• barbara belger trauma and stress release strategies

life as we know it is no more. our world is going through unprecedented changes on every possible level. we could have endless debates on our health crisis, our educational challenges, our economic and political outcries for ‘something better’, or we could look at the opportunity this tipping point presents and boldly apply new perspectives and adapt new ways of being, really lean into the future and listen carefully into a level of consciousness that will actually create solutions to those problems.

it has been barbara’s personal quest to study with the best, to learn cutting edge skills and to present you today tools for a better ‘you’. let’s use what we’ve got and give all aspects of our daily lives a holistic overhaul, using our mind, body, heart, spirit and soul – this world, our society, our families, our organisations and above all we ourselves need it.

Barbara Belger


want to find out more about and learn organisational and leadership skills.



how about your health on a physical, mental and spiritual level? do you want to keep on masking the symtoms or want to give it your best shot and treat the root cause?

you are more.
than you think.
you are.
inside you.


there is no doubt that you are more than you think you are and that you have all the answers inside you – this wisdom is thousands of years old and yes, it’s all in your mind. so stop looking for answers on the outside and do yourself the biggest favour and use your mind, for a change.