Don't fight it. Just let yourself fall in love with me.


I wonder what the advantage of this technique is.

You look great in this picture.

You see, but you do not observe.


All things considered, and it's just my opinion but, I think that the value of a present changes depending on how much thought is put into it.

The Prime Minister holds a press conference tomorrow.

I'd like to hear that from her.

She and I are cousins.

There are more stars in the sky than I can count.


You can't have seen me.

If you run fast, you can catch the train.

"Do you mind my smoking here?" "No, not at all."


Expensive things often prove more economical in the long run.

What made them mad?

I think you already have enough money to buy what you need.

They drink coffee at home.

That's a dumb question.

Ramadoss took off his sweater.

I've had enough excitement for a while.

He likes not only music but sports.

Most of the students already understand this.

I've never been good at French.

He was saying his head hurt a lot.

Do you have something for me?

You can meet me somewhere sometime or something.

Josh won't charge you a cent.

The soldiers advanced toward the town.


He told me that women play chess and tennis well.

Do you know where you are, Sandy?

Both Heinz and Patricio are over thirty.

The land is very fertile.

Are you sure nothing happened while I was gone?

This purse is made of paper.

Do your best, and you will succeed.

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When did you buy that from them?

Tad took the broom out of the hall closet.

Marie opened the window to let in some fresh air.

We have no options but to continue.

Her words were completely meaningless.

George Bush went on a vacation with his wife.

Anthony doesn't do it.

Mrs. Smith was a famous beauty.

We tried to get them to help us.

This is a breakfast.

She used to love that.


What time does that contest start?

I told you not to worry.

Erik has been a close friend of mine for a long time.


She froze me in her stare.


I know how we can make a lot of money.

The bus was delayed an hour by the accident.

Penny dreamed of becoming a rock star.


That was an experience.

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I thought something was going to happen, but nothing did.

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Juliet wants to keep things the way they are.

He has a reputation for being a skirt chaser.

Tharen wanted to come, too.

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You might not want to stay up so late tonight.

How about taking a walk with us?

Vishal slumped in his chair.

Takeuchi is looking down the hole.

If you want one, you'll have to pay for it out of your own allowance.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am.

Can you cook this meat a little more?

I'm already sick.

Out of the two designs, I prefer the former to the latter.

Three hours is a long time to wait.

I will stay in New York for five days.


How would you like to do us a very big favor?

His horse won by three lengths.

He has knowledge and experience as well.

I'm sorry for everything I've done to you.

I didn't want to waste it.


They went to church.

Would you mind showing Pamela around the city?

There was thunder and lightning last night.

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I hate this uniform.


The sheep is white with black rings around her eyes.

I think you've hurt Kimmo's feelings.

Nicolas is a good kid.

Tarmi doesn't remember my name.

Why did you buy the flowers?

That'll put you in danger.

Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow?

French is his mother language.

Izumi said we could go to Boston with him if we wanted to.

What are you smirking at? Did something good happen?

You can stay the night here; there is no problem.

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It shouldn't happen again.

Some people criticized our decision.

I objected to being treated like a child.

The truck drove away.

It's getting darker.


Recently many people have been losing their jobs.

Ramadoss is still in the hospital, isn't he?

While walking, I used to feel somewhat in a hurry.

Look after your little brother.

You said you and Pratt weren't exactly friends.

Dan was the first to arrive.

How many times do you feed the fish?

I don't know whether I'll purchase these or not.

Vassos greeted Vick with a big smile.

This country is poor in natural resources.

Boy, I will be glad to get over with these exams.

Teacher Wang is drinking the Longjing tea (he) brought from China.

I often go out for a short walk just after lunch.

I am close to the bridge.

I'm well aware of the problem.

I'm glad you've done this for us.

He's quite a character!

We don't even know what these are.

If you make a mistake, just cross it out neatly.

I got up while it was still dark.

You have no idea what I can do.


I had him take my picture.

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I've never driven a truck.


I will call her once again tomorrow.

Tell Stagger that I don't want to talk to him.

Do you want us to kill Tuna?


I regarded Cristina as a friend.

War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

Can we save her?


Magicians jealously guard their secrets.


It's amazing how quiet it becomes when snow is falling.

Jim boasts of having passed the exam.

Are you sure this is what we're supposed to do?

I'm always busy these days.

Mickey told the police that he shot Lin in self-defense.

Darrell moved the flower pot to the left and the secret door slid open.

I've always hated her.

"I hear Naomi and Clarissa are getting a divorce." "That's the rumor."

I don't like any of these paintings.


Every house in our neighborhood is practically identical.

She reads nothing but fiction.

This book is very good.

I don't really mind as long as the server doesn't go down for more than 30 minutes.

We're ready when you're ready.

I'm always confusing John with Paul.

I wonder who killed him.

Doctors refused to perform a second operation.

Can you keep an eye on them?

A hunt is on for the runaway.

You won't find another deal like this one.


We were all amused with the comedy.

Is it certain that he will help us?

That's a beautiful ring.

I'll speak to him.

One of the bittersweet experiences in language learning is that, eventually, you find out that the lyrics of some of the songs you used to love so much are plain silly or offensive.


I thought it was a good idea at the time.

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Don't go above the speed limit.

Warren asked me a couple of questions.

What happened didn't surprise me.

I think I might be interested in buying one of your antique chairs.

Woody couldn't find a job in Boston, so he came back home.

How could you just walk out the door without saying goodbye?

Thad considered herself unworthy of the affection Roger offered her.


I'm the youngest of three children.

You had better take your umbrella in case.

Just buy her some candy.

Vinod has done the best he can.

I'm sorry, I've got to go.


I'm not going to wait for her.


I hear the grass in England is green even in the winter.


Do you mind my turning on TV?

I didn't have a good time last night.

You can't win an argument with an idiot.