Ping must've forgotten his key.

I can't count on Straka.

I met Lynn at the coffee shop.


I accepted a present from his sister.

We are basically writing in hieroglyphics without being aware of it.

It'll be cold tonight.

Do to others as you would be done by?

He doesn't have the necessary skills for that job.


I love going to the cinema.

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I prefer rice to bread.

I share your feelings.

The plumber used many different tools to fix our sink.

He is friendly to me.

I don't play the bassoon as much as I used to.

What made you want to do that?

Jennie is stronger than anybody else here.

Could I ask you to drive him to the hospital?

I don't understand how this could have happened.


Lars took a lot of photographs.

We took notice of his remark.

The water was found in the dead man's lungs.


Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny: they have only shifted it to another shoulder.

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Horst did a lot of stupid things when he was young.

I am out of my element in math.

Would you like sugar and milk?

Johnnie has probably gone to the doctor.

It mightn't have been my youngest brother's fault, but it wasn't mine either.

I love to bargain.

Frances used to be a mama's boy.

I want to do the right thing.

He is in the prime of life.

Vic thought that Tai would probably be willing to help.

I rely on Kamiya.

It'll take you a few weeks to get used to wearing a wig.

Someone's got to take responsibility for the family.

Why do you interrupt me all the time?

Haven't I already told you about this before?

That is a very reasonable thing to say.

The kitten was drinking milk under the table.

We need to come to an agreement.

Express your idea concretely.


Is it really so complicated?

Culture is what remains after one has forgotten all the things one has learned.

Dory refused to tell us what had happened.

I'd like to go somewhere else now.

This, though I knew it well, I had let slip.

These Chinese characters are not too difficult for us.

Sridharan doesn't know how Dewey died.


Dominic graduated three years ago.


Mike thought it was unfair.

He publicly insulted me.

I don't like running.

I have to wait here for Toby.

They knew me.

He definitely wanted to start a fight.

What's Sandip's problem?

Could we walk?

I shed a tear when I saw the tear in my dress.

Stephan is hypocritical.

I just want to make it up to you.

What's your favorite symphony?

Do you want to see my baby?

My sister did the same thing.

Seymour booked a reservation at the restaurant through OpenTable.


Ramiro is a hard person to please.


Good books are always worth reading.


I saw them kill it.

We'll be back tonight.

The man went off at last.

Tell Cecilia that we have an emergency.

Hearing you sing, people might take you for a girl.


I want to study abroad next year.


Apart from my sister, my family doesn't watch TV.

Don't get steamed up.

I was utterly disappointed by your performance today. You can make it much better, and everyone knows that well.

Valerie is a fortune teller.

He always values his wife's opinions.

He asked me some questions about the math test.

I was kidnapped.


I have not eaten any seafood since the recent oil spill.

It's the last time I add a sentence to Tatoeba.

This is the worst book that I have ever read.


She was very annoyed with his nerve.

I have seen him once.

If we didn't have any flaws, we wouldn't take such a great pleasure in noticing them in others.

We've already talked about that.

I want to be as rich as Mara.

They ate supper.

Do I need a shot?

Now come out.

Linda, do you promise to still love me, despite what I'm about to tell you?

Dieter will get these.

His soul was in heaven.

There's a lot of big game in that forest.

It is obvious that that is a lie.

What have you learned about Ram so far?

Every spectator buys a ticket.

They just looked.

You should tell him what to do.

He doesn't have very much money on him.

Lin didn't want to take any chances.

I can win this time.

The local priest pleaded with the people there to save the church. Several people ran to a nearby river to fetch water, but it was too late.

What languages do they speak in Korea?

Can you check the tire pressure?

For now, I will wait at the hotel.

He totally freaked out.

I don't want him to get sick.

We accustomed our children to sleeping alone.

Visiting Shawn was a lot of fun.

I'll arrange for someone to pick you up at your home.

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Switch it on.

Do you know the name of the boy who's standing over there?

He felt ill at ease in the new surroundings.


None of the balls are yellow.

You get in my way?

I can't understand why Ronald is so upset.

Can't you just talk to her?

What time did the meeting end?

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Carl gave it back to Marty.


That's an example taken from life. I like such examples.


Why don't we take it with us?

It's the least I could do.

All rights reserved.


Is this ball yours or hers?

Ah, the coffee is really hot!

We want to leave.

My wife is a doctor.

Our museum is among the ten most renowned in the country.


Who are you waiting for?

You should watch out for Pratapwant.

Do you really think I care?

There is no film in this camera.

I was totally shocked.

I need medical help.

Dan didn't even text Linda.


Better drop by his gallery if you have time.

Shyam broke up with Winston last week.

Tovah has quite a temper.

The Sun appears to move across the sky because the Earth rotates on its axis.

Alexander pulled out his cellphone.

What's in the closet?

She is living in some village in India.

Time to begin.

I hit the ball forcing it to roll down from the top of the hill.

Jack and I agreed to work at the office on Saturdays by turns.

Every person has a psychological need to feel that what he does is of some importance.

Take me to Robert.

I think you should come stay at my place.

How many computers does this engineer have?

I saved a lot of money.


The dog slipped his collar.

I'm a single child.

I think we're lost.

A light raincoat is ideal for the trip.

May I see the room, please?

You could afford to buy one of those if you wanted to.

Military law was declared in some areas.


Irwin values your friendship.

I was reading a novel then.

Every rumour contains a grain of truth.

The man ate the bread.

Did you go to see him?


I'll take a beer.


Ernie brushed the snow off his clothes.

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Oliver says he wants to help you.

You could at least try to be a bit more polite, even though it's not like you.

The climate here is milder than that of Moscow.

The question is easy. It's the answer that's hard.

We took shelter from the rain under a tree.