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They were all in high spirits when they set out on their travels.


They watched you carefully.

Single or double room?

I've been meaning to drop by and see you, but I've been rather busy this week.

Do we have enough glasses?

I saw you smile.

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That's not how I want to be remembered.


Tyler seemed willing to help.

I feel like going out with her.

We deal with new types of diseases.

I was much amused at the idea.

They mean business.


I like the way you speak.

How many instruments do you know how to play?

Peel the apples or wash them.

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Just being in Hui's company is enough to ruin Andrea's reputation.


You'll do as you're ordered.

Lawrence threw Ellen out of the bar.

No one really understands the grief or joy of another.

Bjorne was nice to everyone.

Jisheng shut herself up in the room, with all the windows closed.

Novorolsky was one of us.

I've trained my dog to come when I whistle.


I really want to learn how to speak French.

I know that I won't like it.

Wounds heal, scars remain.

I couldn't calm Cindy down.

I was asked to wear a wire.

No problem!

A wonderful thing has happened.

I don't know how long I can stay.

It gets on my nerves when you forget to say thank you.

I need to know more about him.

Are you going to Toerless's bachelor party?

Have you two been fighting?

Loosen it.

Gregg was found guilty of a murder he didn't commit.

Tuna avoided listening to sad and sentimental love songs after he and Karen had split up.

She helped her mother cook the turkey.

The Japanese military forces seemed too strong to stop.


I have few opportunities to speak French.

I met her at the airport.

Have you ever shot a rifle?

Germans have been warned not to eat cucumbers.

We both need this.


Please call me when you have decided what you would like to do.


Does Nicolo know about this?


Can I see you a second outside?

Are you coming or not?

I'll do as you suggested.


Success brings money and a lot of problems too.

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As a dad, it's kind of exciting to see that your son follows what you believe in so strongly.


I wanted to make Bradley feel at home.


We're very worried about you.

He couldn't make good a promise between his father.

Go and beat up that bully.


I guess I'll be going.

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Why does everyone hate them?

The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006, and will arrive at Pluto in 2015. It will be the first spacecraft to visit that very distant dwarf planet.

I'm with Dieter.

Hilda sleeps with his window open.

She is in great danger.

I have a son and a daughter. He is in New York, and she is in London.

Are you feeling any better today?

When I saw you, I thought you were the most ugly thing I've ever seen in my life.

A woman has escaped injury after her car was engulfed in flames.

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I've known Nigel his whole life.


A man of wealth has to pay a lot of income tax.

Jesper hasn't sent the parcel yet.

Would you like something smaller?

Even though many women shave their legs, Straka doesn't.

Hunter is very pretty, isn't she?

Sheila would've been impressed.

Hurf watched the sled dog race.


Your son is dating my daughter.

I was as sober as a judge.

That's not the way to go.


You're the most important person in my life.

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What do you think happened to our family?

You can thank me later.

I'll always be there for him.


Something is wrong with my watch.

The horse trotted down the road.

Anderson and Mac hugged each other.

I'm prone to forget names.

I'll watch the door.


I'll buy you a new one.


Some astrologers believe that we entered the Age of Aquarius in the 20th century, while others think that we will have to wait until the 24th century.


Something was bothering Tim.

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I want kids.


They say that he knows the secret.

I found it very disturbing.

They called President Roosevelt a pirate.

Lars is a man of action.

There's something I need you to do for me.


There was no sign of a shark.

These gems are of great monetary worth, and if offered for sale would fetch a tall price.

It was pretty dark under the bridge.

This fabric is very soft.

I'm an hour late.


Caroline'll reconsider.

Elsa told me he likes Chinese food.

I can't do something like that without Kyung's approval.

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This supposition, that the Earth is immobile, was completely untrue.

Trevor plans on doing that.

Mahesh thinks that Danish is the most beautiful language in the world.

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We're ambitious.

Take things a little more seriously.

Tell us what to do.

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Vern knew exactly how Srikanth felt.

It's hard to tell you from your brother.

We're not friends.

The streetcar was packed.

He knows a lot about wild animals.

It will help you pull together the scattered fragments of your memories.

Christmas Gingerbread / honey cake is a traditional dessert of Germany


They tell me you're a real expert!


Make sure Lewis doesn't do anything stupid.

It's going to take three weeks.

I'm getting stronger every day.

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Is there a tour guide available?

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I can be fair.

The weather varies with seasons.

My boyfriend works at a language school and loves it very much.

I asked my friend for advice.

Please say it once more.

I am who I am thanks to my mother.

They're watching Greg.

Yes, I can speak Mandarin.

Let me buy this car.

You must tell us the truth.

Who's the new girl?

That might not work.

I burnt my finger when some popcorn burst.


You're supposed to say yes.

"Are you still available?" "No, I'm happily taken."

Kinch isn't famous.


Can you arrange it?

Izzy slowly walked up the stairs.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel up to this right now.

Randy and I both miss you very much.

Don't be so unkind.

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She suffers from a chronic malady.

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I must bring home to him the fact that he is wrong in this case.


She wanted him to stay longer.

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This action would not have been sufficient to abate the odor nuisance.

Your house needs painting.

I can introduce you myself.

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"Yea..." Dima continued, talking mostly to himself. "It's as if the author of my story got into some stupid argument, retired to Fiji, and just left me here to rot."


I haven't spoken to them yet.

Did you get any work done?

Calhoun was too weak to read his speech.


I have a new friend and she's from Bulgaria.