After a brief peace, war broke out again.

I saw her go inside.

There's a woman as wants to see you.

In fact, I was born in Boston.


Anton was kept in hospital overnight for observation.


Matt stayed in Boston for a short while.

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The trip will take at least five days.

Nou closed his umbrella and put it in the umbrella rack near the door.

Let's throw a party for him.

The bird's feathers were all of pure gold.

Ideas shape the course of history.


She's raking in the cash.

Don't get on the train yet.

I do not know how to distinguish between our waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are?


Skip should be more careful not to bother Sharan while she's working.

On Earth, new oxygen is produced from plants through the process of photosynthesis.

Who are you hiding from?

You're out of control.

You're gregarious.

Experience is the name many people give to their mistakes.

I'm taking this to them.

A strange man caught me by the collar.

Nadeem is a really nice girl.

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My wife is cooking right now.

The boss threatened to fire me.

I actually am 81 years old but if I subtract the time I've waited to get my bags at the airport, I'm only 43.


I take back my words.

Konstantinos and Gregg were standing just outside the door, whispering to each other.

Never did I dream that he would succeed.

What will you do if you fail the exam?

We will take the train at eight.


Do you want to go to the movies?

We're finished, aren't we?

Why don't you go on home and get some sleep?

Can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?

Moore has absolutely no chance of winning.

Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow night?

I have to check with her first.


Everything was normal.

Why the hell would he do that?

I think I've been here too long.

Tell me that story you heard from your brother.

Pull it down.

Do you like pretzels?

Vadim wasn't popular.


How did you know that he is married?

I'd advise you to let Murray go.

Salmon are born in freshwater streams, but live most of their lives in the ocean.

To give a person one's opinion and correct his faults is an important thing. It is compassionate and comes first in matters of service. But the way of doing this is extremely difficult. To discover the good and bad points of a person is an easy thing, and to give an opinion concerning them is easy, too. For the most part, people think that they are being kind by saying the things that others find distasteful or difficult to say. But if it is not received well, they think that there is nothing more to be done. This is completely worthless. It is the same as bringing shame to a person by slandering him. It is nothing more than getting it off one's chest.

I just won't do that.

Nothing really matters.

They were members of the local governments.

I think the same as they do.

You'll understand when the time comes.


Unfortunately, I can't do that for you.

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If you'll wait a moment, I can help you.

Just tell me when to show up.

Mr Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.

Humans are healed, but machines are repaired.

Physically, a man is a man for a much longer time than a woman is a woman.

Jerry Abershawe was a notorious footpad.

This book costs 3,000 yen.

I was thinking about buying a new camera.

I don't need them to do me any favors.

She advised the others on that matter.

We're all worried about them.

Bet without exaggerating.

They were not dirty!

Alienation is a common theme of twentieth-century literature.

You should have paid attention to her warning.


The travelers stayed at a seaside hotel.


It's just you and me.

We bought new furniture.

People struggled against poverty.

At travel plazas in Germany, many people eat currywurst with french fries.

Eli is not like the others.

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Sidney got tired of waiting for Ian, so he went into the museum without her.

Last year, we traveled to London.

Jayesh doesn't want to go to jail.

Marion won't be able to handle this job.

As we entered the shopping district Haruna's gaze darted about, just like she was a rustic from the hills, as she looked over the area.

Now, Gil depends on his parents very much.

A woman's clitoris is really an undeveloped penis. Ask a doctor.


This is one of the most popular restaurants in Boston.

I'd like to learn French.

I think it's about time to go.

His money was all gone.

Rudolf tried to crawl under the fence.


The company is in debt.

This hat is from Australia.

What should I do in a situation like this?

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I should've gone fishing.

Please come again.

I was badly in need of his help at that time.


She gave me a wrong address on purpose.

The man awed the girl with his magic tricks.

The papers blew off.

He fell into the pool.

Angela Merkel has a PhD in Physics.

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Just tell her how you feel.

He is a thief.

I will protect you.

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Josip says he wants a puppy for Christmas.


Were you thinking about me?

I still need to check with Pilot.

He advised me to go there.

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I've tried to be your friend.

She sounds disappointed.

We're having so much fun.

Do you speak Maori?

You don't understand me, Murthy.


Are you armed?

Let's do it at our own pace without hurrying.

I wanted Olson to stop.


I always take my tea with sugar.

We have bad news for them.

It began raining in earnest.


Day in and day out he does nothing but tend to his sheep.

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When Wilmer put his foot into the stream, he felt something bite his toe.

Thad doesn't want to ever leave Boston.

I need a book to read.

Are any of these cups clean?

Let's try another approach.

Is that why you've stayed?

You arrived too early.

Isn't that what you just said?

Two pints are equal to a quart.

Recent comics have too many violent and sexual scenes.

First you judge "how nice", then you judge "how wise".

You have only to sit here.

I'm too young.


Lana seems a lot happier since he got divorced.

I feel very upset.

Those who send in old junk they don't use anymore will, without exception, receive a present.


She fixed me with an angry stare.

Sigurd folded the towels and put them on the shelf.

Raghu found out that Hienz was wealthy.

I appreciate your concern.

The cave was toward a torrent.

What did you gift him?

Could you please tell Rebecca that I need his help?


We're not sure what we should be doing.

He's extremely happy.

We will finish serving our sentence next month.


Call my husband.

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Hillel asked me if I had already paid the bill.

That's an order that I can't give.

I didn't realize that you were feeling so bad.

Mom, I don't want to wear this.

I'm not a fan.

Would you like to be famous?

When's that going to happen?

St Paul's Cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London.

Teresa was hit by lightning.


It's my fault.

The girl talking with Radek is Ann.

It'd be nice if we had curry for dinner tonight.


Turn around slowly.


Daniel said the FBI was looking for me.

I think Rolf is pretty cute, too.

He opens his eyes so widely they tear at the corners.

I'll drink to that.

Roberta is used to that type of situation.

For example, this is a love song.

I made a list of things I needed to do.