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The robot's guidance system has gone haywire. It keeps bumping into walls.


I love Spanish omelettes, too!

Jean and Mark raise rabbits for meat.

I erred in thinking him trustworthy.

I wish she'd look me in the eyes.

He climbs trees easily.


He is a real gentleman.

Which do you like better, L.A. or New York?

I'll get you some coffee.

The soup is terribly hot.

Spass is keen on surfing.

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This truck is in need of repair.

The is a nonsmoker.

Tai sometimes wears sunglasses indoors.

I think we're getting better.

Today's Beijing has given me a very deep impression and aroused my curiosity.

That was just what I was thinking.

Even these words will someday disappear.

We get on quite well but we're not best firends.

Tell your son to quit harassing my daughter.

What were they doing yesterday?

I never slept that night.


I don't drink coffee.

Lindsay is playing solitaire.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the cost.

This singer was made popular by his good looks.

Just about.


Java and Javascript are like India and Indonesia, they aren't the same thing.

It rained so hard that the shrine was washed away.

There's no reply to that question immediately.

Benson didn't like the taste.

In his essay "Esperanto: European or Asiatic language" Claude Piron has shown the similarities between Esperanto and Chinese, thereby putting to rest the notion that Esperanto is purely eurocentric.

Let's play that by ear.

I like to go to school.

The sky looks threatening.

No man is an island.

He was such a bright boy others admired him.

The problem is that solar energy just costs too much.

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Can I meet you somewhere?


The park is in the center of the city.

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He returned home without telling us.

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I hurt myself while exercising.

Shinji found it very difficult to adjust himself to life in the new school. However, the fact that he was an EVA pilot made him popular.

You should come soon.

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Please send it by express mail.


Kitty isn't as innocent as he seems.


Why did they do this?

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Go ahead and sing.

John is a good friend.

Is there a pilot on this plane?

When riding the escalator, please hold the handrail and stand inside the yellow line.

We'll take them with us.

An old man spoke to me on the street.

They know where Calvin is.


French is the language of love.

Is Vassos local?

Seymour didn't know where Christofer wanted to go.


I'll do as you suggested.

I like Lea's subtle humor.

I have gone to the market.


The dog bared its fangs and growled as I approached the gate.


Tirana is the capital city of Albania.

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Damon already knows the answer to that question.

Are you here?

My day is perfect already.


I showed genius in painting.

She studied abroad in order to brush up her English.

Slartibartfast put everything in a box.

Look, my pants are not as dirty as yours.

Mason is a sleazeball.

I don't have anything more to translate.

I better drink my own piss.

One is Japanese and the other is Italian.

I actually appreciate that.

What do you all do?

We'll need a head hunting agency to find the right man for this executive position.

I thought you cared about him.

May I pay by check?

You seem to recognize me.

Did you really threaten to kill Archie?


All graduates are invited.

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Let's get down to work!

Toby put his money in the bank.

I'm a mere tourist.

The situation is still capable of improvement.

Did you see yesterday's total lunar eclipse?

We like Berlin, it's a really nice place to be.

The two teams competed in the final game.

Shouldn't we get our stuff?

He sent me a birthday card.

Just don't go outside.

I forgot your number.

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Sridhar hopes that Masanobu will like the present he bought for her.

Charlie didn't tell me what to do.

Everyone knows it now.

Papua New Guinea is the second largest country in Oceania after Australia.

On what grounds were you fired?

A burglar made away with my wife's diamond ring.

Morgan is pretty good at sharpening knives.


The plan was adopted at the meeting.

Do you remember how amazing Saqib was at dancing?

Pratapwant looked sick.

Kory's daughter is sick.

This is the book which I read last night.

It's horrible to get caught in rush hour traffic.

The same locution could have a different illocutionary force in different contexts.


Erwin will be ready in October.

German cars are very popular.

Ro regrets buying the car sight unseen, because it's broken down twice in two months.

Last year, I saw at least fifty movies.

Those who send in old junk they don't use anymore will, without exception, receive a present.


Andrea is not the kind of person you think he is.

Are you from a planet on which only women live?

I thought I saw a light on.


We have to make sure Connie does that.

Our class has more than twenty students.

Why are you all here?

I've started reading novels in French.

Jenine seems insecure.

It's a great pity you don't know her.

He dismissed most of his men.


He still has no experience for this job.

I tried to open the window, but it seems to be stuck.

Tobias can swim almost as fast as I can.


You had better throw away leftovers.

The car crashed into the guard-rail and rolled down the hill.

I wanted to know what would happen.

Tomas is old enough to vote.

I'd gladly speak with you on this subject.

Caroline told Stephen he didn't have to do anything.

He is enthusiastic about tennis.


Kitty really does hate dogs.


Quick, hand me a can with an airtight screwcap!

If that's what you want to do, do it.

The classmates felt for him deeply.

Don't believe people who knows everything.

I was deeply impressed with his courage.


I have to wait for Evan's call.

Do you want some company?

I'm a soldier now.

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Have you already decided whether you want to go or not?


It's a privilege, not a right.

How did you spend your holiday?

This is more important!

I'd be very interested in your input. Your input is precious to me.

His ideas never fetched him a nickel.

Avoid it at all cost.

Temperatures have reached -60C in Siberia.

I am afraid.

We'll leave now.


I really enjoyed last night.

You should take an umbrella in case it rains.

Can Liber be trusted?

You're on your own now.

I'll send you a bill.


Lonhyn went outside.

Brandy wouldn't tell us where he hid the money.

You are so tall!


Ariel didn't give further details.

I've tried Controls, but they seem a little tighter to me than Durexes.

I think it's time for me to split some more firewood.

My sister's guitar is new.

Sharada has gone into the tunnel.