What We Do

Sustainable Development

Advisory services and expertise on business and product development that promote growth as well as environmental and sustainability stewardship.

Renewable Energy

Ensuring that your property, facilities and organization are taking advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy. Scoping, feasibility studies and design of your renewable energy solutions. Educational training for renewable energy jobs.

Resources, Emissions and Environmental Management

Tools and analysis for human health risk assessment, environmental risk assessment and environmental management. Outlining and managing energy and resource consumption with the goal for efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Strategies to maximize resource efficiency and minimize environmental and human health hazards.

Life-Cycle Assessment

Assessing and strengthening organisations' entire supply chains. Analysis of the potential opportunities and hazards of products and processes, with a focus on minimizing hazards and optimizing opportunities. Supporting ISO-14001 Certifications using ISO-14040 and ISO-14044.


Consulting Research

Making the link between commercial and industry needs and research gaps. Providing relevance to research and insight to decision-makers.

More Information and Services

Our Brochure is available for download and provides further information on Three Pillars Consulting and our services offered.


Making sustainability accessible for you and your clients. Specializing in strengthening organizations by analyzing one's entire business, product or process life-cycle.


The team from Three Pillars Consulting has experience in the fields of technology innovation, sustainable development and renewable energy. Our company has experience working with business, governments and other organizations to evaluated baseline environmental performance, guide product development, assist in purchase preferences, identify and mitigate occupational- and consumer-based risks, and prioritize research objectives. Three Pillars Consulting has specific experience advising on emerging and cutting edge industrial products such as engineered nanomaterials and nanotechnology as well as on alternative and renewable energy such as photovoltaic and biofuel systems.

Their expertise ranges over a number of leading analytical tools such as life-cycle assessment, alternatives assessment, carbon foot-printing and human health risk assessment, among others. We help apply these tools to organizations' needs and means for environmental management and sustainable development. Members of our team have previously worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as well as contributed to large-funded European Union FP7 projects. Our work is done with integrity and scientific rigor, in which some of our work (that does not contain sensitive company information and/or data) has been published in major international scientific journals such as (254) 745-0896, Environmental Science and Technology, (212) 258-4961 and Progress in Photovoltaics, for example.

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Sultanate of Oman

Omani Population


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Analysis. News. Outreach. In the future, Three Pillars will provide free, relevant articles, discussions and media on topics such as Business and the Environment, Sustainable Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and Challenges and Solutions for the GCC in the Face of Global Climate Change. These publications will be also available in our periodic Newsletter which you can receive by submitting your email address to us at the bottom of the page. Also, read one of our regularly posted current features below:
Official Launch of Our Partners Solar Training Program in Oman
Our partner, Solar Energy International (SEI) is leading a 5-day PV101: Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct) from March 11th-15th
TPC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Local Omani University
Three Pillars Consulting (TPC) is happy to announce that they have signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the German
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GUtech Students Participate in Solar Training Design Competition
Earlier this week, students from the Urban Planning and Design Department (UPAD) at the German University of Technology in Oman

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