He is in his first year at college.

He often used to stay up until late at night.

I've already answered this question.

You're no different.

Why don't you give us a call?

Can I go next?

I won't go so easy on you next time.

I'm displeased with your negligence.


My brother checked his email on my computer.

Can we at least hug goodbye?

"Whose chair is this?" "It is mine."

We can all sleep well now.

He fell behind in his English class.

"I'm not as stupid as people think." "Nobody thinks you're stupid."

Carlo bought Pria a diamond necklace.

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Niall said his hands were cold.

Ranjit and Janet are like brother and sister.

The manager of the team quit suddenly.


I'm sure that Marguerite didn't mean to hurt you.

Beauty fades.

Sunil is going to school in Boston.


There isn't a second to waste.

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I heartily support you.

Spy isn't a bit scared.

I really like this one.

Just ignore Pilar. He always seems to be complaining about something.

Why is Janet not here?


I'm not a bad student.

This was the best day ever.

He disguised his sorrow with a smile.


He has her under his thumb.

You were the only person who talked to Kelvin.

The house deprived us of light.

Do you think you could help me with this?

Young men left the family farms as soon as they could.


Are we talking about the same person?


Everyone except me knew it.

Watch your luggage.

I'm busy tonight.

Have them join us.

I'm watching the news.


No couldn't face it.

Carole was, of course, acquitted.

Why would you want to hurt him?

Does he have a big family?

My father loves pizza.

Aren't you glad Lucius gave us enough money to buy something to eat?

I'm on your flight.

Try another one.

We pulled together to get out of hardship.


We're spinning our wheels.


I really can't take it anymore.


She struck high notes on the piano.

I can't keep doing this.

It was an accident!


Her attention is focused on children.

Andy has put on some weight.

Tatoeba is a great way to procrastinate.

We made a deal.

Let's set up a sign here.

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My pet bear always sleeps on the floor by my bed, right under the portrait of Putin.

Getting up in the morning and there's someone who says good morning to you - I haven't had this feeling for a long time.

Stretch out your arms.

Thusnelda the cow is the subject of this sentence.

They didn't tell me so.

I will help you in selecting the best from these clothes.

It's bad for you.

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Lukas is my older brother.

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What does this pen cost?

How many times a month do you write letters?

I don't want to buy any of these.


Are they in Paris?


I don't want to know anything about Dimitry.


It disappointed me.

It wasn't that big a deal.

The sun is shining and the birds are singing.


How will I pay my debts now?

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She is amiable to everybody.


Surprise, surprise.

I wish I had seen the film.

Tim is extremely generous.

I'm sorry I disappointed you.

Why would your opinion be more important than mine?


We didn't go all the way.

Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997.

She never came.


Eli wants to become famous.


Please change my room?

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Let me borrow that.


He's a weirdo.

I'm very pleased to have met you.

Her life is full of pain.


Kemal doesn't have a very good French-English dictionary.


He opened the chess game with a modern defense.

If it hadn't been for you, he would still be alive.

I know exactly what I'm asking.


You're lucky you're a girl.

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I loved you once.

My father teaches English at a high school.

Boyce will join a beginners course in Udmurt.

I'm surprised that you won the prize.

Albert didn't have enough money to pay the rent.

Do you want to know the truth?

Thierry cut the cards and started dealing.


I didn't think so.

The children are learning to add and subtract.

I think he's angry.

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Don't you think so?

Those are nice gloves you have on.

One does not look a gift horse in the mouth.


These items must be returned to their rightful owner.

I kind of liked Sigurd.

How can I ever forget those moments?

Don't you remember my name?

Mason is interested in Murray.


Dorothy doesn't have anyone to discuss his problems with.

I wasn't well.

Van and Alejandro were also in the car.

The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace.

I have to take him home now.

The rich are different from you and me.

The chicken is raw.

You should not stay up too late.

Nhan is familiar with the situation.


George reached his goal of traveling to America.


It's said that the Portuguese called the Philippines "Ilhas do Oriente".


What's the ideal age for a man?

We were happy or so I thought.

Herman put his mug of beer on the counter.


Well, I really can't say.

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I wish my friends could've been there with me.

Ram rode the horse bareback.

If you are a member of a primitive community and wish to produce food, for example, there are two things you must do.

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This is where we're supposed to sit.

I just spent over three thousand dollars.

My notebook is pink.


He who does not know how to remain silent, does not know how to speak either.


My mother asked me to set the table.


Having misconceptions of what mathematics is is even more ordinary than not knowing how to spell my name.

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I tried to in vain to deal with the problem.


Juergen can be a little difficult.

It is a cold morning for June.

Just don't vote for her.

The pasta was literally swimming in butter.

Who do you believe is the most capable?


Must get some food.

Do you happen to know how to get downtown from here?

What're we missing?

Ted is deluding himself.

I love to learn languages.

The problems are not going away. They're constantly growing.

Do you think we should do something to help Izzy?