Agile Methodology

Where Scrum fits into your management practices?

A number of influential business leaders in IT have been long heralding the rejection of outsourcing as a model. A $100/hour in-house developer, they said, can deliver more value, than a $20/hour one offshore. One cannot deny some logic in that notion. Their determination, however, seemed to fade out when it came to Agile, and, more specifically, Scrum.


Outsourcing industry obstacles

Are you holding back IT outsourcing?

There are many claiming IT is booming as ever, and IT outsourcing is keeping up. Hardly anyone can counter that. However, as any other industry across the board, IT outsourcing has it’s obstacles, holding back one of the most dynamic industries ever. Be it a material or metaphysical reason, many outsourcing leaders feel like the industry is not working to the fullest at all times. Here are some ideas to consider on that, and, perhaps, take the next step to overcome the obstacles.

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outsourcung teams

Are retained teams to blame for outsourcing blunders?

Even though some companies are valid in their claims that the outsourcing teams “oversell”, “have insufficient knowledge”, or “don’t take responsibility”, that’s not always true. Quite often – and no executive likes to accept that – outsourcing blunders are in fact the company’s own fault. The claims are just a game of passing buck. Before blaming the provider, checking the performance of the retained team is a wise thing to do.

variable error

3D printing

What’s up with commercial 3D printing?

3D printing is much more than your average buzzword. Science fiction no more, it’s now out there, shaping a multibillion dollar industry with the power to completely transform everything we know about manufacturing. Less material used, multi-machine task transformed into a single printer process, design time cut in half, tangible goods instead of power point presentations – what’s not to love about that?

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