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To point out the flaws of others while forgetting one's own is ignorance itself.


Accept a person's love.

Yuri joined the Soviet Air Force in 1955.

He found out the answers for himself.


We were imprecise.


That makes it difficult.

You must account for your absence from the meeting.

I do not want to drink your tea.

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Heinrich got what he came for.

The train is arriving!

He was no match for a lawyer.

He bowed his head ashamedly.

There's no water in the tub.

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What does she think about the conference results?

Rudy never uses profanity.

No one suspected me.

Matt needs you here.

He cried out what a nice day it was.

What kind of questions do you think Scott will ask?

Aren't you excited?

You do like us, don't you?

He works long hours.

A common swift can spend its first two or three years on the wing before breeding, and making its first ever landing.

My foolishness not only causes me regret but also shames me.

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I'm feeling great.

Nanda is staying with you, isn't he?

Dan suffocated Linda with a bag.

I was taken in by the salesman.

Young as he is, he has a large family to provide for.

Life is one awakening after the other.

They won't get the chance.

Donnie wants a book of English literature.

I have no idea how many people will be at the picnic.


What a poor flower!

The heron had to hunt for food every day.

Angus hasn't run for office for years.

Edith isn't going to back down.

"Paul is sick in bed today." "That's too bad."


I showed genius in painting.

If you touch that wire, you will receive a shock.

I'm impressed you've done so well.

I'll call you when I have time.

I didn't have any idea of what I'm capable of.


Lievaart ate what many people call a healthy diet.


I need to buy new skis.

Do you talk to her a lot?

Violent criminals were often bullies in childhood.


I've a patient. See you.

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Oscar was my mom's dog.

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The blood alcohol limit for drunken driving is .08 percent in Texas.

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We'll meet at the usual place.

He managed to escape.

They can't tell us what to do.

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Granting that you are honest, that is no proof of your innocence.


Are you going to the movies this weekend?

Did you watch this movie?

Kristi said he didn't like the taste of beer.

People established churches and schools there.

Let's see what happened.

People are protesting against nuclear weapons.

Harold is learning French.

Serve well chilled.

I could go there now.


Health is the most important thing.

There's a place for us.

The computer broke down.


When are you going to stop laughing like an idiot?

I'm doing this for you.

My letter must have gone astray in the mail.

I sincerely hope things improve for you.

Stay here and look after him.

She looks very sick.

We don't have the space.

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Just be thankful you don't have all of Floria's problems.

I'm coming down with a cold.

We all wanted to know why Jock couldn't come.

Give me one millet dumpling, please.

No doubt. He's a warmonger.

The contest ended in a draw.

Is this the key your uncle is looking for?


It's unbecoming to speak of money.

I sometimes get scared.

It became quiet on top of my house.


Since the bus was late, we had to wait in the rain a long time.

My sister did the same thing.

Sometimes I think I'll never be on my own. Both of my parents always seem to need my help.


The United States seems to have got caught up in the troubles between the three nations in Asia.

They adopted the orphan.

What is your room number?

This camera is Larry's.

She asked me to bring them.

According to the contract you may take three days of bereavement leave for your uncle's funeral, but only one for your nephew's.

Let me congratulate you on your engagement.

Mr Jones made Murray go to the dentist.

We're being pulled over.


What time will you get to the station?


I knew you'd come around.


I am ready to die.

Children, as well as adults, crave love and attention.

He kept me waiting all morning.

I'm in charge of that.

He looked for his book for an hour.


People really like Gregge.

I can't remember exactly where Luis lives.

I haven't heard from Clay in quite some time.


Carlos brews his own beer.


You shouldn't go looking for trouble.

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We used to be married.

Don't play ball in this room.

Are you Spy's mother?

Will you excuse me for a moment?

I need to figure something out.


Chuck won't be able defeat me.


I'm glad that you asked Farouk for advice.

The staircase leading to the rooftop is narrow, steep, and dark.

I was suspected of being a thief because I was hanging about near the jeweler's.


King is still living at home with her parents.


It's better if you wash your hands before you eat.


I thought I told you to cancel that order.

How long are you going for?

Chip doesn't come here that much.

I think it's a wonderful idea.

Please make way for him.

My grandmother wears a dress to rags.

Mouth rinse will not remove plaque.

Teriann gave Spy a kick in the ribs.

They rushed out of the room.

Bill can run the fastest in his class.

The sheriff said the victim was carjacked at gunpoint on Park Street.

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Let's drink enough to get drunk.

The machine works by itself.

Edwin said it was delicious.

How often, in a week, do you take a bath?

There's been enough talking.


What was wrong with the old way?

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I'm working on the finishing touches.


Is dry food good for cats?

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The cost apart, the building will take a lot of time.

It's a river that has never been explored.

It's confirmed they're donating rice to the orphanage next week.

We need to chat soon.

Her arms and legs are long.

This paragraph is vague.

Has Ginny changed much?

What're you doing for the break?

I can't believe you just did that.

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I felt a lot better.


I'll be back by 2:30.

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He showed a lot of enthusiasm for the development of new products.


Other people can think what they want, as long as they think like I do.

She works for a hospital.

Something was wrong with him.


He lives in a small town in the hinterlands.

Izumi came a few days later.

The hawk caught a mouse.