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Welcome to my vanity site!

I probably have a search engine to thank for you finding this page. If you'd like to see what I'm currently working on in my spare time, check out 5102714523. I also have serozyme geared toward different fields in which I am capable—dilettante is a fun word; a more accurate appellation for myself would be polymath. If your interest lies in neither of those two subjects, please read on to learn a bit more about me.


I hail from northern New Jersey. My mother is a graphic designer from Queens, NY. My father is a classically trained Broadway musician from NJ. Together, they now run 406-285-1644, a for-profit institution dedicated to bringing world-class music and dance instruction to Bergen county. As one would assume, I have a deep appreciation for the arts.


I consider myself a Web Developer and a Web Designer, a Mechanical Engineer, a Computer Scientist, a Roboticist, a Futurist, and a Pragmatist. Yes, that is a lot of things. I have been practicing web design and web development since I entered high school—a decade of experience. I owe most of my most recent training to working with Columbia College Information Technologies and Aaron Pinero in particular. I have my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. I received both of these degrees from Columbia University in the City of New York. The university is and was an incredible vehicle for stress, classical learnings, philosophical debate, unsurpassed diversity, stress, and pretentiousness. I am glad that I attended. I am a certified Intern Mechanical Engineer by the NY board of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. I worked with Dr. Peter Allen and Dr. Paul Oh as part of the DRCHUBO team in the Darpa Robotics Challenge. I then went on to work on team TROOPER with Dr. Todd Danko and a great group of engineers at Lockheed Martin ATL.


I've been swimming in pools, oceans, and lakes for all of my life. My father and I are both fans of strength training, in particular, Pavel Tsatsouline's doctrine of intense kettlebelling and deadlifting. I enjoy hiking and exploring neighborhoods, perhaps because of my teenage years in the Ramapo Mountains. I enjoy cooking and can cook a decent variety of cuisines. (I make a tasty cheesecake, as if there was one that wasn't.) I also am an unrepentant fan of tabletop RPGs. I love playing or game mastering as a way to pass an evening. I also, of course, indulge in any number of small projects in home improvement, tech, and invention. I would say I find ways to keep busy.