What kind of a funeral do you want?

The Earth, Mars and Jupiter are planets.

They will arrive a week from today.

Let's have scones with our tea.


Ramsey has never heard Dale tell a lie.

I'm just hoping we can do that.

I've been thinking a lot about what you said.

The company was founded in Boston in 2013.

Peggy picked an apple from the tree and handed it to me.

She had time to lose herself in her favorite amusement.

Tell them to come home.

Everyone around here likes them.

It looks like a deer.

He said he was tired, so he would go home early.

It had better work.

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"Will you go?" "I will if I have to."

I've done rock climbing and deep-sea diving and slept in an Indonesian jungle.

I love you and I always will.

Christophe buried himself under his blanket and went to sleep.

When you talk of the devil you will hear his bones rattle.

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Where are we supposed to sit?


Brendan has to work tomorrow.


The people gathered about us.

I'm filled with joy every time I see you.

Soohong will be there in thirty minutes.

My grandfather no longer drives.

My name is Nobody.


I don't believe we need that.

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Where did you open them?

Vance was realistic about it.

He was absent from school for a week.

I'll go back to Boston.

The Spitfire's fuel was gravity fed. If you flew upside down, the engine would conk out.

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"You're not being chased, are you?" Just as he said that in a quiet voice, the corner house's light went out. The rain became more intense...

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Give me the most expensive one.


I have a great life.

Using English to communicate between Japanese and Chinese is not only ridiculous and ineffective but can prove very hazardous.

Lum bought drinks for everyone at the bar.

Feck off.

I want you to come to Boston.


That explains a lot.


She kept on talking after I asked her to stop.

Jeannette is extremely funny.

I've never seen her cry.

I know how to make you talk.

I don't agree with violation of human rights.


Polly treated Robin like his own daughter.

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I can't wait because I'm in a hurry.


Parents were hopeful about the future.

Vicky rolled over in bed.

We agreed to share the housework.

I love to travel around the world.

It's been raining a lot.

This book is even more interesting than that one.

I would do anything for them.


The new product is on sale.

The story left him unmoved.

I didn't want to scare her.

Dimitry will be thirty next year.

Your answer is anything but satisfactory to us.


Why is Pete so scared?


The telephone is now out of order.

I don't lie anymore.

Christ taught forgiveness.

I'll focus on the market development for 1999.

Don't run in the hallways.


It is enough for one day.


You've got to go home.

You can reasonably expect her to come.

The figures add up to 230.

It'll be hard to convince Real to go with us.

Lindsey wants me to quit this job.

I received a rattle as a gift for Purim.

I've never really thought about having children.

Avery is going to fit right in.

Think nothing of it.


That does not bode well.

Do you have a gun?

Rafik refused to sign the contract.

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He didn't want to be sent to Japan.

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"What's for dinner tonight?" "We'll be having takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant."

The time will soon come when man will be able to travel to the moon.

Harold doesn't live with us anymore.

I have lived in this village for the past ten years.

What would I do without her?

I would rather die than leave you, Erwin!

You got shot in the leg.

The proposal has its good points as well as its bad ones.

Could you go there and get it?

The rampant sickness spread to many countries.

This is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

What should we do if Mom didn't give us money?

He went up the river.

There's something that isn't right.

Blayne was laughed at.

Joon is only a couple of years younger than Elsa.

I hope she's all right.

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I've been sitting here for three hours.


Don't sugar your tea.


It hurt me deeply.


I need to go to Boston.

Organize your material in English so that you can show your analysis and conclusions in 10-12 minutes.

He is our teacher of English.

Why not ask him?

Denis or Miriam go to the market.


Ramsey has been charged with Franklin's murder.

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Are you still looking for him?

We look like children.

It isn't the first time and it won't be the last.

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Janet has a reputation for being a good worker.

Did you buy this for me?

One night he came home very tired and sad.

Hippopotamuses love water.

Sal and Dorothy live in a small, two-bedroom house on a quiet street.

Are you game for a swim?

Nobody likes Jinny and nobody ever will. He's just too hard to get along with.

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There are lots of theories about the origins of language, but, in fact, no one really knows.

I've been trying to explain to Raanan that he needs an appointment.

Just hurry up.


Don't give me that book. Give me the other one.

I watched the 4th season of X-files.

That chef prepares different meals every day.


Martyn claims he didn't do that.

She has a very high-pitched voice.

A helicopter flew overhead.

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He gets any girl he wants.


Will you let me see you again?


Why are you asking me these questions?


Walter was working part-time.


What kind of people do you like best?

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Denmark has a prison.

Get me an extra blanket.

The bird flew up into the blue sky.

Can you stop doing that?

She and I are the same age.

I don't know if that's a great merit.

Anderson is on both the swim team and the track team.


Kelly was the victim of an advance-fee fraud.

Don't talk around it.

I met up with a couple of good old friends.


Kenton knew I needed them, but he refused to give them to me.

I'm not going to let Ernst go home early.

It's too good a chance to miss.

Will you look after our pets while we're away?

I'll tell them what I know.

Everyone believes that they have prepared for their old age.

Andre isn't decisive.

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The explorer bartered with the natives for food.

Where are your eyes?

Antony is Kirk's French teacher.

Ravi didn't know who I was.

Can you please show me the photograph?

Are these all the same?

Tell me what I missed.


These fragile items must be insured against all risks.

I can't understand the problem.

They replaced that factory's employees with mechanical arms.