We should do that again.

Keep it at a lower temperature.


I thought your concert went well yesterday.


If you want to say something, go ahead and say it.


They ran Blayne out of the country.

When do you work?

I want to make friends with your sister.

There are men who manage to hide even their own hypocrisy.

The river is dangerous.


Betty is definitely not a bad person.


Serve hot or cold with cream, ice cream, or custard sauce.

Guess what's going to happen if you unplug that wire.

The stimulus package was heavily criticised.

I wanted to get married. You're the one who didn't.

A mighty cheer burst from the crowd.


Kari doesn't think it was his fault.

Ignore it. It's only a rumor.

Brett is definitely not going to be there.


No one expected this.

I'm not ready to give up yet.

Will was caught joyriding in a stolen vehicle.

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She has improved her skill in cooking recently.


I'll wait in the car.

I was pressed by their questioning and slipped into telling an obvious lie.

Natraj is her brother.

Unfortunately he was a bit slow of apprehension.

I read about that.

Elephants live in Asia and Africa.

You're disobeying orders.

There were many journalists who praised Ogawa with, "bravo, good show!"

I need to know something.

Why was he laughing?

Japanese is not a Indo-European language.

Message me online.

I don't want you to be angry.

He was covered in mud from head to foot.

I'll be returning to Boston sometime next month.

You're so mean.

Rolling a kayak in white water is an advanced skill.


I have to give a testimony in the courtroom tomorrow.

Mrs. Brown warned Beth that if she didn't eat properly she would be permanently overweight.

I'd study harder if I were you.

I've always thought you didn't like me.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Morton told me that you two went shopping.

Ssi's husband abused her.

Look at the distant horizon!

I figured you wouldn't want the teacher to know you hadn't done your homework yet.

I've come to see the sights.

Aren't you a sweetheart?

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That's the trend.

Please move the TV set to the left.

No-one invited her.

There's a lovely smell coming from the kitchen!

It's a girl thing.

My apartment is located within five minutes' walk of the station.

That's toilet humor.

Jackye rode away on his horse.

Bells will ring in memoriam of those who have died.


I hope that my girlfriend will come.

I believe in Jesus Christ.

Get rid of Hazel.

He had no confidence to do it.

Some early religion's leaders were persecuted by their enemies.

The higher we went, the colder it became.

Sanjeev was leaning against the wall near the door.

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I'd like you to take another look at this.

What a disappointment you are!

We wish friendship.

This train makes connections with a ferry-boat at Takamatsu.

I'll help you with your French, if you help me with my English.


Bill was much loved by the other children in his school.

Come and tell me all about yourself.

This is secret between you and me.

Let's go back to the motel.

The people are like children: they must smash everything to see what is inside.


Why don't you tell her yourself?


I'm going to stay here.

A high wall stands all about the garden.

She supports her family.

The fight for civil rights in the United States started in 1954, when the government said school had to be open to everyone.

In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the ball.

He would not tell the truth after all.

Don't try to pull a fast one on me!

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Can you pause the video for a moment?

The path is the goal.

I know who to give it to.


Patricio is trying to make the impossible possible.

I am lots of fun.

Leonard, you can't let this opportunity slip away.

Clifford could tell Darryl was serious.

Were you in love with me?

There is no heaven or hell. We can only live in the present.

Metin believed that Norman was innocent.

Do you want small bills or large?

You hit the nail on the head there.


You can use margarine as a substitute for butter.

Somebody wants to talk to you.

That's an interesting remark, but it's beside the point.

They're talking about you, Vicki.

Mikael walked out of the movie because he was too scared.

What've I ever done to them?

I see no reason why I shouldn't accept her offer.

All of us stared at her; she had changed so much.

Would you mind answering a few questions?

My uncle died a year ago.

Liisa calls Markku up every now and then.

Did Jane like Boston?

He died five years ago.

I have the right to express my opinion.

Just like any addict, we don't care how we get our next fix.

A loaf of bread is better than the songs of birds.

Let's get a group photo.

The level of unbridled misogyny at the barbershop made me feel as if I had stepped back in time.

Let us know how we can be of service.

The price is low, but then again, the quality isn't very good.

I didn't mean to offend her.

The nest fell from the tree.

I heard you received an award last month.


This is not the America I want for my children.

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It's the happiest place in earth!


I will accomplish my purpose at any cost.

Did you see the new function?

Sassan has very liberal views.

You think I'm stupid?

Which blanket did Grandmother wash?


Shouldn't you wear gloves?


I see a gentleman and a lady.

I'm pretty good at guessing.

I reviewed the budget, and decided to cut costs.

That dry-cleaning business is a front for the mob.

I don't give a toss that you are tired.

A report came in that Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon.

She doesn't like to sing a sad song.


Every day he says something different.


Suresh waived his rights.

Shouldn't we go look for Sehyo?

I should have stayed out of it.

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John has gone cuckoo.

I bet I can do better than Courtney.

What's your beef?


Part doesn't think this makes any sense.

Be friendly.

How much did the tickets cost you?

They kidnapped me, drugged me, and then brainwashed me.

I couldn't go swimming much last summer.

You'll go with me. Full stop!

This class is composed of 35 pupils.


He is very good at poker.


Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo.


This boy is his son.

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I was so homesick.

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It's a complete joke.

I talked with him far into the night.

Pull out and put down.


It's a comedy movie.

It's actually a lot of easier than it looks.

He showed kindness by giving me a piece of advice.

I think Jeany has your umbrella.

Don't you think I'm pretty?

Man cannot live by bread alone.

I've always wanted to read that book.

Is that the same guy?

Zen's latest mission is to save the Earth from ecological destruction at the hands of a plant-destroying madman.

He is full of life even though he is very old.

Dan lived in a London neighborhood, where he grew up.