I'm going to confess.


The farmer that lived nearby came to investigate.

Mahmoud checked his pockets.

I will clean up yesterday's work.

What we did was necessary.

I can't skate.

Do you blame us?

I erased my hard disk by accident.

We all have our secrets.

You must not forget to write to your parents at least once a month.

This painting is worth a great deal of money.

We'll have to be very quiet.

Don't let me lose faith in justice.

He visited his hometown for the first time in ten years.

Spain is the land of castles.

Laurie makes the best spaghetti in the world.


There are clouds in the sky.

I don't appreciate Dick's humor.

Get me a fire extinguisher.

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I intended to have visited him at his office.

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A second later his lips curved in a malicious smile.

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Can anyone tell me what this might be?

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Christmas is just two weeks away.

Who do you think you're fooling?

It wasn't a dream.

Buy Giovanni a drink.

You can choose whichever color you like.


I'm working with her now.

He took out an egg.

Today I saw a very enjoyable film.

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I've got to get my passport back.

My mother's father is my maternal grandfather.

We've already met.

We're not fighting.

I saw him just this morning.

Nick can speak Portuguese very well. That's because he's been studying it for 5 years.

Valentin and Alice look like sisters.

Do you hold him in great account?

I think I'll take the test this time.


If I were an animal, I'd be a dolphin.

Insert this memory stick into my head, please!

Did you just hit Harris?

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We shook nuts from the tree.

Do you promise me you'll do that?

Manuel aided her mother in cooking.


Perhaps we could talk about this somewhere else.

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Do you know Roxie's blood type?

Piercarlo walked over to Kerry and handed her a package.

June isn't likely to do that.


The sound of money is a language known in every country.

Apart from a few mistakes, your composition was excellent.

I didn't understand you.

Days are getting longer.

It's high time to get a motorcycle.

Sanjay will have to do the work.

I spoke with her today.

Jerrie helped Mehrdad climb over the fence.

Please explain the delay.


Are you going to go out with Son again?

I'm a pretty busy guy.

You're Petrus.


Wit gives zest to conversation.

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I think Gunter will be well prepared.

I'm not sure about this at all.

You were always the romantic.

Hugh put his book down.

Hold Eduardo tight.

I can't find my purse.

I have a speech to write.

He wanted to become a pilot ever since he was a child, and he did.

We visited the hippodrome. We visited the horse racecourse.


Why do you hate Canadians so much?

"My metabolism is such that no matter how much I eat I don't put on weight." "Just now, this second, you've made enemies of people throughout the world."

Is that weird?

His slacks are all wrinkled.

I know she's pretty.

We have fish for dinner today.

Emily has such a sweet tooth she never refuses candy.

They drink too much.

I didn't know you were staying at this hotel.

We didn't need that.

She was sitting there with her eyes closed.

It's so bad, it's funny.

One must be respectful when speaking, and not say obscene things.


To start things off, we encourage you to go to your profile and let us know which languages you speak or are interested in.


While standing up, I say that the eating is over.

They are often together, and go to the opera or visit art galleries.

She is taller than you.


Are you a Canadian citizen?


I've got them in my office.


Blake loved to walk in the country round London.

I just got a call from him.

Right now there are two suspects.

I must go right away.

I didn't lose. I just couldn't win.

Except for a few mistakes, his composition is perfect.

I'm not free.

You'll be more comfortable in this room.

He stood in the middle of the room.

It sickens me.

The teacher told me to stand up.

The results of Tollefsen's biopsy show that the tumor is cancerous.

I have given leave to do what he likes.

Foreign students demanded help from us.

I never called them back.

How did you find her?

We spent the day at the beach.


Jerrie might get sick.

Check these out.

Could you hold on for just a second?

Though he was guilty of the murder of his wife, he got off easy.

I want Mahesh to come over and apologize to Earnie.

Shakespeare is as great a dramatist as ever lived.

Are you the writer of that report?


Somebody's elbow touched my back.

The beasts ran through the plain.

He retired from office.

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Is he just a one-trick pony?

He was shot in cold blood.

The couple next door are fighting again.


These lemon-almond cookies are excellent.

My mother's psychic friend has predicted we will have triplets.

Is there anybody in the house?

The boy had the dish empty in a moment.

Johnny tried to make sure that everyone had a good time at the party.

Sean has the right to do that.

The aircraft was denied entry to British airspace.

One should not confuse education with job training.

What are you going to Tokyo for?

He's a liar.

Believe it or not, there are people who like these stuff.

The Roman legions withdrew in 410 A.D..

Who doesn't want love and affection?

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I'm uncomfortable.


He had the kindness to lend me his car when mine broke down.

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Sjouke doesn't eat properly.


Amir always shows good judgment.

They don't need us.

I write sentences on Tatoeba once in a blue moon.

Kamel is expecting you.

I stayed home to rest.

We decided that we'd go in our car and they'd take theirs.

I know that Cyrus is more handsome than I.

Buy low, sell high.

He loves writing entries for Wikipedia.


We'd better humor her.

What's aspirin made of?

Masanao didn't understand Tait's point of view.


He would often talk about the people he had lived among while he was in Africa.

Marcos was being polite.

He stuck with his own theory.


Liza won't get very far without any money.

This sounds like a job for us.

Shanghai is among the largest cities in the world.

I knew you liked that action.

I speak Irish fluently, but don't use it very often.

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Some mushrooms are safe to eat, others are not.

Do you think Magnus knows about what we did?

I feel bad that she failed the examination.

You must not speak with your mouth full.

Robert looks like a real freak.

We've done something similar to that in the past.

Replace those books on the shelf when you're done with them.

A year will pass before we see each other again.

You have to work, not think.