Oskar finally overcame his shyness and asked Tommy to go out with him.

I got control of the works.

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.

I can't change what happened.

I don't think I want to know.

Klaudia thinks there's a good chance that Murthy will say yes.

Rodger said something mean about me.

Crocodiles do not hibernate but estivate within caves during the dry season.


We are all praying for Japan.

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How long can you stay?

We all know how you feel.

He set fire to the school building.

We jammed into the elevator.

As he sits in the dark, typing away at his computer, he hears the sound of morning birds chirping away and realizes he has been up all night - but the insomniac still refuses to sleep.

The police suspected the truck's cargo.

Do we have a babysitter for tonight?

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I understand that they're going to increase the staff.

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She has no real friends.

Be assured, however, I shall tell you the whole truth.

Is this an original piece?


His behavior is my primary concern.

I'd like you to quickly look over these documents.

The soldiers had target practice in the morning.

Mother has been sick since last Thursday.

There's a cab outside waiting.

They needed jobs and training.

The ceremony was followed by the reception.

Rudy hesitated for a second.

I don't regret arriving late.


I wanted to steal it.

Lois wants to work for Roy.

He will often go out for the whole day.

I only use environmentally friendly sprays.

Is your brother still in Germany?


Thank you for letting me crash.

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The cause of death is unknown.

I'm sorry to disturb you so late at night.

I have taken care of this child ever since his parents died.


The first speech was given at the convention by none other than Clint Eastwood, the famous actor.

The world's happiest man is me.

I started this topic.

They did not believe me.

I bought Jimmy a home computer.


Scary movies will frighten the children.

She makes the best sandwiches in the world.

Rise and shine, Johnny! Time to go to school.


Werner asked me to give this to you.


Someday my dream will come true.

Visiting Isabelle was a mistake.

The girl tore the cloth.

Siping had something to do with what happened.

As I will take a vacation anyways, I would prefer to take my vacation in full immediately so that I can have sufficient time to visit all the capitals of Europe.

I came to you because I need your help.

She diced a carrot.

Dani is good at drawing.

The cold wind blew in her face.

Those were my expectations.

This car has been used for the past ten years.


I'm surprised by her lack of responsability.


This building is the architect's crowning achievement.

Take your shoes off before you come into the room.

Did you intend to kill her?

Jelske looked in consternation at the stain on his shirt.

It seems to me that I heard a noise in the attic.

Actually, I just made that up.

Oh, I don't know if I agree with you.

The airplane was swallowed up in the large clouds.

Your remark is irrelevant to our argument.


Everything he said was right.

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Am I going in the right direction?


Before I die, in addition to my last will and testament, I want to write a love letter as well. No matter how shameful it may be, I don't have to be ashamed anymore.

That'll cost about three hundred bucks.

I don't like your friends.

Check out our website!

Where is a bakery?

The contestants are gearing up for the final round of competition.

The church is between my house and yours.

If you're tired, go to bed.

Henry has a tattoo of a skull on his chest.

You told me to give it to Kanthan.

Get your filthy hands off her.

Is there a problem with that?

Kirk definitely has a future in our company.

May I eat this hamburger?

It was a simple mistake.

I felt very uneasy.

Everyone is against me.


Mickey, I'm amazed. I would never have thought that you were such a good cook.

What you give to the nasty, you always regret.

Don't worry. Lanny can fix anything.

I think I'll call it a day.

I have a heart condition.

Can I speak to you outside?

The professor was criticized by the students.

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These tortilla chips are stale.


I can't remember who arrived first.

Please call before you come.

That's all I've been able to find out so far.

He represented the mayor at a ceremony.

Your lack of sleep will catch up with you someday.

Cecilia warned Cathrin that his mother was a gossip who would repeat anything told to her in confidence.

How much is the kilo of tomatoes?

The Bangladeshi community tried to stop the film shooting.

He's dying.

I don't give a shit what "indifference" means.

We need to protect the earth.

You don't have to be very old to remember that event.

Put all the books about computers together.

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The past days don't determine what will happen in the new year.


Several times this year, the stock market has dipped more than 1% in a single day.


Beverly didn't need to take a taxi. He could have walked.


We searched the woods for the missing child.


It rarely snows here in the winter.

Alaska is a U.S. state.

That was an excellent game.


Let me have a word with you.

I applaud your decision to quit smoking.

Hello, do you have room in your place for me to spend the night?

Robert has been there since 2013.

Starbuck wrote this book.

You think you're so clever.

I told Matthieu the reason why I wouldn't be able to go.

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I'm bored right now.

No offense!

The lawn is a complete mess.


Jayant is a beach bum.

Randal is a dancer.

I'm proud to be your father.

I can see her.

Boxing isn't like other sports.

The bathroom is empty.

I like mixing coffee and cocoa.


A handsome young stranger tried to cut in when I was dancing with my boyfriend.

Everything you've heard is true.

Here the weather is very beautiful.


You should know that already.


I'm going to do that again.

Before the exam, he began to study in earnest.

A careless man often makes mistakes.

Dori gave up on everything after that.

I have my limits.


Could I drop by your place one of these days?

Mayuko was dead tired.

What is your favorite classic rock song?

Clarissa went out looking for Dieter.

The letter was finished.


Fishing, hunting, hiking and skiing are popular.


The two boys became intimate friends at the camp.


He speaks English.

I have something to say.

I didn't mean to demean you.


I can't invite all my friends at once.

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Balashikha is a nice city 20 kilometres east of Moscow.


I don't know how to say it.


That's a difficult question.


Come on, let's go far a walk.


Soohong was subject to physical and emotional abuse.

I've never been very good at French.

Kristin followed me home.