ITU (Immediate Token Use)

1. The only true token that has immediate end user utility because our product is already done
2. 220+ Tokens supported, so not tied to a single blockchain or single ecosystem
3. Guaranteed secure platform and wallet
4. Easy to use
5. Works across multiple devices, not just one mobile brand
6. Get Rewarded and Earn with our simple referral program
7. Mass adoption and sending and receiving is as easy as messaging

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We enable true mass adoption of Blockchain and crypto. We have already developed a Guaranteed hardware wallet on mobile.
Share and transact securely to 1.6+ billion mobile devices using WhatsApp.

SignKeys is not just another token project. We are setting a global standard and restoring confidence to blockchain and crypto, by having already BUILT a guaranteed hardware wallet on mobile.

We currently support over 220+ cryptocurrencies, with the mission to support every coin.  What makes our wallet unique and competitive is that it supports all digital assets, not just crypto/Blockchain. Contact us to find out more.

About SignKeys TOKEN (KEYS)

KEYS is a decentralized currency that trades and invests with any Digital Asset securely on your mobile.

We are the NEW benchmark in the Blockchain ecosystem itself. We achieve this by designing the token around real-life use-cases while backing it up with a practical, sustainable, and scalable business model. That mission starts with answering the big challenge in the Blockchain industry: Providing a secure, cold-storage, cross-coin wallet on your personal phone that you bring everywhere.

The value of SignKeys token platform lies in the fact that it can secure digital assets within its platform. The potential market for securing digital assets is over 100+ Billion USD, and includes not just blockchain or crypto currencies but any digital asset including ID, KYC and payments.

Why not a security token? Security tokens have only become popular because most projects do not have immediate use and people need something to realise their investments. The KEY DIFFERENCE with our KEYS tokens is that they have immediate use and utility, and are available on more than 1.6 billion mobile devices that enable our B2C crypto-wallet. The KEYS tokens allow you to transact on the SignKeys platform, but KEYS tokens will also allow you to obtain a guarantee on your assets on the wallet. All available today — not years from now. Today!

SignKeys has already secured multiple premier partnerships, with more to be announced.

Why Are KEYS Tokens So Valuable?

Highly Scalable and Pervasive

No USB-keys, card-distribution, or inventory required, as already 1.6+ billion mobile devices enabled to use SignKeys platform, with more than 10 billion IoT devices on their way

True Mass Adoption and Immediate Use

Our wallet supports over 220+ cryptocurrencies that inter-operate with our KEYS tokens and facilitate mass adoption via messaging platform such as WhatsApp


Our KEYS tokens work for any digital asset as well as Blockchain with military-grade security (FIPS 140-2 security certified-protection) on your mobile

Flexible & Unlimited

Our Tokens work for any industry and mass adoption across industries as we are already integrating with government, fintech, gaming, education, and health industries

How SignKeys Platform Works

Hardware Vault

As the SignKeys platform leverages security which is built into the device, it has higher protection from software-based attack. A hardware-based root of trust is managed inside each device and is used to uniquely identify a given device. This ensure that any encrypted storage related to a Trusted Execution Environment on one device cannot be copied, moved, cloned to a second device.

Secure Transport

The platform verifies the signature of device certificate before the application can be used. This enables web services to validate that any communication is with a valid instance of a secure application running in the secure OS – as a cloned or emulated device is unable to prove ownership of a valid device identity.

SignKeys SDK

Developing applications that can access the Hardware Vault can be complex. For customers that are interested in WHITE LABELLING the SignKeys platform, we have provided a cross platform Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable developers who are familiar with common development language such as C# to be able to securely access the Hardware Vault with commonly required APIs for secure access.

Cross Platform Kit

The SignKeys platform leverages a cross platform mobile kit that is able to be used to develop and deploy to both iOS and Android with a common code base. Along with the access to platform-specific APIs, the platform supports linking with native libraries. This capability provides for faster ability to Go To Market than having to build separate native apps individually.

SignKeys Identity Server (SKIS)

The SignKeys Identity Server provides the ability for the platform to securely store and manage user profiles. For a B2C solution like the SignKeys Wallet, user’s private keys would not be stored on the Identity Server. For B2B solutions, if required, this could be used to manage user’s private keys as part of a wider custodial solution.

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Get immediate protection on your mobile by holding a stake of our Tokens with incentives to keep using or sharing the tokens which allow for mass adoption and current, as well as future, multi-purpose use.

Reward & Bonus

KEYS Token holders are rewarded for using or sharing the tokens with others via various messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp.

Buy-Back Program

We have a buy-back program of existing hardware wallet storage solutions and will credit you with what they cost as well as guarantee you.

Cold Storage Coins

In addition to the traditional digital tokens, a physical token will be sold in retail stores, and will allow a new and mainstream audience to obtain the token and use the network very easily.


SignKeys platform is ready to use today, built by experts with individual experience of more than 20+ years in their respective fields. Having a ready-made product creates a real adoption for the KEYS token. The main focus of the Token is to bring the advantages of Blockchain technology to the masses and create a strong community.

Token Distribution

Token Start (Pre-Sale / Early Bird / General Admission)

Jan 1st, 2019 / Feb 1st, 2019 / April 1st, 2019

Number of tokens for sale

1B KEYS (50%)

End (Pre-Sale / Early Bird / General Admission)

Jan 31st, 2019 / March 31st, 2019 / Continued

Tokens exchange rate

1 USD = 10 KEYS

Acceptable currencies


Minimum Transaction Amount (Early Bird / General Admission)

20 USD / 20 USD

Our Team

Joseph Toh
Founder and CEO
Ex-Mobile Assembler Developer. Global BlockChain Institute Representative. Founder of FinTech Association Singapore. Ex-Accenture and Credit Suisse.
Eugene Yew
Ex-Mobility Head at Accenture. AR, VR and Mobile expert working with Fortune 500 companies. 22 years of international mobile solution and delivery experience
Bjørn Arne Berge
Ex-Accenture Security practise lead. Security and Cryptography degree holder. International experience in Europe and Asia. Broad industry experience including Financial Services, Telco, Government, and Health.
Ryan Leonardo
Token Education and Platform - Americas
Experienced token investor, educator, course creator and advisor to multiple successful token launches. Leads SignKeys cryptocurrency platform capabilities that include Education Services, Advisory, Turn Key platform, from strategy to execution.
Rebeca Quintanilla
Head of Business - Americas
25 years Global Experience in physical commodities space with top-tier firms. Deep multi-disciplinary understanding of international trade, logistics, finance and corporate governance. Recent pivot to tech/blockchain to implement industry-needed solutions.
Nikole Reid
Global project manager for FACTA compliance at Standard Chartered for SME, private banks, also process and systems change across 30+ countries.
Yuriy Kashnikov
Blockchain Expert
Blockchain solution architect specializing in asset exchanges, atomic swap, game engines, staking, token-issuing/distribution-contracts, and blockchain-to-blockchain integration.
Tuyến Vũ Đức
Head of Mobile
Head of Engineering for SignKeys B2C main product, the SignKeys Secure Wallet. Has 10 years of software development experience and founded NAXAM, a Microsoft-certified software house specializing in cross-platform mobile apps development.
Sebastian Togelang
Board Advisor
15 years of operational experience in digital & startups in Europe and Asia. Founder of Kejora Group, Co-founder and investor of more than 30 international companies.
Jonathan Davies
Board Advisor
Over 20 years’ expertise in running highly complex technology. Held senior roles at the Nasdaq, FTSE, the worlds largest Hedge Fund and as an MD/ED ran all trading systems globally at a variety of investment banks.
BC Cho
Board Advisor
Ex-Managing Director, APAC Electronics and High Tech. Samsung SVP Global Enterprise Business of B2B Solution Center, Mobile Division and corporate Global B2B Center. Currently the Country Head for Cisco Koera.
Hans Leo
Board Advisor
Ex-Siemens InfoComm Mobile Group. Grew Lync Group business from a single warehouse to a major provider in Jakarta to a group of companies. Part of Advisory team and roles including Group CEO and President Director of Linc Group.
Jung Hang Lee
Board Advisor
Columbia University PHD. Mathematics and Computer Science expert in a variety of fields. Key focus on education and application of key technologies in the disciplines of Computer Science.

Frequently Asked Questions

KEYS Token is a decentralized currency that has immediate utility. Holders of the KEYS token can transact on the wallet and obtain our guarantee to ensure your assets are safe on the SignKeys Mobile Hardware Wallet.

0.10 USD per token (1 USD = 10 KEYS)

Download the "SignKeys Secure Wallet" app (on Play Store or App Store) and complete the easy KYC process, then you can purchase right from the SignKeys Secure Wallet app.

SignKeys is not just another utility token that you have to wait for a project to be completed to use it. It is available to 1.6 billion mobile devices that enable our B2C crypto-wallet. The KEYS token holders are motivated to keep a stake in the tokens for incentives such as transacting with the wallet, obtaining the SignKeys Secure Guarantee, atomic swaps, and also encourages future buyers to meet and maintain that minimum stake.

USD $10. Please see / for more details.

It is always open for public.

The token name is "KEYS", and its ticker symbol is also "KEYS".

EARLY BIRD: • 10% bonus up to 2M USD purchased • 15% bonus from 2M to 5M • 20% bonus for 5M and above GENERAL ADMISSION: None

The KYC process can be completed within the SignKeys app. There are currently no restrictions on who can participate. Our token has immediate use, and it does not fall under scrutiny for an unregistered security. Please check your local and federal regulations.

No, KYC is completed through app and all persons approved can then purchase KEYS tokens immediately.

Yes. Share, get rewarded, and earn! Please refer to / for details.

20 USD in Early Bird, 20 USD in General Admission.

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