PixelSense Technology.

How does it work? Every pixel is a small camera, and detects every movement of your fingers making for a perfect multi-touch interactive experience. We know how you interact..


It can be a table, or on the wall

The sheer size of the screen is impressive, and it makes a great furniture in a bar, lounge or living room. It can be wall hung also. This is the perfect greeter with an interactive touch.


Windows 8 - interactivity 2.0

The next level of user interface is Windows 8 - perfectly adapted to finger interaction, and touch. With our long history of working with interactive elements, this is the perfect evolution.

  • “The new interactive user interface really let's me be as creative as i want”
  • “The world is litterally at your fingertips”
  • “It is great they know all the platforms - not just iOS and Android - but makes beautiful Windows applications”