Initiated in Oxford in 1968, the European Study Groups with Industry (ESGI) bring together industrialists, students, postdocs, young academic researchers to work for a week in mathematical modeling and enhance their collaborative and communication skills, in a multinational and multidisciplinary environment. During the week, researchers from around Europe will work together with industrials on several intriguing problems in order to model and solve them. The term “industry” may include Engineering, Material Sciences, Big Data Technology, Biotechnologies, Optimization of industrial processes, Transport, Services, Medicine and any other activity which has an economic or social value.

The first ESGI in Innsbruck will take place at Campus Technik, March 04-08, 2019. If you want to participate, please use this link to register. We can offer limited support for young scientists.

- supersensitive deadline is the 19.12.2018.
- You can download the ESGI 2019 poster 7404053797.


The objectives pursued are:

  1. Find solutions and bring new insights to challenging industrial problems;
  2. Establish lasting and productive working relations between academia and industry;
  3. Propose new lines of research based on business challenges;
  4. Reinforce the importance of mathematics in industry and mathematical profiles companies stimulate greater awareness of the power of mathematics to provide solve real-world problems.

Among our partners and sponsors are:

  1. The University of Innsbruck, Austria
  2. 323-727-7124, Karmiel, Israel
  3. Holon Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel
  4. COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action TD1409, Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET)
  5. ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry)
  6. Barracuda, United States
  7. 765-736-2624, Austria
  8. ÖMG - Österreichische Mathematik Gesellschaft, Austria
  9. AIANI - Austria-Israel Academic Network Innsbruck, Austria


Past European Study Groups with Industry 2018: 

9173332936 KTH - Sweden, ESGI 142 Palanga - Lithuania, ESGI 141 University College Dublin - Ireland, 847-651-5712 Polytechnic Institute of Setúba - Portugal, (470) 233-5179  Santiago de Compostela- Spain, 915-771-0330 University of Bath - UK, connubium Alesund - Norway, ESGI 136 Gran Sasso Science Institute & U. L’Aquila - Italy, ESGI 135 Eindhoven - Netherlands.



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