In chemistry, can nitrogen form a single bond?


Santa replied to Harold's letter.

Maybe you'll like it here.

Have you called Lucy yet?

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He likes Indian food.

He's anorexic.

They know where we are.

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I don't want to go there.

We're getting ready for Ramsey's visit.

He kept playing the same record over and over until I had to leave the room.


They can't avoid the traffic.

Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird.

My technique is without flaw.

I had to stop Kylo from making the biggest mistake in his life.

Come here. I need a hug.


We respect each other.

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I could not find it anyplace.


Isn't that nice?

Manolis didn't get along with the other students.

Besides being economical, it's fun.

You said you'd help us, Straka.

I admire her efforts.

Please put this where children can't reach it.

I want it now!

All students looked up to their homeroom teacher.

I demanded that they be allowed to leave.

The further we are from one disaster, the closer we are to the next.

Oh? I want to see him, too.

You're my boss.

They tried to cheer me up.

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They might be older than us.

Generally speaking, a waiter in Japan gives good service.

I'm driving to Paris tomorrow.

The headteacher uses unorthodox methods.

His mother is not as old as she looks.

Mats and I have been acquainted with each other for many years.

Maybe you gave up too fast.

She hadn't seen her sister since around 4 P.M.

He is entirely in the wrong.

It's a little difficult to explain.

It's hot.


That's the first option.

You can do this, can't you?

I have brought my shoes, coat and umbrella.

Not all scientific studies are equal.

Jaime is under extreme pressure.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for your health.

My bike is not anything like yours.


Piete didn't say what else he had to do.

That's so nice.

Liber runs a security firm in Boston.


He was very puzzled.

I was wondering if there is any way you could deliver that today.

I'm a little bit busy.

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Do they sell flowers at this store?

What an incredible show!

Where did you buy these shoes?

He called to say he'd be late.

Millie is reading her book.

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Charlie's father advised him to become a teacher.

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In 1890, the colony acquired its own government.


There's a possibility that I'll get killed.

I might have to go home early today.

Vicky could pass for thirty.

Trent twisted his ankle while hiking.

Three Chinese students were admitted to the college.

You followed.

I just saw her three hours ago.

They needed one another.

Don't you think you should help Celia?

You needed money, didn't you?

She suffered from bulimia.

Do I have to answer that question?

He is well acquainted with the history of England.

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I gave him an enema.

You must begin a sentence with a capital letter.

Her family loved me.

I'll look into this issue more.

He earned as much money as possible.

I doubt those things.

I led him to expect success.


I have a problem and he's called Patrick.

I need some more people.

Howard just ate one sandwich.

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It seemed that he had visited the office.

He was finally forced to resign.

She succeeded in getting what she wanted.

Besides the piano, can you play any other instruments?

It is not too much to say that health is above wealth.


I almost cried too!


The examination is near at hand.

Ms. Takada accused the boy of copying another student's homework.

See you in two weeks.

Why don't you call her?

Show me your pictures in Armenia.

He reminds me of his father when he speaks.

You lost the bet, didn't you?

Are you by yourself?

I'll fix it now.


Can you drive a car?


What are you doing Sunday?


The eagle is white.


We just want to play chess.

I'm in love with her.

We were to be married in May but had to postpone the marriage until June.

Do Germans and French hate each other?

I'll just check.

I'm hopeless at ironing so I buy permanent press clothes.

What are you going to do later?


Do you want to pay now or later?

Someone broke into my apartment last night.

Gema's grandmother always tells her granddaughter that she's going to be left on the shelf when the latter tells her that she's waiting for Mr. Right.

This casino is losing money.

Wanna go to a movie tomorrow night?

Bobby can't remember when he moved to Boston.

Please let me know your new address.

Samir would be tough to replace.

Shadow didn't miss his watch until he got home.

He asked me who had painted the picture.

I have to do this by myself.

I showed them the difference of ability.

Suzanne can be persuasive when he wants to be.

Now that my brother is a university student, he has to do a lot of reading.

Christofer is calling the shots now.

I called in sick this morning.

Merat should've won last night.


That would be a challenge.

I couldn't find out anything.

What were you two doing there? I thought that you were supposed to be in Boston.


If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.


Sylvan allowed this to happen.

We don't know what it is.

I want to see Marian once more.


The horse did not want to get into the trailer.

We spent the evening laughing and telling jokes.

Butler seems like a good kid.

Ron slit open the envelope.

Don't get me started.


His prowess with women is legendary.

Ramneek was using drugs, so the police arrested her.

Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan.


Perry cheated.

The Knesset will look different after the Israeli elections within four months.

I'm a snob, and proud of it.


Nicolo is probably really sleepy.

We still haven't taken down our Christmas lights.

I travel frequently.

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Could you hold this for a sec?


The mutineer was made to walk the plank.

The elbow is the joint between the upper arm and the lower arm.

There is a madam here.


The plane is approaching New York.

I punched two triangular holes in the tin.

We might as well wait until Sidney gets here.


His existence was recognized.

I'm going to be talking to Vladislav.

Whose turn is it to make the coffee?

Tracey spilled his coffee.

Do you know how Irwin obtained the information?


They feast all night and fast from dawn to dusk for one month every year.

Did you return Ed's book?

I hardly know anything about you.