Everybody demanded happiness.

That's exactly what I'm doing.

I'll buy a gift for her.

It's a pity that they've blocked off the main street because of a burst water main.

Grandmother carried the table by herself.

He asked for my resignation.

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I felt terrible.


How about inviting Dori and Sassan over for dinner this evening?

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You watch it.


Older people are often afraid of trying new things.

I haven't seen him this morning. Maybe he's already left for the meeting.

Gil is the owner of a supermarket.


I'm going to hit the sack early.


She has red flowers.

Let me reiterate what I've said.

The storm has caused terrible damage.

Cary asked Suu to go to a movie with him.

Stay with me, dad! I'm afraid of the dark.


Show more details.


I really hope so.


It may, indeed, be a mistake.


"Kay, what are you doing?" cried the little girl.


His popularity is falling.


How dare you speak to me like that?

I hate my job sometimes.

I'll go to Boston to be with family.


I've been stabbed three times.

Skef knows what we're talking about.

You're spreading false news.

It's time to have some fun.

Why didn't you just tell me what it was?

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It'll be different.


Tell me, is toying with people's feelings a favorite pastime of yours?


He has much money but few friends.


I think Tal killed Christian.


One hour of thoughtlessness can cause years of tears.

The drivers are at the starting line and raring to go!

Which would you rather do, go swimming or play tennis?

Don't you think I know my own brother?

In the Bible, it says that we are the image of God.

Are you trying to grow a beard?

Brent asked Val about what she did in school that day.

Micah is surprisingly strong.

Hmph, Yayoi's navigation was difficult to follow so we ended up going round and round the same places.

He has confidence in his ability.

This man is a linguist. It's natural that he know.

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It's quite likely that Reid won't come.

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You're not overwhelming the children.

Let's not bother them.

I am not adding pictures to my website.

Are you sure you're well enough to be out of bed?

Roberto washed his hands.

It's kind of disgusting.

I didn't think you had it in you.


We all knew what the risks were when we volunteered.


The heat turns off automatically when the room reaches a certain temperature.

How are you fixed with money?

I'm not sure I want to see this.


Okay. Drive safely.


His way of looking after the animals is very humane.

It's easy for you to talk!

Francois is helping his father.

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It's always good to work on a team all the members of which feel that they're making a great contribution to the success of some business.


Fred's house has a secret room where he built a shrine to pray to the stoat spirit.

Stephanie refused to accept the gift from Clifford.


Isn't it wild?

Syd has time.


They called the dog Shiro.


It is likely to be fine tomorrow.

Andreas will be so jealous.

Bob tried to hug Barrett.


Chuck tried to leave.


First of all, the level of the ocean could rise, because ocean water expands as it grows warmer.

Terrance asked Alfred some very personal questions that she refused to answer.

Anne couldn't feel a thing.

Cecilia knows how to get things done.

Sanand didn't have to get up as early today as he usually does.

Were you alone?

Pontus has a message for John from Hank.

He was in despair when he spent the last of his money.

I checked upstairs. She's not there.

A crane raises heavy construction materials.

They are just going to the store over there.

Remember what we talked about.

The studio is very small, with no place to hide.

Silently, she looked out the window.

I don't ever want Beverly to write to my daughter again.

I bet Kitty didn't stay up all night worrying about this.

He has till now been the apple of your eye; but if thine eye offend you, says Scripture, pluck it out. It is better to enter heaven with one eye than hell with two!

Even an expert driver can make a mistake.

She was kind to me.

My watch loses ten minutes a day.

Thanks for waiting so long.


This book is too difficult to read in a week.


She is an obstinate girl.


It's been years since I've seen Pierre.


A bit of juice, please.

She's teaching children from disadvantaged families how to read.

I prefer oranges to apples.

There's no use trying to persuade him.

It's been ages since we saw each other!


She loves squirrels.

You've got to stop Fritz from doing that.

It's a great honor to meet you.

The teacher demonstrated many experiments in physics.

It is necessary that they see a doctor.

There is a small teacup and an egg on the table.

It's been a long time since I've gone swimming.

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The Chunnel was closed due to severe weather conditions.

What a kitsch programme it is!

Eat, while it's still hot.

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I'll come back by the morning.

Shadow is more popular than me.

The oranges cost 7 pence each.

Last year's pop hit was set off by a serial TV drama.

Try to fulfill your duty.


He had to leave school because he was poor.

This is too hard a problem for me to solve.

Long time ago the people of Hawaii were animists.

It's hard to believe that it has been clear and sunny until now.

This is but a humble downtown store.

How do I find you?

Young people tend to take things too far.

You can't count on their help.

Check your pockets.

He rarely goes to church.

He usually went to bed at eleven.


May I speak to you for a moment in private?


Let's make it some other time.


Don't eat the fruit in the bowl on the table. It's plastic.


Did he say something?

Richard took a lot of pictures of Andre.

Kirsten is adding sentences to Tatoeba.

He's smart, cool and attractive.

I have a debt to pay.

Are there earthquakes in Germany?

Do you like our wedding cake?

But that's no argument!

Take care of yourself, and have a good time!

Tokyo is the least attractive town to me.

Fry me an egg.

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How long has it been since you gave up teaching at that school?

Do you live in the city?

Stop talking to me about Son.

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Bonnie taught himself French.


I want to watch television.

I passed up an opportunity to see him.

What else do you know?

You'll find something that interests you.

Maybe you dreamed of it!


I missed the school bus!

I'd like to know a little bit more about you.

Poor guy... Food poisoning's never fun.