Rogue pocketed the keys.

There is not a shadow of doubt about his honesty.

Don't you feel honored?

There is no smoking allowed on our campus.

I'll give him this message the moment he arrives.

Clifford rarely asks questions.

I wish I hadn't hit you.


I won't tell Wendell anything you say to me.

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Have I left anything out?

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Lance just missed the bus.

Sjouke was scolded by his boss for showing up late for work.

I've heard that chocolate doesn't make fat. I wonder if that's true.

I've changed it.

I should have gone home.


The man was dying.

Robin looked as if he was sick.

You may see Sherman there.

Clyde sued Tatoeba for spreading his personal matters all over the Internet.

Kristin doesn't care what Brendan does or doesn't do.

I wasn't going to mention it.

The baby was naked.

I followed your instructions.

The novel was published after his death.

Going to Boston is one of the things Pete wants to do next year.

Julianto was sitting on the couch with Elliot watching TV.

Bertrand didn't talk to the police.

I really like this picture of you.


We want to talk with Ram.

Oh, I've broken a nail!

Please stop yelling.

You were so young then.

Floria didn't tell me who to give this to.


Is it true that Briggs went to Germany?

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Nobody said you didn't try your best.


There is a good argument for dismissing you.

Don't read my diary!

This color doesn't suit you.

When does the next bus leave?

If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one.

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I watch the news every evening.

This river becomes shallow at that point.

A house that keeps out rain and dew and is impervious to heat and cold is a wonderful thing.

His speech was lacking in soul.

He caught the ball with his left hand.


Are there any markets or supermarkets around here? Is it convenient for daily shopping?

The policeman asked the girls if that car was theirs.

She was impatient to see her family.

Where was Lindsay imprisoned?

Bradley applauded loudly.


The investigators sent a glass and a pair of socks to the laboratory for examination.

Kris didn't have any idea what Ram meant.

Why does Varda want to hurt me?

I give a lot to you.

Never borrow a car.

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We must obey.


Rabin wasn't expecting it.


Marc is seeking a job.


How much did you pay her?

Tatoeba Day is now over.

The prefectural police chief tried to tighten his police officers' discipline.


He gave away all his old furniture.


Finally the snow melted.


We didn't receive any notification of his having been fired.


Ben wiped the table clean.

Shirley broke down and told the police everything.

I'll help Marion tomorrow.

I can protect her.

Can one find a telephone near by?


He goes and sits outside the class but he can't stop laughing.

It wouldn't take all that long to explain.

Tell Isidore he has to get up.


This table's surface is smooth.

She has a claim on her deceased husband's estate.

Do you know Hughes's address?

Have you showered?

Does it snow much in your country?

Some newer cars can be a pain to work on.

He is driven.

Lingonberries are popular in Finland.

I'm sure I lost at least 3 kilos this week.

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That's the book I told you about.

According to legend, ghosts would appear in that forest, so people would not set foot there.

Your friend told me about it.

I got through with my dignity intact.

We want revenge.

Please hang up and the operator will call you back.

I guess you must be very hungry.

You did it again.

No one looks busy.

Ronald hasn't been in Boston long.

I'm married to Frederick.

How long did it take you to clean this place?

What are the forms of "to be"?

Is it OK if I start?

Maybe I should talk to a lawyer.

Natraj isn't quite himself lately.

The supervisor bought a really powerful machine.


We'll let him worry about that.

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Earle drives a black car, eh?


I gave my cold to Alan.

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What is it you'd like to know?

Because I was too busy.

Is your trunk locked?

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I learned a lot about them.

Owen pushed the emergency button.

He will succeed without doubt.


I had my watch repaired at the store.


What an idea!

She decorated her room with bright color.

Carol has a friend who's in prison.

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You have thirty minutes left.

I will make a bargain with you.

Follow close behind them.

Isn't that what Stacy said to Hubert?

We spent the whole day chatting.

He was big and shaggy.

The colour fuchsia is called after a flower.

Cologne lies on the Rhine.

She was bullied as a kid.


What's happening?


I could go for a nice hot pizza right now.


She's in consultation with the doctor right now.


Let me catch my breath.

Can he play the piano?

They loved her.

Lions are stronger than wolves.

I want you to call her.

All Gaul is divided into three parts, of which the first is inhabited by the Belgians, another by the Aquitaines, and the third by those who are called Celts in their language, and Gauls in ours.

Is it the right place to sign up for foreign language courses?


Miltos doesn't want to get in trouble.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

A man drew near.

It's not his style.

I ran to my mother.

I don't trust the tailor.

All we can do is wait for Anne.


Heinz's wife died in 2013.

The audience applauded the actress.

She sobbed heavily.


He came back home before eight.

Misato tried to be calm, but finally she lost her temper.

Sandra spent twice as much as I did.

People began to fear the worst.

I wrote a book two years ago.

Anthony was esteemed by the Egyptians.

Did anybody call for security?


"Where was he headed?" "He was headed north."

This is an ordinary task.

Juan was accepted into Harvard.

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I only know what Louiqa told me.

I'd need a whole eternity to explain everything.

Ro still looks upset.

Are you just going to stay here?

Please go on with your dinner.

He won first prize at the spelling contest.

He lost his job.

You'll end up in the hospital.

During my sabbatical, I composed a fugue and domesticated a robin.


My sister's son is our nephew.