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I have read the novel before.

The blind young man has overcome his handicap.

Hank should be here soon.


He's rude, arrogant and ignorant.


Nathan is filling out a job application form.


I may know them.


How many hours are you going to sit in front of the TV?

Let's go to the cafe where they serve hookahs.

It doesn't belong to me.

I don't like artificial flowers.

Why should I share the treasure with you?

A working man should be paid in proportion to his skill, not his age.

It's sad now.

You're supposed to be in Boston.

That's why I hired you.

Jason left a short time later.

That's not what I wrote.

Please move the TV set to the left.

These dogs are big.

On falling down, she burst into tears.

Saqib needs to underpin his house as it's subsiding.

Jack was born on August tenth.

I have no money in my pocket.

His utter failure at the last peace conference has taught him to arm himself to the teeth with new tricks and tactics.

Let's try that.


Why are you always so cynical?


Woody and Betty met at a dance.


Lucius hardly ever listens to the radio.


Thanks for the hard work.

You may as well begin to prepare your lessons.

Like mother, like daughter.


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Mother looks young for her age.

Have you run into this kind of problem before?

Space doesn't think Benson will say yes.

If I had had my way, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

You ought to ask for your teacher's permission.

I forgot to bring warm clothes.

Sure I'll come, but I might be a bit late.

Poor little boy!

Ron is Butler's only daughter.

I want to go to sleep.

There is a school near my house.

Even Earnie couldn't blame Nou for everything.

I constantly went over this problem in my mind.

Mother was busily cooking; in the meantime, I was just watching TV.

This coffee is really good.

Her deathly paleness is due to long illness.


My father put a ladder against the tree.


I had to go to work.

Your book is double the size of mine.

I have something for you to do.

He warned us not to enter the room.

I think it's strange that no one is on the street this time of the day.

We've been lied to so many times.

Sundaresan says he has nothing to hide.


The car slowly gathered speed.

You were pretty lucky.

There will be an answer.

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Romanian is a latin language.


His writing is impossible to read.


One fire drives out another.

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I made a big mistake in choosing my wife.

I asked them to keep quiet.

I suggest you send someone outside to see what's going on.

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Am I going to have to work with Jan?

Natraj confessed his love to me yesterday and we have started dating.

Where were you when your wife disappeared, Patrick?

I left home early so as to get a good seat.

What happened to the dog?

I've accepted Tad's resignation.

I am not kidding.


I had the porter carry my suitcase.

He tried to certify the matter as correct.

Many roads and fields were flooded.

I'm about ready.

You've earned this.

Ragnar squeezed Tim's arm gently.

Let's not even think about that.

I am deliberately speaking loudly.

Don't forget that she's a woman.


It's very sexy.

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I don't want to be in pain.


It's time to go to the gym.

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How many students are in the classroom?

As the children ran, they heard the sound of the broom sweeping the ground close behind them.

You're a teacher now.

We have more in common than I thought.

Snow indicates the coming of winter.

I worked as a waiter for three years.

I can always tell when Price is lying.

A Mr Smith came to see you.

This is a poem written in Scottish dialect.

What I want is to go home.

I feel I'm wasting my time here.

That's how I was raised.

I must leave you.

He began to twitch uncontrollably as I called 911.

They are saving their money for the purchase of a house.

I made supper.

I came by to check on you.


You may write in any language you want. On Tatoeba, all languages are equal.

Maybe this is a bad time.

Can he account for his action?

If we wait, Mara might change his mind.

That trio has already put out five albums.

I will be thirty-five in June.

I swept the driveway for you.

I miss his kisses.

"What languages do you know, Think?" "C++, Java and a little PHP. What about you, Rodney?" "French, Japanese and Hebrew."

I have practiced piano every day for fifteen years.

That's what I don't know.

He has three sons.

I wanted you to have this.

Erwin wouldn't have been able to manage without Shankar's support.

The delegates voted six times.


You don't have to be an artist to find the beauty in everyday life.

Though it is true that every normal human being is able to use language, it is misleading to compare this with his ability to eat, sleep, or walk.

I know nothing about Sangho.

The pain in my back is getting worse.

It will be a masterpiece!

Anton was surprised when Diana kissed him.

There's still plenty that needs to be done.

Her beauty stood out in our class.

Laurence looks very pleased with himself.


Floyd is accustomed to working hard.


Actually, you didn't make one, but two mistakes.

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A young person is waiting for you outside.

Mehrdad drew a revolver and shot John's hat off his head.

The castle is now in ruins.

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Don't sugar my coffee.


I missed the train by two minutes.

I'd like you to translate this document into French.

My cooking cannot hold a candle to Mother's.


Milner wiped his spectacles.

Our peoples have more in common than can be seen at first sight.

I'll call Will tomorrow.

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Would you please shut the windows?

Are you suggesting I was the one who caused the problem?

Soon it will be gone.

That's bad karma.

Shouldn't we try to help?

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Is one of you Sridhar?

It's impossible to tell what he really believes.

Julianto worked for almost three hours.


This newspaper has a wide circulation.

I thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and remain at your disposal for any information if necessary.

He may well be proud of his bright son.

They kicked him out of the disco without any explanation.

She is not so shy as she used to be.

She has as many books again as he.

We found that everyone was asleep.

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I'm not listening.

The ground is still wet. As likely as not, the game will be cancelled.

All my friends to whom I sent invitations came to the party.


I was not a little disappointed.

Do not criticize anybody!

What a beautiful sweater!


He answered his parents back.

Having studied English, I studied math.

Stewart is a cruel person.

Teresa has a sister who likes to play tennis.

I like listening to Hotta tell stories.