Email Settings

Check the settings for your SmartNet email address and ensure that you're taking advantage of the advanced security features offered.

(585) 621-6966

Web Site Development

Have your web developer contact us directly for one-to-one support in making the most of your web-based applications.


Your Account Technician

Rely on your personal account technician as your assigned go-to person for all your SmartNet questions - from billing to setting up your email, from updating your domain to troubleshooting your web site.

Email Server Upgrades Complete

We are pleased to announce that the upgrades to the SmartNet email servers are complete!  Your email is now more secure, and more reliable than ever before. Our principal goal in performing these upgrades was to implement newer DMARC-compliant features that will help primarily to prevent your long-standing SmartNet email addresses from being spoofed,…