That is what I have wanted to buy.

We became Americanized after World War II.


Hirofumi has a right to be upset.

I didn't think it would snow yesterday.

You've told us this already.

I might be back by 2:30.

We're new at this.


Would you please stop?


I have just been to the airport to see my friend off.

On a clear, dark night, our eyes can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.

I can't marry her.

The horses are on the farm.

I'm the one who needs to talk to Shakil.

You want my picture?

I do not know how to drive a car.

I'm not going to show you this.

I can't ask you to put yourself in danger.


She wished she had been born twenty years earlier.

He began to abase the man behind his back.

You can't give orders around here.

It's really not that expensive.

Boston is one of my favorite cities.

Don't sit on the counter.

She is anxious for a gift.

The singer has a very low voice.

There's more to it than that.

Lester is playing it cool.

Pravin spilled a cup of coffee all over his keyboard.


Did they go to the mountains?


I want you to look for them.

The work over, we went home.

It is too cruel, I should say.

Reinhard complained about the excessive noise.

Frank has to give The something.

He did what I told him to do.

Give the book to the guy who wants it.

No, I can't speak English.

Without your advice, I would have been at a loss.

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I've been feeling sick for the last three days.

Popcorn is never recommended for infants or toddlers, as the kernels can pose a choking threat.

I didn't know any of the songs you sang, so I couldn't sing along.

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Yvonne asked Duncan to speak more slowly.

I wish there was an easy way to fix this.

I used to be scared of snakes.


The human heart is analogous to a pump.


A cloud is condensed steam.

I'm missing you.

Israel seldom asks questions.

Where's the closest metro station?

See you in the morning, Francis.

Because of the problem of air pollution, the bicycle may some day replace the automobile.

I had to let them go.

I had a stroke last year.

They seem happy.

Give me those gloves.



Sidney is poor and happy.

His reading is of a wide range.

He doesn't want to speak, being afraid of making mistakes.

When the princess grew up she was betrothed to a prince who lived at a great distance.

Bjorne led the guests into the living room.

You'll regret having said those words.

I'm not wearing a diamond ring, but I'm happy.

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A bad penny always turns up.

I'll be home right after work.

Whip cream, sugar, and vanilla extract in a bowl until soft peaks form, 3 to 4 minutes.

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Do you know anything about this?


The landscape was cold and sharp as flint.

Barbra is outside playing with his friends.

While I was talking on the telephone with John, the operator cut in.

I'd say that's accurate.

She wore an incredibly low-cut, breathtakingly nice dress.


She began to cry at the sight of my face.

You should listen to what Knapper says.

Jeannette ran back inside.

Tad plants sunflowers every spring.

We were younger then.

Eliot hesitated for a moment.

The local police and the FBI formulated a search plan to capture the fugitives.

Tonight it's your turn.

We are currently experiencing some turbulence.


Leads and I have known each other for about three years.

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"Aah!" she sighed.

The house needs a new coat of paint.

Eileen is a real pain in the neck.


What do you think is the best way to get to Takeuchi's house from here?


Carisa bowed.

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We are a family.

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I heard them say something had happened in the lab.


Even a rabbit, if badgered into a corner, will fight back.

My sister always chooses the bigger one.

Did you do what I asked?


I think you can do better.

What's your favorite winter activity?

Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in your teens?

You have to eat nutritious foods.

Jigsaw refers to a fret saw - that's how the name's origin was derived.


We left Mahesh and Grant by themselves.

How lucky I am!

You'd better start at once in case you miss the bus.


She may have said so.

This is the worst of all.

I don't think that she cares about me.

We're going out tonight.

What happened to them in Boston?

We've already learned a lot.

When did Nou start working here?

You can't fool people by telling them that Esperanto is blond, whilst it comes from Eastern Europe.

Would you like a glass of white wine?

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I'm not like Kelly!

I like eating seafood.

He knows how to calculate his salary.


Anything seemed possible back in those days.

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After he was released from the psychiatric hospital, Dan continued to suffer severe mood swings and erratic behavior.

Maybe it would be better not to talk too much about the past.

The government promised to wipe out poverty.

He approached the boy reading a book.

I need more details.

Without knowing the original language of the holy writings, how can you rely on your interpretations about them?

I have difficulty breathing.

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Spy always tries to do what he thinks is right.

Carolyn pulled some bills out of his billfold.

I didn't get them.

Lynn is in another room.

The first time I had Sushi was fantastic.


The game was suspended.

We shouldn't complain.

I can't forget about what has happened.

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How do you know what I heard?

Which group do you want to join?

Lisa has a barber shop.


I thought that you wanted to go with us.

It's better.

Stefan doesn't like being asked to give to charity.


Don't let your feelings show.

She told my secret.

I'm charging this amount to your bill.

The sleep of reason produces monsters.

My son likes to play with cars.

Robin wouldn't let me in his room.

My idea is better, I think.

I thought that my girlfriend was normal, but she turned out to be a succubus!

We can surely do better.

You look like you could use some sleep.

Don't defy their orders, just limit yourself to obey.


I'm sure Gill's answer would've been no.

I would like to go with you.

You (pl) are very full of energy.

Gestural language had, however, serious limitations, since it could not be used in the dark or at distance.

You have to come out of there.

Just mind your own business, please.

I lock the valuables in the safe.

Should we be concerned?

He is indifferent to what he eats.

Nobody picked on me.

He's running his hand through his wavy, brown hair.


This is a lion.

What's your favorite Australian folk song?

After several delays, the plane finally left.

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If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

Were you looking for them?

I'm pretty sure it just wouldn't work.


In fact, the man got angry.