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You've exceeded the time allotted.

Casper baked his wife a pumpkin pie.

Give Marco this picture.


I heard someone screaming my name.

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Can you estimate its value?


Mother is anxious about my future.

I'm going to invest money in this business.

She was a tall, thin girl with long, soft brown hair.

She accumulated a fortune by investing wisely.

They can add something if they wish.


He's not tall, but strong.

That was the first time I ever snored.

I didn't know you were from Boston, too.

Is this yours?

You'll all get used to the cold climate in no time.

I don't want to hear it.

It's great that you like to be good, to grow, to evolve; however, doing it at the cost of others or undervaluing his or her work is unforgivable. Who commits it is, in fact, in decadence rather than ascension.

We only have enough food to feed three people.

The Japanese at large consider themselves better off than they used to be.


The boy turned around then.

Nobody called them.

The dress is too expensive. Can't you sweeten the deal a little?

We have specific proof of your innocence.

I care about you a great deal.

It's quite strong.

I'm working for McDonald's.

Do you really want me to go to Boston with you?

Who says it isn't fixed?


It's obviously a typo.

I'm a very independent person.

You see when you put part A into slot B and screw down those into holes D, E and F, the pieces from that heavy box all integrate into a standing table.

Auto-destruct sequence initiated.

We'll get it fixed.

Is there a white eggplant?

Teruyuki has not yet made up his mind.

The cave did for our hiding place.

I will do anything that you ask.

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In a word, you are in the wrong.

Slaves did most of the work.

It's a pity that you should leave Japan.

God, let the village be safe!

Why are you jumping?

I didn't want to insult Cecilia.

The moment she saw me, she started to laugh.

She is buying a cake in the bakery.

It wasn't that big.


During the Stalinist era, prisoners at concentration camps became slaves in service of the state.

It's just a precaution.

Have you heard of a bird called the Arctic Tern?

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What kind of sweets did I like as a child? Even if I try to remember, I can't.

My daughter is blonde.

M-my goodness!? Cover-up! Cover yourself up!


Jeffery is getting on your nerves, isn't he?

If you visit Spain, come and see me.

I'm going to be talking to him.

We should leave her alone.

This tool, if used carelessly, can be very dangerous.

He wrote down the name so he wouldn't forget it.

Edmund's father told him to forget about becoming an artist, because he'd never earn enough to live on.


I translated Stacey's letter into French.

They are having a really good time.

The only people the settlers kill are the natives that they call the "savage."

It was tough.

We'll have to just wait and see.

Vishal took his finger off the trigger and put his pistol back in its holster.

Some people took hostile attitudes toward the illegal aliens.

I do not fear death.

That fungus is deadly, but many others are actually edible.


Could you change it for a different one?


I'm here to report a crime.

How much more time do I have?

Mac sings beautifully.

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You must continue to train.

It was my first night among strangers.

What does this have to do with me?

Can I have a copy of it?

On my last visit to Kyoto I enjoyed myself very much.

Don't include annotations as part of sentences.

He didn't understand Jack's joke.

I doubt that Morgan understands what we're talking about.

The way is free for an advance.

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Suyog returned to his hometown to visit his parents during the summer break.

All others albums are different.

I could hear doors slamming.

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It's not gambling.


He is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.


Bertrand hasn't said a word all evening.

Amos's name was third on the list.

How much will it be?


It seems that Margot and Miriam's relationship is having trouble, but we really hope they work it out.


I figured this might come in handy.

I know exactly where I left my keys.

What's wrong with Tareq?

I'll guard the prisoner.

You always forget.


He loves you very much.

The chairperson has been associated with the organization for ten years.

My father is in the garden now.


I'm not for spoiling pets.

Imagine a problem such as this: Suppose your brother has a car accident.

Whether the problem is important or unimportant, you must solve it.


I should be jealous.

They kept singing until a rescue team came.

Sigurd and his sister are both students at this university.


I can't stop myself.

Aardvarks are solitary animals.

At last the hyenas chased the lions from their prey.

That's all you can expect.

Mariou wanted something cold to drink.

Horst can't refuse.

What were your impressions of Ramanan?


These books can be had at that store.

Please raise your hand before you speak.

Don't listen to her. She's lying to you.

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Donald is staring at us.

I haven't done this for years.

Lar wrote Allen right back.

I know you've got a secret.

I suppose you have some ideas on how to handle this matter.

Roxie is a troll.

I can't sell that to you.


You need to be a team player.


She has a crush on her teacher.

This speed is insane.

I do not work so you can be lazy and rest all day long!

They didn't settle the bill.

We all knew that Bob was on a wild-goose chase after Marge, because she was already happily engaged.


Kees buttoned up his shirt.

That fact is of great importance from the viewpoint of science.

I think that as long as you worry about profit and loss, it can't be called love.


Let's help each other.

We'll use the house as collateral so we can borrow some money.

Her breath reeks of alcohol.


I cannot swim. My leg is broken.

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I went to Italy for the second time in 1980.

There's no way I'm letting Bucky go out after dark.

He never looks down upon others.

She can't live without him.

He found a good companion in his dog.

Cecilia is fixing the car.

Kyle made himself as comfortable as possible.

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Alison made Kevin swim.

Who told you about him?

He was deep in debt, and had to part with his house.

Her son died of cancer when still a boy.

The prime minister appoints the members of his cabinet.

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Here today and gone tomorrow.

He has strong principles.

Justin thought to herself that she ought to buy a new cover for the ironing board since the old one was getting pretty tattered.

I'll explain the reason in the fifth chapter of this book.

He spoke very loudly.


He forgot to bring his homework, so he got detention.

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The pilots were among the 79 survivors consisting of passengers and crew.

Kimberly is a Boston native.

Please get out immediately.


I get out of breath.


You didn't tell them what you wrote in that article.

Janet has been accused of being a jewel thief.

Will you not lose your mind?


Did I keep you waiting long?