I suppose we could ask them.

It didn't work at all.

I'm under quarantine.

No one can see.

I want to talk to them first.

They believed it violated the laws of God.

Roland helped us.

Meehan didn't make it to the station in time to catch the train he was planning to catch.

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That man is Kenyan.


This road is very narrow.

Ozan and Lana were both exhausted.

I like to look at old pictures.


Claudia was asked to appear on television.

He did it out of a sense of duty.

There are several ways to measure speed.

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Cris says his blood pressure is very high.

Should I call you a cab?

You should know that by now.


She proposed that we take an hour's break for lunch.

I wish I had more friends.

God told Israel not to even mention the name of pagan gods, but the church has a celebration that is named after a pagan god.

Nobody's forcing you to do anything.

Siping's last name is Pitawas.

They won't be here long.

I will send your teacher a note to excuse your absence.


He is able to speak five languages.

I didn't forget it.

I just don't want to do that anymore.

I get hysterical easily.

Don't make any quick decisions.

Would you like to have tea with us this afternoon?

Is there anything you want to say, Janet?

Phillip was Janice's first real boyfriend.

Special forces are used for special purposes.


I hadn't thought of it like that.

I think that might be wise.

This one's pretty cool.


I love sucking the marrow from the bones; it's even better than the meat on the bones.


She fell in love with one of the other students.


We tried to get Joni to stop.

I wish I'd get back to my childhood again.

Don't let Joachim follow me.

That may not happen.

Your shirt button is about to fall off.

Grant is the one who told me that I should study French.

She is getting better day by day.

I don't want Sal to see me like this.

Johnny definitely won't work for less than $300 an hour.

As he was drinking he got very merry and kept telling everybody just how much he hated hospitals.

The discovery of electricity gave birth to an innumerable number of inventions.

Aristotle thought women were of weak nature and easily overtaken by their emotions.

I should've let them go fishing.

It rained nonstop.

You can't help Perry tomorrow because you have to work all day.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I hope Merril has a good time.

That's what got them killed.

Has Terrence been fired yet?

Why does nobody answer?

As soon as work is over, he makes a beeline for the pub.

We are learning Arabic.

Chicken meat is white, whereas that of an ox is red.

How far is it from here to Boston?


I think my mom knows.

Why would Straka be angry at Kayvan?

Motorcycles are great. They can easily get through even in heavy traffic.


Without the slightest doubt!


If it looks like a war, if it sounds like a war and if it kills like a war, then it actually is a war.


Please write down your name here.

The heavy door swung open.

Horrible helicopter accident in a Belgian cemetery, the rescuers have already salvaged more than 500 corpses.

Brenda is saving money to go to Japan.

You can't come over tonight.

It doesn't look like there's any big reason to hurry.

We saw the waiter coming through the door.

Poor as he was, he did not borrow money from others.

Several girls are standing beside the gate.

Look at this old coin you have here.

I know I can rely on you.

Was that a yes or a no?

She's impossible to satisfy.

Illness often results from drinking too much.

Either of the two must go.

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Do you want to live in Germany?

I wish you had not told the story to my mother.

There is a lack of social housing in Paris.

Spyros gets paid very well.

The system is rotten.

It was a very big room.

Loren doesn't seem to think we're in any danger.

Don't let him have a rest.

The stirrup is a bone in the middle ear, between the anvil and the inner ear.

We live near the dike.

He was indeed very stubborn but, on the other hand, trustworthy.

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We all pondered over what had taken place.


This box is square, not rectangular.


What time did you call?

They made fun of my clothes.

I'm sure you'll like her.

Ira didn't tell everyone.

She is disposed to get married.


I can't help you with that.


This is just a misunderstanding.

I believe in friendship.

My boat is small.

We must carry out the plan at once.

I was in Boston last summer.

You see the girl at the back? I'd watch out for her.

Singapore is extremely rich.

I could've sworn I heard something.

It is strange that he should have refused the offer.

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Are you sure that's necessary?


Read such books as will be useful some day.


All aboard!

Can't we get them to stop?

Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is a tragedy.

Do you have any idea of the position you're putting us in?

That's really odd.


I have heard this proverb used.


What've you lost?

I'm busy getting ready for my trip.

The most real of all splendors are not in outward things, they are within us.


I understand that they're going to increase the staff.

His house is on the south side of the river.

What sort of person are you?

This is the hospital where Tiefenthal was born.

I visited a small town in Catalonia.


He's power-hungry.

My shopping bag broke.

You're asking in vain for forgiveness; your act can't be forgiven.

Our problems are nothing compared to Brandi's.

There's no point in asking me for money.

He found my bike.

I knew Sanand would be unhappy with the results.

We did our jobs.

Mikey is pretty ugly, isn't he?


Come out and play.

My father's in the garden.

The whale shark is the largest shark in the world.

Turn about is fair play.

Sandra didn't let me do that.

Those regretted what he had done.

I'm usually not here on Mondays.

I'm originally from Boston.

I'll spend a very fun, stressful and exhausting Saturday night!

I didn't really want to do that.

I meant to have come.


May I go there with Masao, Father?

Everybody can hear him talk.

"She's a unique person." - "Every person is unique."

Now get moving.

The difference is staggering.

Kelvin died before the ambulance got here.

We won't make you wait too long.

You finally succeeded in getting a job.

I'll be whatever you want me to be.

Nici fucked up again.

He has a swimming pool.


I love this school.

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I knew Jerrie would say no.

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I like her an awful lot.

Stop the childish cutesy act.

The boy wants to know the truth.

Ask as many times as necessary.

Don't you want to say anything?


I dwelt in Quezon City.