It's better to walk back than to get lost.

I'm coming for you.

Bernard could've stayed quiet.

I thought Randy would have found Sam by now.

You must read this book also.

I still believe that we can get this done before 2:30.

That's someone else's problem.

What would you like us to do with this?

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I shouldn't have gone to bed so late yesterday.

She was deadly tired.

Griff got hurt.

Brain cells are particularly sensitive to a loss of oxygen.

Have you really talked to Shamim?

You might avoid an unpleasant experience.

Shuvra looks dead.

No one's safe here.

Peter has been living here on an expired visa since 2013.


You never tell me that you love me.


What are your plans, Nikolai?

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I can't give up my dream.


You know you want it to happen as much as I do.

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Nobody could believe it.

Kenji is a good speaker of English.

Norm hid behind the green car.

I came to Boston three months ago.

My mother thinks that the doctor is a charlatan.


We'll meet her there.

Can you remember when Tuna joined our company?

You need not work so hard in order to pass the examination.

I think we both should leave.

In my opinion, he's the right man for the job.


John took a walk along the river.

It's not worth the money they're asking for.

What Joon did was unbelievably idiotic.


"I'm not hungry anymore." "But you haven't eaten anything!"


Times have certainly changed.

Tell us everything you know about the problem.

Narendra tried to poison Kazuhiro's dog.

Here's a list of what we need to get.

The firmware update adds full character support for notifications in eighty languages.


The young lady carried a child in her arm.


Is Bucky in a lot of trouble?

The third act is about to begin.

Are you working hard?

What makes you happy?

Mark told me about this place.


Look, I know you're busy.

What did he draw on the blackboard?

His advice inclined me to change my mind.

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Murthy wore a beautiful dress.


If I knew an answer to this question, I would tell it to you.

She always seems to be nervous, but at least she's relaxed when she eats.

There's also the initiation ritual.

Who are those for?

He beat the odds and was successful.

He can't get on in the world.

How do you spend your free time?

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You need to stay away from him.

Someone told me recently that hairspray is good for killing spiders.

Mohammad waited for someone to come.


All this talk about theft has primed me to look at anyone as a potential pickpocket.

It looks as if he were sick.

Deborah is very tall.

I'll marry you if you change the color of your hair.

He set out on a trip yesterday.

I only have fifty meters of rope.

Johan doesn't want to break up with Mongo.


This is unexpected.

I met Marvin once.

Everybody was at work.

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Children must always be polite to older people in France.


There are times when Lila sits still for hours and looks at the sea.


You didn't have to leave.


Have you got over the shock?

I can't adjust myself to the climate here.

Hugh is currently in prison for tax fraud.


How are you doing? I haven't seen you in ages!

The two women look at Jean-Pierre and then at each other.

Duane is always very neatly dressed.

Lead is a metal.

We'll return home tomorrow.

Fork-users are mainly in Europe, North America, and Latin America; chopstick-users in eastern Asia and finger-users in Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, and India.

The day came at last when he had to part from her.


Moore doesn't seem to understand any French.

I want an English muffin.

Nothing's good enough for us.

The doctor treated the patient with antibiotics.

The novelist talked to a large audience.

I wish you happiness.

The surfboard doesn't fit in my suitcase.

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Is there any chance that Jeannette won't get here on time?


You suck at writing code.

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I didn't see the light change.

What's complicated about their language is the writing, not the grammar, which is reminiscent of a creole.

Now she was hurrying to her sick Grannie's house to call the police.

I still have to find someone to help me.

I'll bet Joel doesn't know either.

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They have agreed to come.


It'll come to you.

Christmas is a busy time for retailers.

Sandip didn't give me the information I requested.

He never saw his mother again.

So what is it going to be?


Tell Ricky that we're not going to help him.

We're concerned about them.

We think that's a good thing.


Did you turn off the gas?

This is only known by Obama.

Have you ever killed a lion?

Recently, the dignity and importance of the Japanese father has diminished.

He likes to go out fishing alone.

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Sangho doesn't want to be sent to prison.


Sometimes I fall, but I never give up.

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This house was on the market for three years before it sold.

They were nice to each other.

Massive amounts of carbon dioxide are generated every day.


Mom bought a pretty doll for me.

Carolyn must've been the one who put the drugs in my bag.

What's that got to do with us?

Queer rumors about them were in the air.

What a genius he is!

We'll wait for you near the gate.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.


It's important to me that we follow the rules.

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Pass a ball quickly to a person behind you.

I will go to the sea, but you, on the other hand, will go to school.

I don't want to hear that.

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She's a good photographer because she's so observant.

You're such a tattletale.

Donna looked embarrassed.


It's our only show.

Don't pay attention to her.

May it help opening the door?


Where does this trail go to?

How could you not know?

I said what had to be said.

Is your brother still in Germany?

Leung appreciated Beckie's help.

I try to keep my promises.

It won't amount to anything.

I was skeptical.

That old chronicle is on the left.

To look at him, you would take him to be a foreigner.

This is the first time I've ever massaged my knees with this ointment.

The rain didn't stop us.

Less is less than more, and more is more than less.

He'll answer your letter soon.

Do you have a table for five?

Juri says he wants to talk to you.

Many of the migrants are war refugees.

They say we are going to have a severe winter.

It's a private matter.

The loud noise gave me a terrible fright.

No instrument is snootier than the piccolo trumpet.

When was the last time you rode a bike?

Carsten loves secrets.

I like to listen to Italian music every night.

Connie started walking down the stairs.


Please line up in a row.