Welcome to our Project Blog


We understand that a lot of improvement work starts and finishes without people really knowing what goes on but ends with a list of recommendations and changes. Its likely people make the same mistakes on their journey or have the same challenges so we want to share our learning and progress with you.

Purpose of the website

Through the blog we hope to improve understanding of how nutrition can impact on cancer and the journey patient’s experience;

  • Challenge how organisations & treatment are structured to support better inclusion of nutritional care.
  • Promote the involvement of patients, carers, public and staff in change and processes and how we can learn from each other while building solutions together.

First lesson – setting up a website on your own with no knowledge is hard!!! Try and account for this in your project budget or get someone you know to help.

Science is a continuous process that develops knowledge; nothing stays the same and systems always change. Staffing, capacity and financial pressures often affect the potential for innovation.

Through the investment from Macmillan in this project we have the opportunity to step out of our normal clinical roles and look at things differently with the help of staff and service users, asking what are we doing now? And what can we do better?

The posts and resources posted on this website are a professional commentary based on the experiences of this project only, so other experiences may differ depending on services or areas they work in.

To learn more about our project go to Introduction: NiiCproject about getting involved.

We hope that you will join us on this exciting journey over the next two years. If you want to share your thoughts or experiences on nutrition and cancer please do so by click on this link (610) 752-9287.

Please read the advice on sharing comments within the contact form to make sure that you agree before proceeding.