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People stood in queue for hours for the autograph session of the popular pop group.

Rusty ordered drinks for Jack and himself.

I teach Spanish.

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In each of us there lives the fiery soul of a warrior.

I like tennis very much.

Nothing is wrong with Geoff.


The train passed through the tunnel.

Mayuko denied the rumor.

You'll come with me now.

Rodney must've slept a long time.

This is a big help.

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She invited her friends to dinner.

Jakob has done well for us.

Vince is already home.

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What kind of fish do you want?

I have reason to assume that it's not true.

The nation's leaders had no choice.

The women are my aunts.

Your mother must have been beautiful when she was young.


He is a bit of a fool, if you ask me.

I have to apologize to her.

That's fair enough.

She didn't suspect anything.

I must refuse.


I received this fax from them.

We're remodeling.

Mohammad chopped some onions.


Kate Middleton is now the duchess of Cambridge.

Was anyone arrested?

Dominick and Matthias started talking at the same time.

How did Kristian pull that off?

Sandy nodded in agreement.

Children love Halloween.

With whom did they speak?


Sanjay is a great warrior.

Ralf has started to learn French.

They drove back to the hospital.

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What currency would you like?


He arrived at the station.


Where is my pencil?

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Most elevators operate automatically.


I slept till dawn.


He's taller than I am.

Elsa trusted Old more than anyone else.

I'm sorry, I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

Four-dimensional space is confusing.

This is too spicy for me.


I have a sore heel.

I don't have any more money.

I want to leave behind contributions to humanity.


Where can you find the closest store?

I have to go talk to her.

I think he is a doctor.

I wish you had told me.

The weak beats of my heart can only go so far.

I always watch documentaries.

That's why I like him.

Do you think I should go home?

If it continues to be stimulated the skin's protective function causes thickening and it becomes stiff and hard with pores that stand out.


Pregnant women usually buy bigger size panties.

You'll have to talk to her.

They don't respect me.


The scientist explained the strange phenomena in the light of recent scientific knowledge.


We have to make do with what we have.

You can't get anything for nothing.

We study together.

Many people were out of work.

We might never see Erik again.


Was that Roger?

It's hard to resist.

The Indian girl in the film isn't a professional actress.

Ellen had difficulty doing that.

I need many books.

How would you feel if someone said that about you behind your back?

How much do eggs sell for?

We're quite happy with the results.

Toshio, who do you like?

Taurus is moving quite fast.

They put up with muscle pain.

We noted that things were going well.

She dived into the swimming pool.

We're not leaving without Daren.

I am laughing at you.

Get me the details.

I don't believe in curses.

Love sees no faults.

Syed didn't offer us anything to eat.

Study the next chapter.

Do you have an extra shelf I can use?

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Urdu is her mother tongue.


I've made that quite clear.

Eliot was trying to tell Christophe something important, but she wasn't listening.

I never get to do anything by myself.

Cookies are delicious.

I'm a human being.

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Advice isn't much good to me. I need money.

I'm taking it one day at a time.

Marla has been in the hospital for three weeks.

After the demise of Stalin, Korolev gained the support of the new leader, Nikita Khrushchev.

The sun is shining from a blue sky.


There is a high chance of precipitation.


We have a warrant.

I understand that now.

The glaring light is hurtful to the eyes.

We have to obey orders.

Is Anna still in the hospital?


The store is advertising a sale.


I was out getting groceries.

I'm here not because of that.

She asked after my parents' health when I met her the other day.

Raghu arrived minutes later.

Sjaak wants to get out of town.

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I'm sorry, my Uighur is a little coarse.

All the seats are reserved.

I think I'll lie down for a while.

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That lake looks like an ocean.

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It's a real good one.


He is determined to succeed at any price.

He punched her in the face.

If you promise something, keep your word.

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He died an unnatural death.

I studied for a while this afternoon.

He was almost blind right before dying.

Why do I even care?

The legislator talked at length with his constituents about beach erosion.

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Extremists kidnapped the president's wife.

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He can't be trusted.

On sunny days, the beach is very crowded.

Have you read the book yet?

A tiring job gives you a life.

A cult member attempted to assassinate the queen with poisoned fruit.


You'll lose time.

Rents will go up next month.

The boy pretended he could read, but he was holding the book upside down.

Do you go to school on foot?

That came out of nowhere.

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Would you please show me a camera that is less expensive than this one?

Kim is preoccupied with his studies.

Ira is graceful.

Sir says he knows something about Courtney that we don't know yet.

Jackye doesn't deserve to be punished.


Leonard was awoken by a Colin singing in the next apartment.

Jussi takes a bath every evening after dinner.

My mother told me to mow the lawn.

Jef is scary.

I hope my boss will agree to my realistic plan.

Christie danced with Lucius.

Are you an elitist?

The accident robbed him of his best friend.

This room is air-conditioned.

Simon needs to decide what to do.

Don't spoil the children.


His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.

He gazed into her eyes.

Josip was a friend.

I'm willing to try new things.

The children were assigned to sweep the room.

Sherman smiled knowingly.

You're all right.


We could leave our suitcases here.