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This tea is really sweet.

I gave some money to Debbie.

My grandfather's picture is on the wall.

I want that car.

Now it's my turn.

We've got to do something to stop Kerri.

Much as I like you, I will not marry you.

When you're a father, you'll understand.

I'll be able to see you next year.

There were bundles and bundles of cash.

Pia never seems satisfied.

That could take a while.

Norbert's doctor told him to give up smoking.


Bradford is attentive.

We joined the navy after finishing college.

The only people who do this are tourists.


I don't require your understanding.

Go now.

This is a very complicated piece of equipment.


How come your Spanish is that good?


Russ was standing still.

I like mangas.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Are there infixes in English? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Ken easily cleared the fence.


Jeffie is much busier than he used to be.

Winter is the season I like best.

Both spellings are correct.


Let's wait for another 5 minutes.


He closes the door and locks it.

He worked for one and a half years in the Netherlands.

We supply parts to the auto manufacturer.

Society will be better if we work together.

Are you sure you don't mind if I stay?

He was to have dined with us, but he became seriously sick all of a sudden.

Look at us.

I let down the rope.

Can you swim underwater?

The strikers called off the strike of their own accord.

They meant it.


He's very likely to be late.

How beautiful it is!

It shouldn't be a secret.

Even if you boss attacks you and tells you to go away, you should make your point.

Zipang The Power Polack, a ferocious Polish berserker, flailed around wildly, charging into enemy ranks crazily without armor.

His eye was swollen and his nose was bleeding.

Do you have any idea what'll happen if Ramneek does that?


Rees didn't know what Mahmoud was supposed to do.

I can't take it home.

Didn't you hear the scream?

My father gardens on Sundays.

Do you know who that person is?


Eliot wouldn't walk out on me.

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Rod is the father of the bride.

She chatted with her friends about the football game over coffee.

Why is there always so much drama around you?

I knew you would suspect them.

Please arrange the books on the shelves in cronological order.

It's starting to get dark.

You'd better not tell Dean about what Nou did yesterday.

Don't be silly. I can't do it.

Last night I ralphed.

I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on.

I'll give you what you need.


He married her.

Sally lost the contact lenses she had bought the day before.

I am translating an article.

Joyce couldn't take his eyes off of Takeuchi.

Poland is a big country.

Sergeant didn't even attempt to help Dalton.

I suggest putting a comma here.


Bernard fell desperately in love with Sehyo.

All he would do is sit around and wait for winter vacation to come.

Sherri walked with Stanislaw.

Could you teach me how to play the piano?

I will call my grandmother to see whether or not she needs anything.

I cannot possibly come.

Lars told Tao to go ahead.

Vaughn told the doctor that he felt no pain.

A good teacher must be patient with his pupils.

This is where we're supposed to sit.

Curiously, a flower bloomed on the withered up tree.


He exchanged a plough for a sword.

Jerry hasn't gotten his driver's license yet.

Suppose you are fired, what will you do first?

Almost all dogs are alive.

You have foul breath.

The war has taken a terrible toll on the civilian population.

I have no intention of asking him.

Naren found a wallet on the sidewalk.

He is much taller than me.

They know that Vern means business.

I think it won't rain tomorrow.

Lievaart will be back from Boston next week.

I think Olof is willing.

I can't wait to hug you again.

What a concept!

I know it's important work.

I'm still worried about Del.

I heard a thump.

Breath through the bag.

We have a serious problem here.

What's it like in Boston?

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A corpse was found at the bayou just yesterday.


It's easy to remember.

While I'm at the dance, my mother will take care of the baby.

We'll eat on the way.

I can't read the title of the book at the bottom of the stack from this far away.

It's impossible for me to do that by myself.

She drank too much.

Caroline has more important things to worry about.


Sofia has done nothing.

I've asked him to stay.

Despite criticism, the award procedure will not change.

I saw him for the first time in 10 years.

Does English have grammatical rules?

Are you younger than him?

Is he alright?

They're all fine, thanks.

Mark Twain was an American novelist.

You don't look like you're enjoying yourself.

We can't just leave it here.

She cannot stop us.

This TV was made in China.


Somewhere in this world, there must be an apple that needs me.

Our electric heater does not work well.

It's not a good idea to pick up hitchhikers.

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Lynne is clearly out of his mind.

Move over.

The floor was strewn with party favors: torn noisemakers, crumpled party hats, and dirty Power Ranger plates.


Marlena didn't buy it.

Do you have any homework to do?

Life is so unfair sometimes.


She told me that I could sleep on the sofa.

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Erik isn't Canadian.

Suzan is a good debater.

I went into the grove with him.


Pull me in.

I may be able to find her.

You can go home now if you like.

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It may, indeed, be a mistake.

What questions do you have about Turkey?

Actually she is a loose woman.


This could be very useful.

I've never felt this good before.

Tai knows exactly what Gigi means.


I think you're telling lies.

I saw a lot of people in the park.

Caroline hasn't kissed me in three months.

My friends call me Beth.

Randal is a sensitive child.

There are a lot of empty glass jars on the shelf.

Jeanette gave Dick the bad news.


There's just one tiny problem.

They couldn't stop laughing.

Do you take MasterCard?

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Emil has finally resigned.

After a while passion and infatuation ooze away.

I liked them all.

Don't you think it's wonderful?

This museum needs a new guide.


A few people (I'm not telling who) have not cleaned up the room.

I'd like to help, but I don't know how.

The baby has gotten rid of its cold.

It's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Grab a broom and help us clean.

I think you've been doing a good job.

You look very tired.

Naren is a bit busy, so he can't help you today.

You're in the same situation that I was once in.