Start Video.
Buy video ads to the most affluent demographic in the world.


IMDP Digital is a video partner to market leading sites within & outside the UK. We are a supply side partner for the international traffic of these websites as well as a supplier of English speaking audience to advertisers in other international markets.


Start more precisely targeting the viewers you need to across multi-screen campaigns with our sophisticated targeting options.

  • Precise user targeting and optimisation
  • Rich data-driven audience discovery, including Age, Gender, Community and Household Income
  • Access to Registration data
  • Integrated multi-data source buying


Start utilising leading-edge media SSP acquisitioning and trading tools and features.

  • Industry-leading streamlined buying point
  • Multiple inventory-source control - with inventory prioritisation
  • Visual control over insights and analytics
  • Leading-edge innovation that is compatible with current IAB standards such as VAST 3.0 and Open RTB 2.2


Start your performance-led campaigns with every industry metric available on our brand-safe platform.

  • Brand-Safe buying environment utilising market leader IAS guardian technology
  • Pre-Bid viewability targeting on direct inventory
  • Ad Fraud profiling technology - pre-emptive filtering

Programmatic Video

At a glance:

  • $10.9Bn global ad spend on video in 2015
  • 55 mins average daily video consumption in 2014
  • 25% of U.S ad spend attributed to online video last year
  • Over half of publishers made their inventory available through programmatic channels

Why video?

A recent IAB study's findings speak for themselves.

In the US

1 in 3
own a connected TV.

8 out of 10
viewing adults use a second device while watching TV. Mobile is predominantly used.

Video Marketplace

Start using our premium inventory in an open RTB Exchange for maxmised reach or utilise our feature rich environment to create the ideal Private Trading to capture specific inventory and audiences.

With the increased consumption of media outside of traditional channels, Mobile Video and OTT patterns make a true multi-channel buying plan a must and this is made easy to implement with our flexible solutions at scale or on highly targeted macro level.

Explore Programmatic Trading and the RTB buying model with the IAB: