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Our commitment to being more open

This Open Government site is our first step at being more transparent about what goes on behind the walls of Reno city government. We're also very interested in encouraging citizens to participate and collaborate more with us to solve important problems that affect residents and businesses.

Releasing government data is an important part of this effort. This site is a centralized area where you can see what kind of information is already available to you. Creative developers and programmers may even want to use this data to create civic tools and apps, like some folks did at Hack4Reno.

We're creating an internal "Open Government Team" with staff from all departments in order to identify other opportunities to share data and be more transparent. The team is also responsible for developing internal policies and procedures to keep the momentum moving forward.

City of Reno Data (click bar to open)

Description: Search and download accounts payable down to the vendor level.

Available Data: Web displays; Download in Excel and CSV format at fund level
Description: Search all City employees' salary and benefits by calendar year.

Available Data: Web displays; Download in Excel and CSV format at fund level
Description: Search existing businesses in Reno by name, owner, zip code and more. Use "*" for wildcards.

Available Data: Web displays; Not available for export
Description: View and download information on calls for service to 911 dispatch.

Available Data: Create visual displays & charts, Sort and filter, Download Excel, CSV and PDF
Description: Track energy generated from solar and wind turbine systems installed on city facilities.

Available Data: Web displays, Download CSV
Description: Use anemometer data to assess the performance of wind zones in the area.

Available Data: GIS web displays based on entered address; Not available for export
Description: Explore map layers such as zoning boundaries and property information. Only supported for IE6.

Available Data: Web displays, Request spatial datasets
Description:Learn more about the City's revenues and expeneses and how your dollars are allocated.

Available Data: Visual displays & charts, Sort and filter