“Structured settlements allow plaintiffs to have confidence in their financial future despite economic uncertainties by giving them a smart alternative when settling a case. A portion of their settlement is paid out in future tax-free periodic installments, rather than a single lump sum. Payments are designed to give the plaintiff unlimited freedom by tailoring a plan that will ultimately yield a secure financial future.”

At Rebekah Reedy Miller Settlement Partners, we work with clients and attorneys around Texas, as well as, the United States.  We recognize the significant and complex financial decisions that must be made by individuals when receiving a settlement. As the dynamics of personal injury lawsuits continue to evolve, so have the unique services that we provide our clients. Rebekah Reedy Miller Settlement Partners is your complete source for comprehensive settlement planning. From custom structured settlements to a variety of trust planning solutions, we assist plaintiffs and attorneys in designing the right plans to protect their financial future. Contact us today to discuss your case.