However hard she tried, she was unable to please him.

Write your congressman.


I have a feeling that something important is going to happen.

You can come together.

He will not get the job without someone to back him up.

Everybody showed sympathy toward the prisoner.

I'm dealing with the problem now.

Snow melts.

Tharen is a video game developer.

None of my friends drink coffee.

You don't have to cry.


Can Rhonda join you?


Don't call it a day just because the road's blocked.

The rich are getting richer.

Graham gave Cathy a dollar.

Have you finished the puzzle yet?

He is an able banker.

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Could you wait a moment?


I hope it works out that way.

Wouldn't you like to know?

The result now follows from proposition 1.3.

Are you sure you don't want to get your own lawyer?

We demonstrated peacefully.

Monsoon is coming.

Aren't you feeling well?

He was fascinated with her beauty.

There used to be some big trees around the pond.

He has three daughters.

Albert isn't fighting, is he?


Spudboy missed his stop.


Now I can die happy.


I thank you all so much.

I saw them a while back.

I really do want to help them.

Maybe you disagree.

Do you intend to take part in the interview?

I usually pay my bills on time.

Haven't you gone too far?


We were glad when we saw a light in the distance.

It's a great place to start.

Anton grabbed a letter opener off his desk.

"Don't forget to write to me!" "Don't worry, I'll send the first lines as soon as I arrive in London."

There's no way I can catch them.

We'll be there in plenty of time.

Barton eats a lot of fruit.

He dressed like a girl.

I'm not used to talking to people I don't know.

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It is about time we were leaving.

It is necessary that she should go herself.

All people have seen that baby.


I want to do something special for Phiroze.

His latest work proved to be a great success.

There are many truths, but only one reality.

Could I place this here?

I really don't know what to say.

We had a master plan.

I keep in touch with him.

Twitter is among the biggest enemies of Islam.

I share your feelings.

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Rich is very good at videogames.


He won't turn up tonight.

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The tayberry is a cultivated cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.

I can't ask him to quit.

Be discreet.


We must respect other people's privacy.

The system here works really well.

That wasn't the way it was.

We are opposed to war.

Do not that to another, which thou wouldst not have done to thyself.

It would've been nice if Liz had been here.

Anne lived in terror of being captured by Nazis.

Rogue began reading that book three weeks ago and he still has only read less than half of it.

He denies nothing to his children.


The coffee shop is closed while the air conditioning is under repair.


Alf is a lefty.

Don't forget to put out the fire.

I never thought Rafik would make it this far.

He put salt into his cup of coffee by mistake.

I met your friend.

Japan imports most of the energy resources it needs.

I really liked Erick, too.

He has left us.

I can't understand her way of thinking at all.


Isabelle started vomiting.

How are you coming?

After the war, the diligence and the saving of the Japanese gave an impression which is strong in the American.

Rajesh never cheats.

Case never wears red.

I ran a risk of advising her.

The mayor of this city was blamed for turning a deaf ear to the people's requests.

Ramiro gave Andre a kiss.

We were asked what our rights are in respect to CCTV monitoring at work.

There was no investigation.

Beautiful girls dream of him.

I wanted to kiss Angus.

We all felt that the country was in danger.


As for me, I don't trust him at all.

Under normal circumstances, I'd agree to do that.

Lie down on the examination table.

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Let the sugar caramelise.

What happened after you got there?

Smoking is terrible for your health.

It's a niche product.

It'll go away.

I wonder if Izumi knows what Alastair did.

Since then, a great deal of change has occurred in Japan.

One link broken, the whole chain is broken.

That about wraps it up.

You play a musical instrument, don't you?

I've learnt something from this book.

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You shouldn't mess with them.


Have you found the leak?

I've been up on the roof.

Is everybody having a good time?

I love you more than her.

This is not funny anymore.

Spy is having trouble with his schoolwork.

Automobile sales suffered a setback at the end of the financial year.


We can't have you working for us.

The engines are very cheap.

This isn't a ram, it's a goat!

Jerald is looking a little embarrassed.

I'm wondering whether to take on that job.


I must have fallen asleep.

Knudsen wanted to make more money.

Don't forget to go see him tomorrow.

Some of the company's executives are out of town for a conference.

Whoever comes, don't open the door.

This wasn't such a good idea after all.

Terrence lost a finger.


She was on edge till she heard from her husband.

Nguyen is going to need you.

Who else is here?

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My bed is much comfier than yours.

The professor always teaches in jeans and a shirt.

I've got an even better idea.

His father was a millionaire.

Can I count on him?


I'm going to miss them.


What am I going to say to Erik?


Call the number I gave you.

We're here to rescue you.

I went to Boston for 5 days on a business trip.

It was totally unexpected.

I'm not sure whether my sentence is good.

Beginners for eternity, stay on the sidelines.

I gave her an apple.

Kate told me to give you this.

What's your favorite hymn?

I picked him up at school.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

We must do away with such bad customs.

Tell me why you didn't ask her.

I gave one back.

Raanan doesn't know what happened, does he?

I would like to hear your opinion.

She helped her daughter get dressed.

They are persons with no moral conscience.

Donn didn't know exactly what it was that Dick wanted him to do.

I'm in a hurry.

I wasn't able to say goodbye to Becky.


The current national anthem of Georgia was accepted in 2004, when Saakashvili came to power.

Jayesh likes teasing her brother.

I don't really know why.


Lenny will be here by the end of the week.


You'll have to ask Sean.

My parents come from China.

I wouldn't count anything out.