A new way to chat with viewers

Why do you need to control viewer engagement from a control panel? It’s supposed to be engaging! Introducing Prattlr, the chat-oriented viewer engagement bot!

Community Driven

We want users to drive features. You can contribute your thoughts on GitHub, directly to us or add scripts yourself!

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Open Source

All code is available to the public and extensible with just a little javascript knowledge. Follow us on GitHub to see more.


Run it Your Way

You can deploy on Heroku, run locally, in a container, via AWS or let us choose! Find the solution that's right for you.



Prattlr is built on the Hubot Framework and is built to scale from tens of viewers to thousands.


No matter your viewership or follower count, Prattlr can run for you.

Cloud Deployment

Want to run Prattlr on your own? Use our instructions for running on Ubuntu, Heroku or Docker!

Professional Management

Don’t have the time to worry about maintenance? We can help! We will work with you to find the right platform and cost for your stream size and expected growth.


Prattlr is developed by a wonderful team of passionate streamers and programmers. Want to get involved? Drop us a line or 888-922-2828!

Matt Warren

Matt Warren

Lead Programmer

Matt has been streaming for 2+ years and saw the need to have a fully interactive chat bot. You can watch him stream every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern.

Ready to Get Started?

We are! Check out our docs, plugins and hosting options!