Has Marika ever visited Japan?

I'd like to believe you.

Jacqueline is a French name.

Can I borrow your hair drier?

The sun is much bigger than Jupiter.

This has no relevance to my background.


She left without saying even a single word.

Do you mind my smoking here?

Masanobu is a babe.

We have no plans to do that.

Solving this problem is simple.

How do you heat the house?

I want to add this sentence.

We might have underestimated his ability.

All rights reserved.

I'm sure that Jamie didn't mean to hurt you.

Thus Do They All.

We made an appeal for support.

We need to work this out.

The door was locked from the inside.

It's too thin.

She ordered him to clean up his room.

Do you want to go shopping?

I read your letter yesterday.

This only increased his desire to be revenged on the murderous duke.

In the end I ran to the station, and somehow got there on time.

In cold weather we must be sure to keep our bodies warm.

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You must be careful when talking to a European.

If you lose your way, ask a policeman.

Prakash looked after my dog while I was away.

I'll go if it's fun.

Ed is being irrational.


A fortune teller once told Christopher Columbus that he would become a famous man. Columbus, in turn, got angry and demanded his money back - claiming that even a child could state something so obvious.

According to some sources, Noam Chomsky is the most cited living author.

Pythagorean thought was dominated by mathematics, but it was also profoundly mystical.


No one was ever able to solve the riddle.

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Jakob usually wears bright red lipstick.

Edmond looked at his cards.

I should've done that a long time ago.

Jarl tested the bath's temperature with his toe.

I like my language.

The Hilton Hotel, please.

Everyone liked you.

Pete said he has a lot of homework to do tonight.

Are you reading the Bible?

Oh, so you knew it all along?

Is tomorrow a holiday?

Dion is quite prejudiced, isn't he?

Douglas is now 13 years old.

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Who's having a problem here, you or Russell?


Irfan never explained why he didn't attend the meeting.

Where does Iain live?

I don't want to let you down.


He is not your father.

We climbed a steep slope.

Hitoshi was fast.

I nearly forgot it.

Dion was also killed.

Could you please give this to Chuck?

Marty isn't going to buy a new car.

He gathered the courage to decline the offer.

He may have lost his way.


I think Julianto is jealous of you.

Kenton swims better than Harv.

I want to tell everyone.

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Ramadoss will explain later.

I'm not really in the mood for pizza today.

A blister rose on one of her left fingers.

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Mars is "the Red Planet".

Money enables you to buy anything you desire.

Mother goes to the hospital in the morning.

Sergio said he had to be with his family on Christmas.

Bernard is cleaning up the kitchen.


I'm hoping it's only a temporary problem.

Now what do I have to do?

The wagon was drawn by twelve pair of donkeys, all of the same size, but all of different color.

You don't look that good.

We are doubtful about the train leaving on time.

Put your coat back on.

She's lazy.

He lost his job through his irresponsibility.

Eating is good.

To my amusement, everyone believed my story.

The patients in this study consisted of 30 males and 25 females.

I have to get to class.

Hilda didn't clean the kitchen.

The time has passed very quickly.

Will I go to hell if I don't go to church?

That would be best.

Let's do it one more time.


I could not stand my house being torn down.

You must've misunderstood.

Walking is good.


Snow is white, soot is black.

You must be feeling better.

The truth is that Ross is not such a hick, buddy.


During my stay in London, I met him.


This problem is much bigger than we thought.

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What do you think he said when I asked him for a favor?

Jianyun still hasn't done his homework.

She ignored him all day.

I washed the car.

Lisa has a bad disposition.

You're the best man for the job.

I remember seeing you all somewhere.

What do you think of girls who become kissaholics when drunk?

Louis and Edwin told everybody that they'd gotten divorced.


Maybe Straka can tell us something.

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All the same, I want to see it.

Keeping a diary also gives us a chance to reflect on our daily life.

Gail has three French dictionaries.

Because he hadn't eaten anything before the hike, he was about to pass out.

I didn't mean to involve you.

We just had Manolis's room painted last week.

Olivier didn't even cry.

What do you call that?

I watch TV all day.

I understand that you're angry.

I hurried to the station so as to be in time for the first train.

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The grocer managed to convince his customers of his honesty.

A fire broke out last night and three houses were burnt down.

Is dry food good for cats?

No one came up here.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.


Just find them.

If I'd known the truth, I'd have told you.

Micheal must've done it yesterday.

The waiter was insolent.

Jerrie is the chief.


She watched the passengers get off the bus.


That is in my recollections.

Bring it on!

When the water boils, I pour it into the cup.

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Come on Monday afternoon, if possible.


How would you translate this sentence?

I'm in finance.

She has a pretty face.

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Vice talks about that a lot.


I went to a book sale yesterday, but none of the books were interesting.

Our school is within ten minutes' walk of my house.

I spent two hours yesterday trying to fix that broken radio.


Please don't call June again.

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The man is in the kitchen.

There are countless heavenly bodies in space.

A bilateral salpingectomy, which is the surgical removal of both Fallopian tubes, will result in sterility.


He told his wife not to buy on impulse.

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How fast the new Shinkansen goes!


There is no denying the fact.

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It's about time we get started.

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I've got that.

What...for real?

Michel was scared for his life.

I try to swim a kilometer a day.

Marie reminded me to stop at the supermarket and buy some bread.


I am in charge of Stuart.


Gail told his busybody neighbour to get a life and to get his nose out of everyone's business.

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I did it and I would do it again.

Are you on your way to the tennis court?

I'm investigating a murder.

No one believed in his innocence.

I would have been happier wearing a mask.

The tie doesn't go with my suit.

I'll have a coffee and a croissant.