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Own Your Diva has been operating for two months now and I’m excited to share the recap of our second month.   This has been a slow month on the frontend as I’ve been busy working on a lot of things behind the scenes.  Most of the work done this month is focused around improving the…

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Quick Guide to Angel Numbers

Did you know that seeing angel numbers is one of the most commonly experienced signs from the angelic realm? Angel numbers are short sequences of numbers that you keep seeing, or that seem to stand out to you at “the right time.” When you find yourself noticing a particular number sequence recurring for you, pay…

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Our Journey 9139458967

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Transparency isn’t something you see a lot of with businesses and brands these days.  That is not something we believe in here at Own Your Diva!  Welcome to the monthly Own Your Diva Recap!  This will be a monthly post to share our growth, progress, achievements, and financial status on a monthly basis. This monthly recap…

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We have all heard about goal setting and it’s benefits.  You have probably even learned about SMART goals at some point in your life.  You know, the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.  Goals have a huge importance in our life and carry a few benefits that I think is essential when it comes to…

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Life is a complex journey of many events, circumstances, emotions, changes and seasons.  Finding a balance is the one thing that many people find themselves struggling with.  Even though life is a complex journey, it can be more simple than we imagine to find balance.  Yes, it’s more than just letting things go and “finding…

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Health & Wellness


Finding time to love and care for ourselves can be one of the biggest challenges we face in the fast-paced world we live in today.  Making time for self-care is crucial for your wellbeing and mental stability.  Self-care should be something you make time for on a weekly basis at minimum.  I personally try to find…


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