A spring rain revived the flower.

We love Barry dearly.

You must sell it.

We're not going home.

When was she ever going to learn this language ?

What is hemoglobin?


Do you think three hours will be enough?

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Let's take a little break and look at the story from a somewhat different angle.

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I laugh to make you happy.

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Rafik says he's almost ready to leave.

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The mayonaise is pure chemistry.

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It's already happened.

They've decided not to come.

The committee approved the budget.

He tries to make sure he doesn't fall behind his classmates.

How did Isaac know Milner said that?


That was the most unforgettable meal that I've ever eaten.


I don't want Rick to see me coming.


He was devoted to medical science.

I'm not going to kiss you, Anatole.

I waited.

Only ten people showed up for the party.

The war was very unpopular, so recruitment of new soldiers became difficult.

He didn't have lunch.

I always liked strange personalities.

I thought you said you were going to buy me a drink.

I'd like to apologize.


They agreed to save themselves for marriage.

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Sometimes I'd like to know who invented winter and the cold.

Jesper never asked me what I wanted to do.

He can hardly speak any English.

There's a hole in the bottom of the bucket.

This is just a temporary break up.

He has the courage to speak up what he thinks right.

This is a bit embarrassing.

We've been talking about you.

Do you like science fiction movies?


Gale knocked again.

This is Mr Miller's latest book, and we hope it will not be his last.

They're the same.

The Olympics are starting today. What are you feeling?

She comes from France.

We need a break.

We are having trouble with our new neighbor.

He said the same thing about you.

We may find it necessary to leave early.

Don't let me fall asleep.

I have a lot more homework than Ramesh does.


You can't let Jurevis drink by himself.

Jackye ripped you off.

She applied her handkerchief to his wound.

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Why did we have to wait so long?

This base is now under our control.

It's not how I want us to be.


Let's get a beer.

She wasn't expecting such a surprise.

In ancient times people believed that the earth was flat.

She's washing her hands in the sink.

It doesn't annoy me.


How can we tell the dancer from the dance?

She rubbed her eyes.

Many people lost their homes after the earthquake.


The worst situation resulted.

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Earl left a while ago.

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The rain is starting to let up.

Hsi wasn't telling the truth about where he'd been.

No one pays attention to us.

I'm going to Fukui.

That's real nice of you.

Happy holidays.

Wendi never told anyone about what he had done that day.

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I don't wish to be rescued.

Tell me about Derek.

I just meant to scare Honzo, not to hurt him.

You've got the wrong man!

Be polite to your parents.

He shaved his moustache.

The flower is magenta.

She acts mysterious.

Jess had a key to the room.

Short accounts make long friends.

Bjorne looked like a weight lifter.

No, I don't understand Ms. Kunze.

What if something happens to Griff?

He likes music.

I could tell he was hurt.


What's your favorite comfort food?

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I don't like my father's attending the meeting.

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Who are you trying to kid?

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The Supreme Court attacks school segregation.

Roy will trust you.

So what do you want to know?

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The girl was very useful about the house.

You don't need language to understand the beggar.

Let's build a bonfire!

I met them when I was in Boston.

I've decided not to sue them.

Girl, what beautiful hair you have.

You're an amazing dancer.

I sense that something is wrong.

We used to live in Kobe.

And another day went by.

It won't do any good to complain to the police.

It was just a dream.

The house has been left to go to ruin.

I'll be perfectly all right.

The first seven games were drawn.

I want to tell them.

The moon was full last night.

This is the book I was telling you about last night.

I'll walk your dog for you if you like.

That's my point exactly.

Emmett followed the moth outside the cabin.

It's safer there.

It was my first kiss.

What do you know about America?

Pete almost opened the wrong door.

I had to pay the bill to the tune of ten dollars.

She called the students into the room.

He stood with his feet wide apart.

It is said that she is seriously ill.

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Ouch! I bit my tongue.

Jorge is such a beautiful name.

Who do you think will win the FIFA World Cup?


Please correct the errors.

The water ran over the banks.

A "soroban" is a type of Japanese abacus.

I saw her get hit by a car.

If you see Dannie, please tell him I'm looking for him.


When a good opportunity presents itself, I don't let it pass.

Her words left him uneasy.

He never takes any notice of what his father says.

I was tired, so I didn't go.

Jim is not yet used to driving on the left side of the road.

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No one can get in.

Malus put a penny in the slot.

I was late for the appointment.

Shakil wants to understand the meaning of life.

Claudio may still be in the building.


Ozan is being evasive again.

Never tell a lie!

I can make a distinction between good and bad.


The young man was at a loss.


Holding hands can express love between two people.

Where are you going in such a hurry, girl?

Bruce has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.


She would make me a fine wife.

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If you've got something to say, go ahead and say it.


The quiz show follows the 7 o'clock news.


Sam eventually asked the question he came here to ask.

Dick played piano and Lucy sang.

He derived great benefit from the book.

I don't know how they did it.

You don't have to pay.

I like to prepare the table.

I'll have to seriously reconsider our options.

What am I looking at?

We're together in this.


It's rather cold today, but I think it'll be fairly warm tomorrow.


The evidence speaks for itself.


My fever won't go away.