Are you fucking around?

"Do you enjoy seeing people blush, Dimetry?" "I'm not denying it."

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I am not sure whether I want that.

It will not be long before he gets better.

I won't let her do that.

New York is one of the cities that I previously thought that I wanted to visit.

This old building was beautiful.

I have several friends in Boston.

I'm dyslexic.

She went to the beauty parlor.

No had nothing.

Such a lifestyle appears rather uninteresting to Americans.

She'll lose time.

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We're not disturbing you, I hope.

Jeannette knows he's being watched.

Let's figure this out together.


I don't want to complain, but it's two o'clock and we still have to eat.

We had an argument.

I thought you were a dummy.

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You were not able to check their movements.

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How many apples, then?

I'm pretty sure the first thing you'll want to do when you get to Boston is call home.

We have a surprise.

This flower is more beautiful than that rose.

What do you think they want to see?


I am going to swim in the pool.

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I'm annoyed at your selfishness.

I know what you were thinking.

If you cannot join us, please reply.

You have a very pretty name.

I will remove the labels tagging the above sentences.

Father does gardening whenever he gets a chance.

I'd like to visit Australia someday.

You need money?

Do you want to become famous?

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Tyler waited for more than an hour.

Shyam was able to get us all tickets to tonight's concert.

Amy had no alibi.

The point is it's not funny.

She has kept a diary for 3 years.


I understand things. I have a mouth and I can speak.

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I must write.

It's mine, not its.

Since I walked very fast, I was in time for the last train.

I'm excited about the move.

Everyone is so mean to me.

She is having dinner.

We're going back to Boston this summer.


I bought half a dozen eggs.

Don't make this any rougher than it has to be.

I found the work very interesting.

The sparrows are cheeping.

Srinivas is the expert.

I don't ever want to hurt you, Dean.

Can't you move faster?

Did you want to drive?

He banged his head against a shelf and got a big lump.

I killed them all.

I go to bed at ten every day.

Between the upper and nether millstone.

We have Srinivas's signed confession.


We'd like to ask you a few questions about Joyce.

They came walking arm in arm.

I was just thinking the same thing.

I doubt I can go with you tomorrow.

Let's talk about that tonight.


Nobita is someone who can bestow happiness upon others and shoulder their misfortunes. That is, for a human, an extremely valuable trait. He'll probably make you happy, too.

Turn it over.

Vishal will lead the discussion.

She always shouts when she is angry.

Who is heavier, Ben or Mike?

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Some journalists claim that Russia and the U.S. are in confrontation as competitors in the battle for influence on the development of Ukraine.

I took to her.

I want them all shot.

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Kuldip obviously doesn't know.


Is it a deal?


The most effective means for the propagation of Esperanto is the fluent and elegant use of this language.

Bryce claimed that he didn't know Shadow.

He's old enough to be her grandfather.

He's doing his German homework.

The snow has disappeared in less than no time.

The Quran was translated into many languages.

I believe in myself and trust what I do.

Wasn't he your boyfriend?

Mwa spends all of his time painting.

I wish I could talk to them.

We like to talk.


There's no need to worry just because he's late.

Business keeps going from bad to worse.

My knowledge of German is poor.

The original qipao was wide and loose.

What have you come up with?


There's nothing you can say that'll change my mind.

We should call Jacques and see if he needs any help.

Rabin said that he doesn't care what other people think of him.

Please don't call her again.

Neil is preparing dinner.

There is no water in the stream.

"Why?" That was the simple question everyone was asking themselves.

Where did you weigh them?

Adrian isn't going to want to do that.


She is not only beautiful but also intelligent.

Are we really that poor?

Are you Ukrainian?

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I'd like to stay at your hotel.


Giant snails have invaded Florida.

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He is still sound in mind and body.

Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

Susumu was accused of practicing medicine without a license.

I thought that you were Joshua's uncle.

We must get to the bottom of this mystery.

Revised thought she had heard wrong.

Mr Hobson shut the shop and went home.

Sandy can't afford the kind of rent they're asking for.

I need help carrying Tyler.

The ghost story was terrifying.

Did he actually say that to you?


Things stayed the same.

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I want to do something about it.


Losses will run into millions of dollars.

I am in a tight place.

Elizabeth talked to me today.

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A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.

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Have a nice flight.

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You must miss Alf a lot.

Sally cheated on the exam.

You might as well come in.

I don't want to know anything.

She's a cunning linguist.

Mr. White has gone to Canada.

Ramesh argued that Lorenzo stood three words ahead of her, although when he turned back, he saw that, between she and he, there were only two.

It was a furious battle.

We should've thought of this before.

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The bank accommodated the company with a loan.

Can we go?

Every great writer seems to have been interested in English.

Nothing is so pleasant as travelling alone.

Could I be going soft in the head? I forget things so easily these days.


Enter the room at once.

Dan interrupted Linda's briefing saying that the building was on fire.

Vicki said he takes a walk every day.

There are many possibilities for improvement of that dictionary.

I slept well, after which I felt much better.

Police conducted physical and electronic surveillance on Dan.

Kinch should change his locks.


I put cream in my coffee.

I'll put the old bridge back.

When will you have the report ready?

Judith invited Stephe to the party, didn't he?

Huey wanted out.

Are there enough chairs for everyone?

Where are my leg warmers?

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Hillary is a memory.

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He's of the type "do as I say, not as I do".

Do you figure there's any reason to make a vocabulary book?

Whom did you buy?

Lyle is getting angrier by the second.

You're never satisfied!

The Baba Yaga seized from the wall one of the skulls with burning eyes and flung it after her. "There," she howled, "is the fire for thy stepmother's daughters. Take it. That is what they sent thee here for, and may they have joy of it!"

He bought (it).


Go back to your quarters.

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My alarm clock's ticking is too loud.

I'm not going to write a letter in English.

It was a good movie.