The police could arrest you for that.

I somehow got a passing grade in mathematics.

I wake up at the sound of the alarm.

There is no need to reply to that letter.

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The effectiveness of this method was confirmed by the experiences of many people.

It isn't that simple.

He stayed in bed because he wasn't feeling well.

He is always saying bad things about others.

A casual remark can hurt someone.

In all fairness, he did do his best.

Skef arrived on time.

The manager of the hotel is very kind; he spoke kindly to the girl.

I intended to have gone fishing.

Sorry. The train was late.

That was an awful day.

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We returned to Boston on October 20th.

Where's my coat?

No minors allowed.

You better put on some clothes.

Jorge wants to be with Elijah.

I bet you didn't know that.

If it rains tomorrow, I will stay at home all day.

I'm having a very delicious meal at home.

The Boston Globe gave the film an unfavorable review.

Anita locked the apartment.

Carole lowered his sword.


I don't think that'll be necessary.

Behind this hill lies a beautiful valley.

Do you think they'll find him guilty?

That's the last thing I want to do.

Lindsey hasn't shown up here yet.


People born in January, February, and March, please gather over here.


Hwa got dressed and slipped on his shoes.

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Alberto probably knows what Emma is planning to do.

She has a house, a dog, a cat, two kids and a husband.

Panos should be OK.


I'm not leaving without you.

The wind calmed down.

I had the same thought.

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How many different schools have you attended?

It all depends on Ramiro.

Down it came and away went the day.


She's too drunk.

It's not much of a plan.

This tool is good for nothing.


Lyndon didn't really feel like going to school this morning.

That made all the difference.

To live is to suffer.

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Can I please talk to him?


There's only one bullet left.

Why did you leave them alone?

I looked in Daryl's eyes.

I wouldn't go out with her even if she's the only girl in the world!

This is the perfect example.

John ordered the book from the publisher in the United States.

We're about three blocks from the train station.

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I'm not assigning blame.

Hold up, Nathaniel.

I needn't have been so worried about you. I should've known that Tigger would look after you.


I should've left my camera at home.

Evidently not.

The astronauts had to use special tools to collect rock samples on the Moon because they could not bend over in their spacesuits.

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It looks as though Part is waiting for somebody.

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It took us a long time, but finally we were able to find him.


The plumber pumped the water out of the pipe.

What does being a good mother mean to you?

There's a map on the wall.

Hail, guildbrother.

They played table tennis together.

The pheasant would not be shot but for its cries.

Has anyone ever told you the truth?


He was satisfied with the work he had done.

Siegurd offered to help Glenn move.

How many times am I supposed to keep telling you that you shouldn't be late?


We want her to go home.


Whenever you come, you are welcome.

I am almost ready.

The vodka is very strong.

He is said to have been the richest man in town at that time.

The two countries negotiated a treaty.

We are happy to see you.

Let Rafik know.


You're sick. You have to rest.

We will do our best.

If you hurry you can still make the train.


I cannot make up in the month of Ramadan.

Mikey would lend you money if he had any.

Tell me what's wrong with her.


Wendell has gone back to Australia.

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Even today the temperature is below zero.

I had a very good time.

You don't know where Klaus works, do you?

He trampled on her feelings.

I am not sick.

Kangaroo tail soup is known as an Australian dish, because kangaroos are found in Australia.

Rodger is kind of crazy that way.

I like tennis best of all sports.

It must be done more carefully.


I was hammered.

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Gregg married a rich girl from Boston.

The play was presented by a group of young actors.

She never in her wildest dreams would have thought her son would kill himself.

Wes, what are you doing?

My books don't sell very well.


May I tell you a little secret?

Can he account for his action?

Can you get that medicine over the counter or do you need a prescription?

The entomologist could not find a specimen of the bug.

My brother-in-law is really egotistical.


Betty lacks motivation to finish the job.

In the film, the director makes Hamlet an active person.

I married a Polish woman.

I had to show her something.

The clicking of high heels kind of hurts my ears. Do the people wearing them not notice?

I'm definitely not going back to Boston.

Zap it in the microwave for thirty seconds.


He was forced to work overtime.

I met her three days ago.

I know how much you love her.

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Never choose a vocation just because it permits the wearing of good clothes.

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If you don't yet know how to swim, you should learn.

I heard he was terrible at remembering sequences of numbers.

I'll have to check with her.

More women than men commit perjury.

Whatever he says is true.

Your sweater is inside out.

Forty people attended.

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She is on a diet to lose weight.

Patty pretended that he didn't recognize Lar.

The baby was the very image of his mother.

Ahmet has a warm heart.

"That was a terrible miss!" cried the commentators.

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I want to give you my heart for ever.


He has a good understanding of the problems.


Tony heard her voice and stopped playing the piano.


This word's stressed on the last syllable.

She wants to dye her hair red.

He's a man of his word, so you can count on him.

"Where's Vishal?" "How would I know?"

Why don't we go outside?

That's just bizarre.

You think that people are okay, but I allow one to think that people and all societies are bad. No one wants other people to tolerate their mischief. People give grief to people because their viewpoints vary.


Terrence will be busy.

Why can't you tell me?

White-collar workers face many difficulties.

He will change it.

I propose a short rest.


I think Andre didn't understand you.

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"You're blushing!" "No, I'm not."


Four weeks passed away, and Jane saw nothing of him.

Don't provoke that wasp.

Love is the answer. But while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions.


Have you searched the entire house?

I want you to go to Boston with Anton.

Diana and Laurie voted for John.

Why is it so important to look pretty?

Joyce only knows how to speak French.

I like it spicy, but I don't like it too spicy.

Where should we park?