What kind of medicine is it?

He got those wounds because he played too much guitar.

Why don't you go help Ilya?

I think everyone wants to do that.

Ahmed said Rogue was a stewardess.

Ralf thought of a crafty joke.

I never wanted to leave Boston, but I had no choice.

Kinch is often late for class.

Bob is coming over to watch a movie.

I walked straight ahead without looking to the side.

Perry quietly listened.

Is he from Japan?

Jurevis still hasn't come back home yet.

I don't know why it's taking so long.


There were all sorts of rumors circulating about him.

I suggest we go out for a drink.

Linda didn't even let Dan kiss her.

That was the last thing I expected to hear.

I appreciate it.

Play the part of Hamlet.

You're probably too young to understand what is likely to happen next.

Tell me again that you love me.

I was just passing through town.

Huashi honked at Ray.

He will set out for China tomorrow.

I do not understand Cindy's ostensible contempt for satorial concerns of his peers.

I have a hard time believing you don't have any homework.


Get off my porch.

Anybody can do that.

He advised her to stop drinking.


He explained her he was on a mission.


Savages fear the appearance of a fierce wild beast.

How could I have been such a jerk?

The former kings are not forgotten.

If you are to make a success of writing, you have to work hard.

Gigi lied about how much money he spent.

I was extremely tired.

He told the truth.


Takeuchi almost told Lynne that he loved her.

At any given moment, there are perhaps eight francium atoms in the whole of the earth.

I've been under a lot of stress.

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I know what's making Tahsin so nervous.


It doesn't look like water.

She lounged by the pool.

What were we doing?

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I just want to make you so happy!

He sat there with his legs crossed.

Don't climb up the wall.

Samuel usually wears jeans.

Allen didn't let Stephan finish what she was trying to say.

I can run faster than Ken.

What's become of the original plan?

Dominick was unable to concentrate.

I will wait.

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I'm really not interested in history.

He always hums while working.

You should have refused his request flatly.

Years later, Europeans established colonies in the coastal areas.

Francis told me that Mick was on a diet.

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I will write you when I know your address.

Shuvra and Pratt stared at each other for several seconds.

Three x cubed plus a constant... What am I on about?

They are teachers.

Let's do it after school.

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I thought you'd like me.

His constant state of wariness caused him great weariness.

That place is always crowded, but I reserved a table today, so we don't have to worry.


I like her cat.

He is doing business on a large scale.

It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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His parents took him for a walk.

I just wanna nose around a bit.

I think Brad is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.

The boat passed under the bridge.

He had no more than 10,000 yen.


Here's a magazine for you to read in the plane.

Exactly how will we do that?

Roberta eats less than you might think.

I don't own a suit.

It's simple and intuitive.

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Laurent is the smartest one in our class.

Humor is also a way of saying something serious.

These figures don't add up.


Angela won't even talk to me.


A piano is expensive.


Everyone liked me.


The man wrote down the name for fear he should forget it.

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Why didn't you stay with them?


Marsh's friends called him Mr. Money Bags.

He studied on a scholarship.

He didn't have a single pen.


"Do friends sleep with friends and then murder them?" Dima asked in return.

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Esperanto is very useful.

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Lucifer checked his cellphone for messages.


Their reports don't accord.

This isn't going to be good.

I was bored, so I wandered around town.


When I use a word, Humpty Dumpty said, it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.

The central location gives easy access to stores and offices.

Do you want them?


What the lawyer had told me finally turned out to be false.

The health care secretary told the woman that she could not bring her dog inside, because pets were not allowed inside the clinic.

No, I'm not frightened of ghosts.

The microphone is dead.

The ship's mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Tigger knows how to talk to customers.

Life was never meant to be easy.

Nobody paid me anything.

I had romantic ulterior motives.

If you can't help me, at least let me work.

He is madly in love with that girl.

We need to make it clear what we aren't willing to do.


You really are desperate.

He brushed off my objections.

Written in easy English, this book is suitable for beginners.

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Relax, and above all, don't panic.


The children ran toward the classroom.


Erick asked Caroline if he could walk her home.

I can teach you how to dance.

Are you suggesting that it's beyond my comprehension?

Casper picked up but didn't talk.

Barton said he was going to take a bath.

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Sometimes we just have to do things we don't want to do.


I don't want you anywhere near the medicine cabinet.


Allen wanted Gypsy to meet his parents.

Rogue is no longer a student.

Ed bent down and picked up the pen that he'd dropped.

Marci's dangerous, isn't he?

I felt pity for the boy.

We have a lot of sympathies in common.

We plan to have a welcoming party for Mr. Clark who came to Japan the other day.


These four youths share an apartment in the Tokyo area.


Do you think this is interesting?

You'll have to discuss that with Malaclypse.

It could've been us.


Is there an ATM around here?

Once you skip a lesson, it's hard to catch up with your classmates.

Those animals were in danger of dying out.


We need to begin.

Let it be otherwise.

Surya said he was looking for you.

You can't be approached with a pure heart.

It's not worth it to work anymore.


Although the decision to implement this plan has already been made, the finer points still need to be planned out.

It's easier dealing with other people's problems than with your own.

Is this the only difficulty in the way?

She got a false impression of him.

I like to keep my clothes for as long as possible.

I know Arthur doesn't love you.

He unintentionally revived his mother-in-law.

The heat is on the administration to come up with a new policy.

I stole it from her.


Pierce has gone to the library.

Were you jealous of Kelvin?

She was apprehensive about receiving criticism of her performance.


Did you question them?

Let me do it.

I've come to save you.