Our Mission



We are already connected with over 297,340+ construction contractors in different sectors around the world.


Decentralized Blockchain

First decentralized blockchain token connecting building contractors and it's allied professionals to our community with the agenda to reduce or even eliminate unemployment locally and globally.


Who are we?

Build Network token is a community based digital currency. Due to its viable and token usage by the community, the currency will appreciate over time.

Our vision and objectives are very simple. That is allowing the everyday people to gain financial freedom through blockchain technology. As cryptocurrency is not recognised by the mainstream financial market, many cryptocurrency holders are unable to leverage their assets for loans. With Build Network we will be offering our investors the opportunity to leverage their cryptocurrency portfolio for instant cryptocurrency loans (See our Whitepaper for more information). This will allow the individual to borrow from our platform without having to sell their cryptocurrency asset.

Why should you partner with us?

  • We have the backing of existing construction business.
  • Our main aim of improving individual lives in society through reducing unemployment.
  • 5% affiliate bonus during ICO.
  • 5-20% discount for investors during private and public sales.
  • Anyone not just "accredited investors" can buy shares in the company.
  • Shareholders can sell their holdings anytime.
  • Buyback and burn Policy.

Easy loans

The Build Network flexible loan will allow investors to take advantage of their cryptocurrency’s assets. Depending on their portfolio size they will be able to borrow from our platform without having to sell their cryptocurrencies. Individual will be able to use their cryptocurrency assets to borrow and have between one month to nine months to repay. At Build Network we believe our interest free loan will offer our investors and borrowers the following:


Fastest Growing Network

As the foundation of our services is based on the community, this gives our token a strong and stable backing. With strong community behind us, we hope to give our investors a sustainable and profitable passive income in the long term and also reducing unemployment locally and worldwide. Because at Build network we believe together with our community we can build a continuous and feasible platform as well as improving the lives of others in our community.



We are already connected with over 297,340+ construction contractors in different sectors around the world.

These contractors will be able to upload their services on our platform at free of charge.

Then our members can choose to use their local building contractors and make a different to unemployment in their community.

These services can be paid with Build network token.


XBN concept developed

With the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, a few enthusiasts saw the opportunities that revolutionary technology can provides us. That is, to actively act to reduce or even put an end to one of the world’s social issue; with the hope to restore humanity and promote individual wellbeing and self-esteem. We believe combining this new technology and decentralization will enable us to overcome unemployment all over the world.


Advisory team formed

March 2017: Experienced advisors with vast knowledge in the building and financial industry was recruited.


Blockchain implementation commenced

November 2017: This was when the first blockchain architectural development was initiated for XBN ERC20 token.


Whitepaper completed

February 2018: Download Whitepaper


Token Sale Schedule

Q4 2018


Incentive payout starts

Q2 2019: This is when our loyal investors will be rewarded with Ethereum before dividends commences.


Worldwide marketing campaign

Q2 2019: Educational conferences such as seminars will be organised to educate the public about our products and services around the world.


Personal and business (interest free) loan commences

Q2 2019: Offering our partners the opportunity to borrow from us without interest fees.


First building contract begins

Q3 2019: The first building project starts, in order to generate monthly dividends for our token holders.


External exchange

Q3 2019: Our Token will be listed on external exchanges such asBinance, Bittrex,CoinExchange and many others.


Worldwide marketing campaign

Q3 2019: Our team will provide educational conferences all over Europe, Asia, America and many other countries to educate the community about our platform. Also, blockchain summits and conferences will be attended by our team to create more public awareness.


Subcontractors/contractors details uploaded on platform

Q3 2019: Officially launching the details of subcontractors/contractors on our platform.


First dividend payout commences

Q4 2019: First monthly dividend payment to our partners.


Partnership with other major construction companies

Q1 2020: Collaborating with other major construction companies to strengthen sustainability of our business model and provide a wider range of opportunities for our investors.


Global campaign commences

Q2 2020: Country directors will hold educational conferences to spread the knowledge and grow the community. Also, more advertisement on global platform will be initiated.


Expanding our building contracts territories into Africa and UAE

2020+: Securing more building projects across the global to build a better platform for our partners.

Soft Cap 26m

Hard Cap 65m

Smart Contract Ethereum (ETH)

Contract type ERC20

Token Name Build Network Token

Token Allocations

Use Of Proceeds

Our Team


Peter Harris

Chief Exective Officer & Architect

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, Peter will normally say "I was born a builder nut taught to be an architect". As he was born into a family of builders, at an early age he developed great interest for designing and building new infrastructure. This led him to study architect at university. After his studies, he was offered an opportunity to work for his family lucrative construction company. With this privilege, he has have the opportunities to work internationally across Asia, US and Europe.

Peter was also one of the early smart investors in bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sylvia Whitfield

Chief financial officer

Sylvia has worked with some of the renowned financial institutions such as Citibank and JP Morgan for over 5 years. She has been involved with several major projects for fundraising initiatives exceeding over 370millions.

She is also a qualified chartered accountant.

Ali Raza

Blockchain Engineer

Ali is one of our blockchain engineer who is down to earth but extremely talented. He has worked with Samsung for nearly 4 years before starting his own engineering and technology company for the last 2 years but currently working for Build Network.

Amanda Herne

Marketing and Promotion Officer

Amanda has had a great career in marketing and promotion since 2006. She has had the opportunity for work for some well-known marketing agencies such SOE marketing company and Digital Agency Network. Amanda is a young lady with great work ethics and approachable who has settle into the team very well.

When she is not at work she loves to swim and play hockey.

Tracey Walton

Product Advisor

For young lady like Tracey, her achievements in starting up a few products managing companies is commendable. She has had several opportunities in leading people with less knowledge about software products to become a reputable team in order to build a highly reliable products which are user friendly. She has previously worked for international company such as Tigo and MTN. Tracey has a good sense of vision outline and product strategy.

Claire Hunt

Product Researcher

Claire has five years of experience in product research, innovation and strategy with the end user as her top priority. She has led teams in several companies in Europe and Africa to reach their desirable outcomes. Claire has worked with Nestle and Milo company for a few years before joining our team.

Charlotte Smart

Legal Advisor

Charlotte is a partner at Digital Advisory legal team. Before she became a partner at this firm, she used to work as a solicitor for Mann’s and CO legal firm, who deals with gaming and gambling advise. she also volunteered in Africa, for one of the old gaming company’s called Chances.

Charles Weeks

Blockchain engineer

Charles is one of the early cryptocurrency investor. He is fascinated and passionate about the numerical data and transformative aspect of blockchain network. He is a young gentleman who is well respected within our team as he is insanely talented individual with strive to achieve the unthinkable in the blockchain industry.

Louisa Mino

Product designer

Over the last eight years, Louisa has worked for company’s such as T-mobile and Virgin media. She has worked alongside other experts who has worked for Samsung, Apple and HTC. During this time Louisa has acquired a vast experience in designing digital product with the end user in mind. The little time she has spend with our team, she has proven to be a tenacious individual who has full understanding of product design.

Mark Angus

Backend Developer

Mark has been part of our team since the initial idea. He previously worked as backend developer for Build Network but has recently been promoted due to his hard working and determination. He has also proven to be highly efficient and proficient software engineer. Fred used to work for Vodafone for nearly 7 years before resigning two years ago to join our team.

William Winning

Network Advisor

Will is the newest member of our team, but he has already been making waves in our team. His creativity skills and knowledge about software developing and engineering as a young man, is a talent wealth nurturing and mentoring. He is always willing to learn new skills and has a great sense of team spirit.

Will did his first degree in graphic design, then went on to study software engineering as his second degree.

Liam Spencer

Financial advisor

Liam has over four years of experience in equity and EFTs. He has worked with some of the reputable institutions on Wall street, New York. He studied accounting and business at a degree level.