.


Lester is better at French than the rest of us.


Anna has a reservation.

He described the circumstances in detail.

Francois loves being outdoors.

Why are you calling us?

Olivier is laughing at Emmett.

My boys are all grown up.

In 1911, a revolt broke out.

Sherlock Holmes had exceptional problem-solving skills.

Oh! what wonders and splendours unfolded themselves before Elsa's astonished eyes! She thought she really must be in Heaven.

What does that mean, exactly?

We were doing fine.

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I felt tired all the time.

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Do you really enjoy doing that kind of thing?

I don't see that there's any particular problem here, is there?

If you want to include other information, please let us know.

Sit down, please, and listen.

Is that still my room?

He persistently rang my house's doorbell.

It's in English.

Bill is 20 minutes late. He must have gotten lost somewhere.

Subra wanted to cancel the fundraiser.


If it was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge.

Raja's parents don't want Sarah and Kate to live together until after they are married.

Do you know who killed him?

You're not cooperating.

But unfortunately, this will not happen very soon.

There is no doubt as to her beauty.

There's a sick man here.


"Whose camels are these?" "They are Musa's."

You're not good at this.

Callous, unemotional children can sometimes become adult sociopaths.

I can't give up on my dreams.

I can't come and see you every day.

We anticipate a heavy rainfall tomorrow.

We're not going with you.

I thought Travis was funny.

You captivated me, dear.

When you called, I was already awake.

I remember Fred visiting Kyoto with his mother.

Have you ever parked your car on this street?

I stayed home because of the weather.


You aren't our friend.


Maybe you could get a bike.

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You should go in the house.

It's not clean.

You aren't very smart, are you?

How's life going?

There will be an in-person meeting of the marketing subcommittee on Tuesday afternoon of Jan 27, 1999 at the San Francisco CA Airport Marriott.

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He's a little taller than you are.

Japan relies on Arab countries for oil.

I started working here today.

Boyce was about to get his learner's permit.

Jeany isn't a good leader.

Only peace can save the world.

Monty watched Marguerite pour a drink.