I think that it was probably last Friday.

This is so true.

From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was different.

The book is blue.

His love for indigenous Mexican art became his downfall.

Is there anything else you want to know?

It is useless to go on strike now.

Is this one of your creations?


Did you know him well?

This is a recipe for disaster.

It was definitely Elwood that I saw yesterday in the park.


I graduated from college in the same year as your father.


He graduated from law school.


Leif is a great neighbor.

They're very useful.

Did he tell you what to do?

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When he was faced with the evidence, he had to admit that he was guilty.

Rudy ate a quick lunch.

You can't blame a girl for trying.

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He takes very good care of his guests.

Are you the new secretary?

I couldn't believe it was Murph.

Is French a difficult language to learn?

Bernard moistened his lips.

Teri is grieving.

You have to get up.


I told him to work hard or he would fail.


Having failed several times, he tried to do it again.

I have a book in my hand.

The taller of the two men went out first.

Patrick criticized Jeannette for not doing the job correctly.

It's windy.

Nikolai encouraged Cory to leave right away.

We do have other choices.


Guess what? Emily and Morton broke up.

You should not have done that without my approval.

I've got to get something to eat.

I have always wanted to be a singer.

That one's for me, too.

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Because, no matter if we have got lost, I'd hate to sleep outside this sort of place.

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She thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the classroom.

Writing doesn't interest me. I want to read, not write. I want to read.

Daniele is still trying to open the jar.

I want to be there when you tell Lou that.

I consider spaghetti to be one of the greatest foods in the world.

I hope that you aren't afraid.

Cinderella is far fairer than her sisters.

Maybe we'll get lucky and catch the thief.

Gasoline is sold by the liter.

Alex didn't say a thing.

Morgan is transgender.

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We should not have angered Knudsen.

Everyone has seven fingers and three toes.

How many onion starts did you plant this year?

When I want to cry, I think of you.

Did you get an answer from her?

Who do you think he is?

Marian wanted to be polite.

What would you say in this context?

What kind of places would you like to see?

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The end of the world will have to wait.

Why don't you believe Micky?

Why don't you ask your boyfriend?

I will drink some acai.

We have the ability to remember.


There's a good chance that Siegurd will lose the race.

Two dogs fight for a bone, and the third runs away with it.

Vidhyanath wants to change.

Please come at 2:30.

The library keeps only one of each book.


The chances are even.

You should probably buy a ticket for Amedeo, too.

Condors have never bred in zoos.

Naoko is good at swimming.

These pipes screw together.

That may not be a problem.

If you'd come back when you were told to, we wouldn't have had a problem.

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Lui put his feet up on his desk.

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Geoff's dress is a triumph of bad taste.

I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.

I didn't ask you for your opinion.


This is how we make ice cream.

What does Mohammad have to do with this?

He went from Tokyo to Osaka by plane.

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The baby weighed seven pounds at birth.


Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S.

I was watching TV when Yumi came.

That's hard to picture.

I hate the English language and everything related to it.

Jack was born on August the tenth.

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We are at war.

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"Can I get a Coke?" "Is Pepsi alright?"

As a matter of fact, bankruptcy is inevitable.

Nobody is speaking.


What's your favorite lipstick color?


Is Space there yet?

The house burned down completely.

There are a number of shops selling foreign books and periodicals.

You're nothing to me.

What was the matter with you?

Is that what you mean?

Fear nothing.


Our feelings towards him are mixed.

Gerald rang the doorbell a couple more times.

He leaned towards me.

Klaudia is a referee.

I all but lost you in the crowd.

He was on the way to the airport to meet Mr West.

Troy wrote down our names.

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Vladislav had the same problem.

I cannot tell you everything that happened to me yesterday.

You shouldn't talk about your friends behind their backs.


I'm sure Deirdre meant to do that.


Go to the hardware store and buy a roll of insulating tape.

As she couldn't pay for a ticket, the driver asked her to get off the bus.

I blame myself.

Our garden was full of weeds.

Don't be such a pessimist.


Francisco has a large hunting knife in his right hand.

Is it really so complicated?

You should have a light on.

Drink driving is a surefire way to get into trouble with the police.

Pratt gave me a few dollars.

Gross National Product is not the same as Net National Product.

Bill is still a legendary figure in this company.

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Bring something to drink.

He played "Hamlet" on the stage.

Choose any flowers you like.


The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.


Orchids were one of the first flowers to appear on Earth.


Do you have psychic powers?

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She is a lady among ladies.

This is treason, my friends!

When it comes to commas, if in doubt leave them out.

Both sisters are blondes.

It's in the cabinet.

I almost didn't come.

Many boys and girls were present.

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I need a box about this big.

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Could you bring me a pillow and blanket, please?

What's the minimum salary in Jamaica?

We know it now.

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Isn't there anything we can do to help Pratapwant?

Is this a real concern?

Kathryn takes vitamins.

The was clearly upset.

I don't like to take on such heavy responsibilities.


I didn't find anything better.

Wait a second.

We want to have a large family.

Hirotoshi rides his bicycle everywhere.

The trees are beginning to bud.

Elefen is a special language. It can be written with both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.

When you walk around here, you have to look out for falling rocks.

Stop your bellyaching.

Sandra has the book that Kelly wants to read.


It took me more than a month to get over my cold.

Bobby's hobby is collecting photos of cars.

Ellen was so tired that she went to bed early.

I think Dori only speaks French.

Even Gill looked happy.