I thought you could use a break.

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There was absolutely no furniture in that room.


Steen explained it to me.

I'd like to get to know him.

I know you don't know either.

Carl was afraid of being rejected.

Leads appeared on the TV show 'Teen Mom'.

Manny tried to protect his kids.

This couple approaches humor so dryly that enormous chains of jokes will blossom without an iota of laughter.

Money changes people.

He lost a book.

I look after my grandfather.

There's nothing to see.


Stay away from the pond.

Jim put his hand up.

Joyce certainly made no attempt to help us.

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He isn't like his brother.

I wish she wouldn't pussyfoot about it and just say what she means.

It was a fantastic game.

I'll leave my daughter's education to you, after I'm gone.

Pamela and Tor are both determined to make the best of this situation.


That was our only comfort.


I heard her voice in my sleep.

I don't want to miss the plane.

He promised to be here at six.

The project is taking shape.

I'll see Vladislav tomorrow morning.

Do you think Emil is in love with you?

Get to bed.

You must keep your shoes clean.

I have confidence in them.

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Yes, it did happen, but not in this year.

We marched in the rain.

Do you own a house in Italy?

Do you remember my name?

Why is that your nickname?

How old were you when your father died?

Maria didn't want to see me.

I haven't played the ukulele in years.

I had to tell Saify that myself.


Who was the man we saw talking to Lin?


Kevyn's health has improved dramatically.

Precision in measurement is important.

He misses his family.

Both of Wayne's parents are teachers.

I would have done it at that time.


They look busy today.

Wade is growing a beard.

I sometimes see him on TV.


Some of the Indian leaders refused to negotiate.

There's no drinkable water.

I've earned it.

Her scathing putdown made it clear what she thought of his comments.

She tried to express juice from the orange.


I like this mammal.

We can't let her go.

Lana must not be permitted to resign.

I had nobody to ask for advice.

They ordered Pierette to kill Peggy.

I'm telling the truth.

I apologize.

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His speech moved them to tears.

I'm sending you a book.

Huey has started to learn French.

We still haven't made a decision.

Laura says that he never refuses a reasonable request.

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I told him to be quiet.

This is our main objective.

I buy the goods at $3 a dozen.

He was gasping for breath as he ran.

Chris didn't know who I was.

Where did you find him?

I motivated you.

The new discovery proved useful to science.

The bank has raised its dividend by 20%.

I heard them say something had happened in the lab.

He runs a supermarket in the town.

Paul opened the kitchen cabinet.

This is her book.

Thank you very much for attending.

Carter showed me the letter he got from Clay.

In Japan, it's the norm.

We know it's important to you.


Have you been in here this whole time?


You're wanted on the phone.

Despite her meagre salary, she works very hard.

I keep in touch with my parents by mail.

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Breathing is an involuntary bodily process.

She's very insecure about her looks.

May you have happiness.


I understand your Cantonese.


No one's listening.

I am sure of winning the tennis match.

It's obvious Valentin is waiting for someone.

Johnnie didn't show up for work this morning.

I respect people like that.


I'm just trying to keep busy.

Prices keep on soaring.

Can I ask for an explanation?

I think that he's from Italy.

This must be for you.


Now I feel guilty.

Marty can't bring herself to eat chocolates in the shape of cute animals, so she asked Jem not to give her any anymore.

Has the mail been sorted?

I will do it.

My sister always makes fun of me.

I don't need to tell you how important this is, do I?

Sometimes it isn't enough for two people speak the same language.

Marty goes to the same school as Sergiu does.

Darrell wiped his forehead.


Due to the water shortage, all the flowers in the garden have died.

I can't wait to see you again.

He visited a sick friend who was in the hospital.


What are you doing here? You can't come in here!

Your suitcase looks heavy.

We took a short rest on the way.

We really are good friends.

He gathered men fresh from college and new to the business.

I wish we had a doctor here.

He did not go to America for nothing.

The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.

This dam generates more power than any other dam in the world.

The sprinkler is shooting out a stream of water onto the grass.

It's hard not to write satire. For who is so tolerant of an unjust city, so ironclad, that they can hold back?


What we need is action.

Show me that list.

She complained of the room being too hot.


You must go.


The sign warns us to look out for traffic.

A drop of sweat ran down Brodie's face.

You're the reason I stayed here so long.

This one is for us.

I was concerned about Florian.

What can we do about it?

The soldiers distribute food to the refugees.

He muttered something under his breath.

Einstein enjoyed playing the violin.

A white cloud is floating in the blue sky.

Put that back.

Just keep up the good work. We all appreciate it.

You may be wrong.


It's a scutigera.

Don't let that happen again.

Every comment is unnecessary.

Svante promised to show me how to do it.

What else can I do?

We went without him, as he wasn't ready.

No thank you, I'm full.


I wasn't driving as fast as the police officer said I was.

I was born in a country that would seem strange to you.

I never thought it would come to this.

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I wasn't optimistic.


I don't like when mothers yell at children.


A woman was kind enough to show me the way.

Let's see how Jerry reacts to that.

There are people who don't like Judith.

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He took his coat off and set to work.

Gill was the one who gave me the painting that's hanging above my fireplace.

If you're going to the party, let me know.

The garden is laid out in the Japanese style.

I spent all day shoveling snow.

There is a little sugar in the bag.

There is a park in front of my house.


I got a letter from an old friend yesterday.

I have to get some food.

This one is for us.