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Before you go hiking in the woods, find out what you should do when you meet a bear.

Marla didn't mention it to me.

I smell smoke.

Anything you remember might help.

Pam agreed with me a hundred per cent.

The party has been put off until next Tuesday.

Are we lost?

We're trying to do our best.

I hope Srinivasan is more careful next time.


Tell Jianyun to give Martyn this.


Vivek checked the date.

This food called BLT; what's in it?

Let's just drop the subject, OK?

Pablo began to eat lunch.

They die of fear of such expeditions.

Brodie goes to bed at 10:30.

He told me that I looked pale and asked me what the matter was.


She told me about the evils of stealing.


Don't you want to get them back?

You could've all been killed.

Marsh says that he can't help.

Deirdre made coffee for all of us.

Most people expected John Adams to win.


Mosur is watching TV.

I know what Siegurd means.

You scared him.

Leaves collect on the sidewalk in the fall.

May I turn down the TV?

It works pretty well.

We're expecting about 3,000 people to come to our concert in the park.


Isidore is baffled.

As to onomatopoetic expressions, we find interesting examples in Hopi.

I think you saw something.

A feature of this new car is that if a drunk person is driving, the engine won't start.

One man's loss is another man's gain.

Swamy didn't remember to send Walter a birthday card.

I like love stories.

That is a custom proper to Japan.

Vladimir can't swim at all. On the other hand, he is a good baseball player.

Motion for T.R.O. denied.

Maximum length: 200 words.

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Sekar pulled his hand away.

"Sho told me that they slept together." "Really?"

You should never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or through any instrument such as binoculars or a telescope.

Carole usually swims in the morning.

What does it feel like?

It's important that you share your pain.

I was going to talk to Ping about that.

I joined quite recently, a few months ago.

Hey, weren't you the one wearing this shirt yesterday?


The barber has cut your hair very short.

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He's not allowed to leave the country.


Dani is really into jazz.

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Harris returned home from Japan with many new and progressive ideas.

Swamy goes to work at 8:00.

Ray turned the engine off.

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We enjoyed talking with each other.


I rewrote one.

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This discovery has the potential to radically change the field.


Disposable income is what counts for the level of personal consumption.

He had learned English before he left for England.

You can always rely on me.

I can't think of everything.

In the United States everybody is of the opinion that they have no social superiors, since all men are equal, but they do not admit that they have no social inferiors.

Jwahar taught me that.

How did he come by this money?

Ed had never been late for work before.

Seymour needs to wash clothes.


I think she's looking at me.

Do Martians speak English?

Anita doesn't really talk much.

Are you sure you don't want to consider another option?

He died when he was scarcely thirty.

Could I ask you something?

I do not want to fight Theodore Roosevelt.


Son was surprised by Bonnie's choice of words.


Can we stop there?

You'll have to do it yourself.

Well may she admire her father.


I'm teaching basic participial constructions now, but, with regard to those below, what different ways of translating them would everybody use?

Hitoshi is somewhere in the building.

I should've known better than to use Paula's bicycle without permission.

I'm sort of an introvert.

I want to drive.


All sales are final.

Anne is out for a walk.

Patrice didn't tell anybody about what happened until he was thirty.

I'll come right to the point.

Spock fell into the water.

Didn't your brother live in this house?

Hopefully you won't lie to me any more.

They jumped into the water one after another.

He's gone to the shops.

I am not your love.

Krzysztof told me to keep my mouth shut.

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When he was young, he was poor and had to live on rice gruel.

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The only question is who.


I want to marry you.


I think I'll be able to help you.

Win spent all day looking around antique shops.

He is the least capable man I have ever employed.

I am much obliged to you for your help.

He can't seem to understand that poem.

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

I'm nothing like her.

He entered the room.

My neighbour has renovated his house completely.

The most decisive event of his life was going to happen there.

China is a huge country.


He asked me to go to a movie with him.

Keep on working while I'm away.

How the hell should I know?

This isn't sugar.

Hold still.

I can't be killed so easily.

This is a witch

Manners make the man.

Thoughts of being trapped grew stronger.

The plane didn't stop at New York.

Nickel is a hard, bright silver metal.

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We had bad weather yesterday.

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She really wants a Samsung Galaxy.

Choose any flowers you like.

I've forgotten almost all my French, but you can speak German.


I don't think it's any of your business.

Don't tell me that now.

He was bored the whole day.

I've got to get something to eat.

The evidence corresponds to his previous statement.

Their success has a lot to do with their diligence.

She is all in all to him.

Please, I'd like you to lend this to me.

I thought Jerald was going to cry.


Many a young girl likes the singer.


She's a really nice person.

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After practicing for a year, she is barely able to play the piano.

All is quiet.

If it were not for books, life would be boring.

To my surprise, the child came here by himself all the way from Yokohama.

This must have been some kind of Freudian slip.

I deal with that.

I'm really into math.

Maurice was the one who broke the vase.

She's no spring chicken.

The wide range of products on offer really means that there is something for everyone.

He had nothing to do with it.

I thought it would make him laugh.

There are a great many forest fires in America.

This way, please.

Roger was in perfect health.

Gabriel told me Kurt cooked dinner for him.

I keep a stress ball on my desk.


I don't know if I should tell him.

Now I'm here with you.

You're number one!

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The hook doesn't catch.


Watch out! The car almost ran over you.

Put your coat on, or you'll catch cold.

Mr Hashimoto started the engine.

Darryl would have missed the train if he had stopped to buy a chocolate bar.

You get more wisdom as you have more experiences.


Are you going to kiss Blayne?

Ravi put on a black wig.

Arrogance has always been my pet aversion.