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I'll tell you how to swim.

My heart is French, but my ass is international!

I'm not exactly sure.

You look different today.

Chris says he's not guilty.

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Yasunori leaned into the armrest and looked in bemusement at the breakfast laid before him.

Something's changed.

I got a swarf in my eye.


I saw him with her.

And actually, it was simple!

Hirotoshi has left his family.


I won't cut corners.

A truce if we stay; if we leave or advance, war.

Many Finns are interested in culture.

She led the old woman to the church by the hand.

I laugh out loud.

He stopped it.

I can ensure a job for you.

Give me a kiss.

She gets about with the help of a walker.

Please deposit the money in a bank.

I wonder why Syd isn't here yet.


She has had a magnificent career.


Get me a lawyer.


Bert has apparently already gone home.

Could you do me a huge favor?

Who did you have in mind when you made those remarks?

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Let's give him some more time.

She's after me.

Hey, I got you a beer.

Chicago is the principal city of the Middle West.

We want to remain like this.

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The truth is that I lied.

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Why did you leave us?

Hiroyuki is only pretending he's asleep.

Kristi is scaring the crows away.


He ducked down on one knee.


It doesn't matter to me whether or not I make money doing this.

We have inherited the gift of music from animals such as insects and birds.

As these days most parents indulge their children, many children don't know what good manners are.

We could hear footsteps crunching through the gravel.

Their clothes are quite like those of our ancestors.

Let's continue the game after lunch.

Among other things, we talked about the weather.

There's no other possible explanation.

I knew you wouldn't forget Len.


I have enclosed your order form.


Wouldn't you rather sit by the window?

Both his wife and he like it.

Needless to say, theft was a rare occurrence.


Maria was bedridden. The only contact she had with the outside world was via the TV broadcasts.

I'm not calling her.

Does that feel good?

I'll pick you up at your home.

Can we provide assistance?

He tried, and he got it.

Picasso is an eminent painter.


The high waves covered their boat.

She took full advantage of her stay in London to improve her English.

Sherri has trouble admitting when he's wrong.

Why didn't you tell him?

Suddenly my heart hurts.

Well, you were wrong.

Finally he was there.

Ramon pretended to be my brother.

Herb went on a camping trip with a friend.


Dominick doesn't know what Greg wants him to say.

I have been reading books all afternoon.

That new company could flatten the competition.

His expenses exceed his income by far.

We were going to kill them.


That's not cheap.

Do you live in this building?

It all started on a hot summer night.


You're in awfully good spirits today, aren't you? Did something good happen?


A plastic bag can take up to a thousand years to disintegrate.

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Samir assumed Jared would be late.

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Wherever you go, you will find the same kind of people.


It seems quiet enough.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Gregory didn't even notice Edwin had gone.

Where is the Portuguese office?

That's a kind of exploration challenge.

There's a party going on in the next room.

My foot's asleep again!


I kissed her on the cheek.

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I successfully gave up nail biting on my own.

People used to think that was true.

I just need you to come with me.

Blake knows the territory.

Michiel said that he feels good.

Tarmi doesn't want Sharan to go to Boston without him.

There are also vendors who support Linux.


Avery has an Android phone.

I don't plan on being there.

He did not intend to hurt your feelings.

How do you account for this fact?

I'm not hiding anything.

She suffered severe injuries.

Oskar nodded his head in approval.

I like him all the better for his shyness.

Leith started shaving when he was thirteen.


Please stand by, homing in on your position.

It took me more than a week to put the model ship together.

"One Hundred Years of Solitude" is considered the most important work of Spanish literature since "Don Quixote."

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That's nothing but a figure of speech.


I can't say anything against it.

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You're afraid of Paula, aren't you?

In South Bohemia, there is a calm and sunny landscape with plenty of lakes used for freshwater fish farming.

Someone's going to hurt you.

Why don't you just call them?

We'll try to find out why Kriton did it that way.


You're the man.


If you want to hide your face, walk naked.

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Let's talk over a cold beer.

How do you like your new school?

Was I about to die?

Is it close enough to walk there?

Mat kept Karl waiting for three hours.


People and robots can cooperate with each other in making life easier.

Stop this noise!

Courage is needed to change a custom.

There is no reason for her to flee.

It is ten years since I saw her last.

Nobody would talk to me.

This organization cannot exist without you.

A lot of work has been done, more needs to be done.

She turned to her writing of poetry, as a kind of consolation.


Is your child a boy or a girl?


Herb wouldn't have been able to do that without Venkata's help.

He made the most of his chance to learn.

Where's my lawyer?

Rafael unlocked the closet.

I want to make her friend.

I really don't envy you.

I woke up at eight o'clock.

An undercover video shows workers allegedly abusing animals at Hybrid Turkeys.

They stressed protection of the environment.

Jeremy went to Georgia Tech.

It's all right now. It's all over.

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I'll never be able to play again.

That may not be a problem.

When was it that you first met her?

I need palliative care.

He will have spent all his money by the end of the month.

Her story was vindicated by a reporter, who found that the police officer had been lying.

Show me what you have in your left hand.

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We've destroyed the enemy flagship!

I found Toerless's diary.

I think you'll like it.

You told me not to do it.

I'd stay away from Kirsten if I were you.

How's your old man doing?

I think it's possible that he may come.


Elisabeth sounded pretty desperate.


It's often easier to say "yes", than to say "no".

Surya is worried that Per's new medicine is working just a bit too well.

I should've known you were behind all this.

I go to the office as required by my work.

Johnathan needs more than that.